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Taz Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge

Taz's Rules, How to recognize a liberal.

1) Liberals always argue from a false premise.

Global Warming=False premise

Woman's right to choose=false premise

Gun control means less crime=False premise

Right to die=false premise

2)Liberals will muddy the water with every irrelevant pile they can find.

3 When liberals can't win and you are making them look like an idiot they will confirm it by name calling.

4) Discussing facts with a liberal is like teaching a pig to sing..

They argue from an emotional position and facts are totally irrelevant to them.

5) Liberals pretend to care more than anybody else about individuals they don't .

They think in terms of classes (Marxists) and don't give a flying fig about individuals.

6)Liberals will turn language on it's ear.

Singer is an ethicist but he argues for infanticide and bestiality.

Huh, that sounds like the antithesis of ethics to me.

7)Liberal research=fakery,forgery,falsification

thanks to socialismisinsidious for editorial support

8)History for liberals begins each morning.

Pointing out previous contradictions is called attack speech.

Pointing out the results of a policy is called racism,homophobia,or attacking the victim.

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Taz http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1136677/posts

This award is for your humorous service in making the leftist look more loony than usual.

Free Republic

You got a set


Tasmanian Red by Uncleshag

She's feeling really grumpy and didn't feel like working today...

God then sent a note her way... she is needed

A desperate call is coming in from an MD who's in Iraq...

a young man might not make it back...

he's reacting to a drug They are worried as they search for answers...

then she tells the doctor what he needs to know... big WAY TO GO!

Tasmanianred, a soldier's alive thanks to you Tasmanianred,

thank God you were there...

and you knew what to do

We never know when the Lord will say someone is needing you Tasmanianred,

we're proud of you today

We all can do our part as our soldiers risk their lives so we're free...

they do it so willingly...

they're all heroes As they are leaving families and waving with a tearful goodbye...

they know there's a chance they'll die...

but there's work they must do And although we are always busy, take the time to send a note and say a prayer...

to show them we care

Tasmanianred, a soldier's alive thanks to you Tasmanianred,

thank God you were there...

and you knew what to do

We never know when the Lord will say someone is needing you

Tasmanianred, we're proud of you today

Tasmanianred, we're proud of you today

He is alive...

he is alive...

he is alive




The Coming Whirlwind by Tasmanianred


The history of civilization is the history of war. The major shifts in the history of the world always follow the clash of civilizations and cultures. Wars between nations only marginally changes things, cultures do not fall.

If you look at the 100 years war in Europe , nothing fundamentally changed. England was still England, France was still France. With the American Revolution nothing fundamentally changed. England's colonial strength was diminished but England didn't change. America still spoke English, still embraced a Western style culture and still considered England out cousins. The multitude of petty wars between the nations of Europe for 1000 years did not fundamentally change the society.

World War I caused a shift in styles of government in Russia, from Monarchy to Soviet Style despotism but nothing changed fundamentally. Religious worship was discouraged but it was still practiced. It was still a nation of families even if the secret police knocked at the door. The peasants under the tsar were poor and drank vodka, the comrades remained poor and drank vodka.

The Wars that have caused sweeping changes occur between cultures. Rome fell partially from internal decay but an invasion from uneducated, brutal Barbarians swept through and culture was lost. What followed was 1000 years of darkness in Western Europe while Eastern Europe flourished. When Roman civilization was swept away. Islam advanced into the void and occupied all of North Africa, Spain, Portugal and crept into much of Europe. Factionalism and tribalism dominated the North. The Islamic portion of Europe was a civilization of brutality but it also had order, education for some and the arts. The Moors occupied Spain until 1492.

Constantinople was the center of the civilized Western world, it was the center of Christianity. Civilization moved east from Europe to Eurasia.

It took the influx of greater barbarians, the Mongols to sweep Western Europe clean of Islam. The Mongols (1250-1300) advanced as far as Baghdad before becoming assimilated. They brought barbarity but did not bring culture. Western Europe was swept clear of the Islam but Islam is always on the move and as they contracted in the west they moved on the east.

.At the turn of this millennium , the world looked very much like it did at the turn of the last millennium. A warlike Islamic foe to the south and the budding cultures of the North cowering in anticipation of the Islamic onslaught but not actually prepared to meet it. The Balkans took the brunt of the onslaught. Vlad the impaler and the Turks, It took brutal opposition to counter brutal assault. In Vienna the Moslem hordes flung the heads of the slain defenders over the walls.

It took time but Constantinople was also swept away. (1400-1500) The Cathedral of San Sophia became a Mosque, Constantinople that stood since 300 AD became Istanbul. The Ottoman turks invaded the Balkans and India. The final attempt to conquer Europe came in the late 1600's and it was from the far Eastern approach.

The wars of the last millennium were essentially wars between peers. Lance, bow, and warhorse and sword were unchanged for many centuries. As Islam retreated East, they also retreated inward. The Islamic scholars preserved the knowledge of the Greeks, the Romans, the Indians, even did some work in algebra and geometry . As the Islamic world contracted they also stagnated. Nothing of value to the world at large has come from Islam in 5 centuries.


In 2004 we are again facing an all out war, we have been facing it for the past 50 years but the west has failed to recognize it. The nature of the conflict will be much different because the tactics involved have been different. Many of the major cities of Europe have been colonized by the Islamacists. Paris, London, Berlin,Madrid the nations of Denmark, Norway, Sweden all have large Islamic populations. These have quietly been the shock forces, They are fifth columnists in residence in the west.

The US has always been a nation of immigrants, Social Studies used to sing the praises of the melting pot. No matter where you came from , you came to be an American first. You assimilated and the nation of origin was celebrated in the neighborhoods, the restaurants , and the kitchens of the country. In the wave of PC insanity in the past 15 years, we have new code words, Diversity. You come and you become an American second. First you keep your own culture and then attempt to undermine your new home.

Europe, decimated in population from 2 Major world wars in the past century and the slaughter in the death camps, invited immigration from the colonies to bolster their populations. They set up greedy, resource sucking socialist systems. The nature of these socialist governments is to reign in innovation, discourage achievement and to prosper corrupt politicians.


The leftists love elitism . To them socialism and despotism are interchangeable because the guiding feature is the elitism. To them it is right and proper that the few should reign over, and reign in the many. They only chafe when it is themselves that are reigned in. They went from " If it feels good , do it, Don't trust any one over 30, Down with the establishment, to being the establishment. On colleges and in high schools they do not hesitate at squelching the free speech rights of conservatives while giving full vent to terrorists. They attempt to squelch the right to self defense of the law abiding citizens while claiming that the predators of society are misunderstood victims and should be given a pass. They decry the punishment of the victimizers of society through the death penalty while embracing the blood lust of abortion as a right and good thing.

The left lives in an upside down world. The excesses of any dictator are to be little noticed. It is right and proper that the few have control of the many. The slaughter of massive populations of civilians by communist dictatorships are to be concealed, it is right and proper that the few have control of the many especially if they embrace the socialist ideal. After all a few broken eggs on the way to nirvana are to be expected.

The left through 30 years of education, indoctrination, entertainment, feminism , embracing the sanctity of victim status and socialism has succeeded in emasculating Europe and have largely emasculated the United States.

The Leftists live in a delusional world. They refused to see the truth of Stalin, of Mao and of Castro. They wish to be judged by the content of their hearts not the consequences of their actions, therefore they apply the same standards to their hero's and overlook the killing fields of Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and the former Soviet Union.


The leftists always learn the wrong lesson from History, it is a product of judging intent rather actions. As the Empire of Britain began breaking up in this century, a man in India arose by the name of Ghandi. Ghandi essentially formed the modern nation of India through a tactic of nonviolent protest. The leftists have embraced the non-violence concept without understanding why it worked. Non violence as a political tactic can only work when your opponents place a higher value on human life than you do yourself. Non violent protest worked with Britain because the Brits were too decent to fire on unarmed people. Fast forward to the later part of this century. Non violent protest in Tienamen Square in China. The Chinese Communists had not one ounce of reticence in crushing the uprising. Tanks and guns were used very effectively against the unarmed. The independence movement in China came to a screeching halt.

The leftists in their inability to learn the true lessons of history think that pacifism will work with Islamofascists.. They think if you understand terrorists and placate them , you can make them like you . They assume they will be left alone. Look at Sudan, look at Niger. The slaughter of Christians takes place on a daily basis but none of these people offer a threat to Islam.

They are preconditioned by their socialism to hate America and hate Western civilization therefore they ally themselves with anybody else including the Terrorists that equally hate America. They do not see the true nature of our opponent. The islamofascists would burn every American city to the ground, They would have the head of every Western man, woman and child hanging on a pike. The leftists deny this but they have many years of practice ignoring mass graves and minimizing true atrocities.

Pacifism is the art of making a virtue of the vice of cowardice. Pacifism has a very bad history of leading to more bloodshed than wars do. When Chamberlain returned to England declaring peace in our day, he condemned the millions of Jews, Catholics, gypsies, gays to slaughter. England and Europe did not avoid war. Instead of armies fighting, Germany brought the war to the civilians of England and many were crushed as the buildings of London crashed down on them.


The war between cultures coming. The Bush Administration if allowed to succeed in Iraq and the war on terror may put it off for a generation or two. If it fails we will reap the whirlwind immediately. Sooner or later the whirlwind is coming , it cannot be avoided.

The Islamisists have always been expansionists, once an Moslem has stood on a territory it is theirs for all time. It doesn't matter if they have been absent for 1000 years it is still theirs. Their population is burgeoning, although their members make up different cultures and nations, the same crazed blood lust flows. Islamic militias have been slaughtering in the Far East, Oriental East, the Island East. They hack and burn through Christian and animus Africa. The blood has flowed in the Europe and in the United States.

For the past 30 years the West has been in denial that Islam had declared war on us. During the 1970's and 1980's the West was content to let Israel be the surrogate accepting all the blows from the Islamacists. During the 90's the US was attacked more directly during World Trade Center I, the attacks on multiple embassy's and attacks on military compounds on foreign soil. The Clinton administration pretended that these were law enforcement issues to be dealt with through legal means.


The Islamofascist burns with hate and they hate all equally. They hate Israel first because it is present on the land mass that they have claimed for all time. The deny that the Jews have a right to exist anywhere but especially in the Middle East. They deny the documentable evidence that there has been a Jewish presence in the Middle East for 3000 years, despite the diasporia.

They hate the United States and they hate the West. Various apologists have claimed it is because of our decadence, our freedoms, our affluence. These are nothing but excuses and feeble explanations. They hate us because they are racked soul and mind with inferiority. They hate us because we are the infidel. They hate us because our success diminishes themselves in their own eyes.

The Islamic world has been in decline for five centuries . In their deluded of victim mentality, they have to look outside themselves for the source of their inferiority. They are fundamentally incapable of looking inside themselves to see that the source of their inferiority is themselves and their psychotic culture.

The feeling of inferiority is among the most excruciating of human experiences. Many defense mechanisms protect one from acknowledging these feelings. Defense mechanisms such as Excessive macho- ism , denigration of women , Slave ownership, honor killing and brutality.

The wound is individual and cultural, brought about by a culture in decline and deplorable education but it is primarily a sexual wound. It is a culture that fears women and the generative power of women. They are so empty of value as men that they know they have nothing but force to hold a woman to them. They know they do not deserve love and devotion. In the madrassas they draw depictions of vaginas on the black boards and teach young boys that this: the vagina is the source of honor. They hide women under burka's, beat or murder those that venture on the street alone. They prevent education. Many of the cultures demand clitorectomy . They demand honor killings of the defiled or the assumed defiled females. They order the punishment by rape of the innocent sisters of male offenders.

It all stems from being unlovable and unworthy. Mother will abandon me, wife will abandon me if they only know how worthless I am. They teach, preach and embrace that woman is the source of all sin because they are incapable of owning their own sin.

The sexual nature of this wound is reflected in a belief system that the ultimate reward for death during the slaughter of the infidel is a heaven of 72 virgins and unlimited license of indulgence in vice. Even in the afterlife fear of comparison and slavishly attentive females serving dominate the psyche. It is the rewards of an immature , juvenile repressed mind.

We are told that Islam is a religion of peace by those unwilling to condemn a billion Muslims. Being extremely generous assume that 90% are peaceful. That still leaves a million Islamofascist more than willing to die themselves for the sake of 72 virgins as long as they can slaughter us. A million combatants make a very formidable foe. The truth is that of the 90% that are peaceful more like 50% are willing to embrace the effects of the Islamofascists. Despite Arafat's censorship we saw the Palestinians dance and cheer in the streets 9/11. There is much cheering over spilling of American blood.


In my own long winded fashion I have described both history and the context of the present.

A culture of backward fanatical barbarians , with access to technology, a willingness to commit any atrocity to anybody is coming into conflict with an advanced civilization decayed by feminism, socialism, elitism and loss of faith. The west is already imbedded by the advance forces of Islam through 50 years of immigration and cultural diversity. We look a lot like Rome before the fall, weakened from within, power hungry politicians more concerned with their own power than in the safety of the nation.

The Christian faith has been under assault for 50 years in the West. The leftists through judicial activism have wretched it from the public square and from schools. They have ridiculed it in entertainment and art. They have slandered and denigrated it. Europe is almost entirely secular but Christianity flourished still the United States. Faith matters in the coming conflict. The faithless submit easily. When the here and now is all you have and all you will ever have you will submit to preserve your life. You will surrender freedom, possessions and family as long as you get to keep your own life.

The organizations tasked with protecting us have been hamstrung by the elitists. Gorelick and her memo prevented the proper investigation prior to the threat, The commission investigating the commission of 9/11 is intent on concealing the failings of it's hero, Bill Clinton and pinning the blame on George Bush through what ever means possible. The PC police prevent anyone from describing the true nature of the conflict, demonizing anyone who dares speak the truth.

The alignment with the leftist in the media and the leftists in government , education and our social structures by their actions demand that more American's die. The men and women of the US that elect to serve and defend are portrayed as depraved sexually and as baby killers. They celebrate with the Islamofascists every setback that the US has in the war on terrorism.

The whirl wind is coming. Unless Islamofascism is stopped and a democracy is implanted in Iraq then the major cities of the United States and Europe will become the new Jerusalems. There will be daily bombings, their will be daily slaughter of innocents ala John Mohammed in Virginia and Maryland. With each incident the left will cry why do they hate us and demand more submission, more following the French model. The United Nations using the model of Israel will condemn any attempt to defend ourselves.

Old Europe has lost by surrender already. New Europe of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania may survive. There is vigor in the people, in Christianity and in manhood. They will fight long and hard.

It may take 50 years but those offspring of ours that manage to survive will pray facing Mecca if this Islamofascism is allowed to continue With a clash of cultures it is not always the most barbaric and uncivilized that succeeds. It is the side that fights relentlessly, with vigor, that useses all its resources and persists despite setback... One way or the other the bloodbath is coming, the only factor as yet undecided is whether more of them or more of us die.

Yelling at Rush on the Radio. Yelling at Rush on the Radio 1/25/2006 | Tasmanianred Posted on 01/25/2006 9:25:24 AM CST by TASMANIANRED My phone lines were laying in the backyard yesterday as the repairman took his old sweet time repairing them.

I listened to Rush . For the first time I was actually tempted to pick up the phone and try to get on the air.

With no phone service, I was reduced to yelling at the Radio.

It's time to push back on the language of the left.

Israel lost public opinion when it lost the PROPAGANDA war to the Palestinians. If you watch "Exodus" from 1960 you will see that "Palestinian was synonymous with Israeli" . That was until the Soviet Union took the "Arab Palestinians" under their wing and trained them in both terrorism and propaganda. After the 1967 war, where Israel was attacked, suddenly they became the Oppressors and not the victims.

Israel fought 5 Arab nations and won. They were defeated in the world of public opinion by words.

The Palestinians were trained by the best, The Propagandists and Disinformation specialists of the Soviet Union. The same thinking is evident everywhere on the political left around the world.

It is very apparent here. Schummer runs his mouth about Judges being out of the mainstream. It is Democrats that are out of the mainstream. In the past 10 Presidential election cycles Democrats have had 3 terms, Republicans 7. They hold neither the House of Representatives since 1994 or the Senate but they claim to be the mainstream.

It is the same old Bolshevik trick. You can't carry the majority but you claim it through use of language. You look at black and claim it is white and you repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. A lie is as good as the truth if you can get someone to believe it.

They won on Abortion through a war of words calling it Pro-choice, and Reproductive Freedom.

A desperately needed stimulation policy during a recession was tagged with "Tax cuts for the rich".

It is called spin in some circles but it is far more insidious and dangerous than that. You can only spin isolated incidents.

This is a deliberate corruption of the language in an attempt to deceive the uninformed and to take attention off the threat of terrorism by shifting attention to President Bush all for the sake of politics.

The enemy within is willing to encourage and to protect terrorist cells inside the United States -- terrorists who plot the death of American citizens and the end of our freedom -- for the sake of a political election cycle.

They have gone too far with it this time.

The crux of this is the perversion of language. Every time I hear the phrase "bugging Americans", I feel as if I have been spit on. Bush is countering by saying it was legal.

He is not doing enough. Saying it was legal and he has the obligation under the Constitution to protect Americans is true and I am grateful.

For God's sake we need to attack the concept that they are Americans.

It means something special to be an American.

Citizens of the United States -- Americans -- have spent blood in the defense of every continent except Antarctica. Almost half a million Americans died in World War II, in jungles, in deserts, in cities and on the oceans for the defense of our own and the freedom of other nations. We have died for Asians, Jews, Arabs, Europeans and Africans.

Most of us at some point in our family's history came to this country with nothing. And we built a nation from coast to coast. It is something special to be an American.

The left has spent the last 40 years trying to make the profound name American into something vile.

I am deeply outraged that Kerry, Clinton, Gore and the rest of the motley crew use the sacred word "American" to apply to Foreign Nationals, legal or illegal, intent on doing harm to the people of this nation.

To claim that foreign nationals are Americans simply because their feet defile this land is a travesty. There may be a few "American" traitors here but in previous wars we tried them and executed them very swiftly.

To claim that these terrorists and their support network have a right to "privacy" in their communications as they plan the murder of Americans is criminal.

There is only one place in a terrorist incident that it can be interrupted without bloodshed and that is during the planning.

Kerry will claim that he wants to aggressively fight terrorism but his actions and language encourage and support it. He gets the pass because of the corruption of language. He pretends the high ground while his actions and his language insure the deaths of real Americans. Deliberate lies are deadly weapons.

Damn them for every American death, for every wound inflicted in Iraq because their rhetoric encourages a terrorist to hold out one more day, to build one more IED . As Murtha proclaims “Cut and Run,” the terrorist is affirmed. Kerry, Kennedy and pals are holding the gun that is shedding American blood. It may seem wise to pick your battles strategically but language is one battle that must be fought.

Push back each and every time words are corrupted to mean the antithesis of their definition.

The next time some liberal brings up the War on Terror being illegal, or Bush lied, look them squarely in the eye and ask "How many Americans do you want dead in the next terrorist incident?” The Israelis found out the hard way that the Propaganda War is as important as the ground war.

In terms of long term consequences, the pen is mightier than the sword.

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