Since Sep 14, 2001

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OK. I need to say something about me in case someone is curious. I am happily married to a wife I do not deserve, have 4 children, a busy job, and serve as a Republican Precinct Chair (so if you hear me complaining about something the Rs did, please place it in the context of working for a better R party). I am also involved in several church and community activities, and depending on the time of the year, I may be either attending or coaching one or two sporting activities in which one or more of my kids participate.

I found FR sometime during 1999, and joined up a couple of years later. I jump on FR now and then to get quick news updates and information; and I generally enjoy the debates.

Politically – We tend to fall on the libertarian side of conservative, home school, and attend a bible church. My parents moved to Texas when I was a young child (about 5). My wife’s family has been here since the 1800s, including some from the Austin 300.

People often quote famous political minds (e.g. Jefferson) on their homepages. It’s so hard for me to select from the many great works I have read. After many years of being a Freeper, I have the following [comment was not made to me!]:

“Are you a Marxist, a socialist, or just born stupid?” - Jim Robinson, October 14, 2010, at