Since Sep 30, 2001

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While traveling in Colorado,
On a beautiful Autumn day,
A little dog with the most lovable looks,
Happened to come by our way.

It was a day that we would later say,
he actually found us,
And immediately stole our hearts away.

We had traveled many of miles
And still had far to go.
But, instead we turned around and headed home
With our precious find, we named Durango .

From what the vet told us,
We calculated his birthday to be the 4th of July,
Never realizing the years of love,
We would receive from this little guy.

Now over sixteen years have come and gone
And he has left us to run and play,
In the fields made by heaven,
With perfect weather everyday.

Our hearts are now heavy
And our eyes are flowing tears
But our minds are filled with memories
Of those, OH, so precious years.

We loved just to watch him play
And chase a little ball.
And when Christmas came the way he would find
His little presents in front of us all.

Now, I do my mundane chores all alone
Hoping that from above
My little overseer, who is waiting for a biscuit
To give me a little shove.

I know I have a lot of faults
From which I will refrain,
But, all he ever displayed to me
Was love, over and over again.

We thank you God for giving us
Such a remarkable bundle of joy,
And every once in awhile, would you just pet
Our lovely little boy.

We realize, its not fair on our part
For not wanting to let him go
Because now, so many people who have passed
Can also enjoy our little Durango .

We always said you were an Angel in disguiser, our little sweetiepiezer,
And we look forward to the day,
When again we'll be able to say,
"Come on Durango, goody boy, let's go play"

Mom and Dad

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