Since Apr 5, 2000

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A staunch supporter of America, the Constitution and individual freedom.

I believe that most politicians are egotistical, self absorbed, power hungry cowards who do not give a rat's ASS about Americans, only their money and their votes. And just about ALL lawyers are scum sucking, back stabbing liars who are ruining this country (I have worked with quite a few and know from personal experience).

Conservatism will win over liberalism every time! When Republicans start acting like moderates, they lose. After all, moderates are people who do not have the brain power and/or guts to take a firm stand on anything.

I believe that if most people take personal responsibility for their lives, this country would be much better off (and most lawyers out of business).

I enjoy the beautiful outdoors, privacy, my wonderful family, God, Science Fiction, Business Success Stories and anything that portrays a positive outlook! And I LOVE our military!!

Used to be a big Rush fan, but only listen once in a while now.

Hannity? Cannot listen to him on the radio. His questions are all speeches. He repeats himself every hour of every show. And that constant 2-4 people talking, no screaming at once!!

And Michael Wiener? What a fraud. A liberal, whining fraud who throws conservatives a bone every once in a while. He supports the military while his main plan is to take down Republicans. And his constant immature whining about his competition, his lack of recognition. Hey Weiner, grow up and get a life. Or better yet, why don't you retire.

Oh, do NOT hit, or abuse, a kid in front of me if you do not want your ASS shoved down your throat.

Also, believe it or not, I am a TRUE animal lover. I am not against hunters, but am against animal abuse. F#@@ with an animal around me, pay the price!!