Since May 19, 2002

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Me: My name is Ami, I turned 31 this year to my dismay.

I'm the wife to G for 11 years now, and the mom to Zachariah, Joshua and Faith-Hannah.
My passions: God and my family, and I will remain loyal to both until my last breath.
I've picked up a new hobby using my new Taurus .357+P mag which, while big for my hands, packs a heck of a punch, especially with the Personal Protecion 'flying ashtray don't-mess-with-me' ammo, especially good for removing the spine from any intruder. :)
My opinions: Public school-no Private school-yes Gov't manipulation-no Retaining of my rights-yes Illegal immigration-no Those who are here legally-yes Brady Bill-no Firearm education for all-yes Agreeable sheep-no Aware and prepared for anything-yes I am a former private school teacher, but decided that my children were much more deserving of my time, so I adjusted my career accordingly. I no longer teach, now I am 'mom'.