Since Oct 3, 2000

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SirKit and I are native Mississippians living in "The Land of the Kennedys" Not many Conservative Republicans up here, so we are an odd couple. We have 4 kids, oldest son is a lawyer, #2 son is in Grad school about to be a PhD Computer Scientist, a daughter in college studying Economics, and #3 son who is just finishing his first year in college. We homeschooled the younger two, in middle and high school. We're making plans to leave the People's Republic of Massachusetts as soon as we can get our house remodeled and SOLD. We want to move back home to Mississippi. I was never politically active until Roe v Wade in 1973, and that jolted me to life. We even picketed a "Women's Clinic" in Tallahassee! Even with that, though, I didn't get too interested in politics until I started listening to Rush at the beginning of the Gulf War. After that I started paying attention BIG TIME! I began lurking at FR in the summer of 2000, finally jumping in just before the election. FR kept me sane during those hellish 36 days before Dubya was declared the winner! This is a great group of people with so many varied interests. It is one of the first sites I open in the morning and one of the last I close at night! Click for Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Forecast