Since Dec 9, 1998

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I have always wanted to thank firstly the Sisters of Saint Joseph, secondly the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, and lastly the sisters of the Immaculate Heart for putting up with me for 12 years and giving me a fine and decent Catholic upbringing and Catholic education. I would also like to thank my parents and my aunt and uncle for the same. Through your instruction and fine example, you imparted the best values to me. I did listen, am deeply grateful and have to the best of my ability in an increasingly crazy world, done my level best to live up to them. : )

Catholic, American, Pro-Life Conservative, Republican, in that order. My values are very traditional. I am a Reagan conservative, voted for him twice (the first time as a university student)and have been involved in politics in one form or another ever since. There is plenty yet to learn, but I do understand the basics of politics, conservativism, and a variety of other topics and do not need "lessons," real life (I've had PLENTY OF THOSE) or otherwise, by members of this forum or elsewhere. I have been a talkradio fan and have been listening and calling for fifteen years. My political beliefs would probably most resemble those of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter (my personal favorite). I am socially AND fiscally conservative and strongly believe in small government, a goal which is apparently an anathema to the current Republican adminstration. The percentage of taxes, the government extracts from our pay and our purchases is outrageous, much of which is used wastefully and destructively. I favor a flat tax and believe a National Sales Income Tax, would be very damaging to the economy. I am extremely concerned about both legal and illegal immigration issues and believe we must not only firm up our borders to decrease illegal immigration but must also become more selective about our choice of legal immigrants. The threat of communism, socialism and liberalism (beginning with the countercultural revolution of the sixties)has concerned me since childhood.

I have devoted much time and energy as of late in defense of the FIRST Amendment but well realize the importance of defending the SECOND Amendment as it too is under assault, as is our entire constitution.

Politicians do not get a pass from me just because they have an (R) after their name or a (C) and claim to be conservative (and NEVER have) and all MUST be held accountable, if they do not live up to the promise of their convictions. Furthermore, politics is not a game. It is a serious endeavor, the mistakes of which can reap grave consequences upon innocent and not-so-innocent Americans and people throughout the world.

Regarding the above, my opinions have changed little over the years though some have been modifed by the events of our day and/or a good counter argument. Because of 9/11, I am much less isolationistic and would favor military intervention in other countries around the globe who also threaten our Freedom and Liberty. Thank God for the United States military and the heroes who are still willing to serve. You are an inspiration. Me and mine will continue thinking about and praying for you and yours until you are all home safely.

Buh Bye.