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Thanks for clicking to learn a little bit about me. Here's more than you probably ever need to know.

I am a diehard fan of the U.S. Constitution, Rule of Law, Crimson Tide, and Texas A & M (Aggies).

I embrace the true, the good, and the beautiful in life. I reject moral relativism. I oppose nihilists.

Alabama Constitution
McCarthy was right.
Goldwater was right (well, at least through 1964). Life Member, JPFO

I operate a small Computer Services company that places programmers, DBA's, tech writers, and software project managers at IBM, BellSouth, various regional banks, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

I hold one U.S. Patent. I have won one national digital design competition. I hold several U.S. and international software copyrights. I have been "published."

I live in rural Alabama (yes, I live and work close enough to a switch to have DSL - we are modern out here after all). We generally have very pleasant weather out here. People are very friendly. The cost of living is very low, and it is easy to live like a king (without even stealing an election).

Game Theory

The First Atomic Pile

I am not particularly "well read"; however, I have thoroughly enjoyed Paul Kennedy's The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, Alvin Toffler's Future Shock, Sam Huntington's The Third Wave, and Nobel Prize winner Illya Prigogine's Order Out of Chaos.

I am a private pilot. I currently fly a small, but excessively fast Mooney 4 seat airplane (made in Texas). I drive a Blue Corvette convertible (which my wife claims has an exhaust sound that is just too loud) and a Jeep.

"Good God, how liberal is someone going to have to be to get the nomination in that party?"

I'm unconvinced that Democrats are even "liberal" any longer.

They want to ban your civil rights to own guns. That's not liberal.

They want to outlaw so-called "hate speech." That's not very liberal, either.

They want to prohibit organizations that don't comply with their agenda from using public facilities (e.g. Boy Scouts using public school buildings for meetings and National Forests for camp outs). What's "liberal" about that position?!

They want the right to euthanize old people. Damn.

They want the right to murder pre-born children. Jesus.

They want to prohibit you from building your house on vacant land...they call that "urban sprawl."

They want to **destroy** safe, clean, environmentally friendly nuclear power plants.

They want to raise your gasoline taxes.

They want to ban the internal combustion engine.

They want to outlaw the public display of religion (unless it's Satanism, Atheism, Wicca, etc.).

They want to ban your use of waterways.

They believe that they should shout down any speaker who even so much as disagrees with them or points out an alternative view.

What's "liberal" about them? That they have unprotected sex with underage partners on the first, second, or certainly by the third date??

I don't see their so-called "liberalism." They aren't tolerant of our political views, that's for certain. They attacked President Reagan when he passed away. They attacked Chief Justice Rehnquist when he died, and they attack President Bush daily.

Heck, they drew blood from a mere *reporter* who dared ask a conservative question at a White House press conference. Listen to any of these radicals for any length of time and they'll tell you that their dearth of political victories is due to not being agressive enough. They want to "fight, fight, fight."

That's the modern Left in the U.S. today.
They aren't even "liberal" any longer...just left wing.

I mean, it's not "liberal" to ban smoking in restaurants. It's not liberal to ban praying on **public** sidewalks in front of abortion clinics. It's not liberal to want to ban our firearms. It's not liberal to want to ban hunting. It's not liberal to want to ban new home construction (you know, that so-called "urban sprawl"). It's not liberal to ban our military from recruiting on a college campus. It's not liberal to label all non-pro-gay utterances as "hate speech" and then ban it. It's not liberal to ban individuals from driving in special highway lanes (HOV).

It's just old-fashioned Stalinism wrapped with faces too young to know the old monster.

I enjoy skeet shooting, duck hunting, fishing, plinking, driving, flying, and building fires for my wife.

I have one pet, a ten year old Golden Retriever-esque fellow who still chases a tennis ball and swims regularly. He is putty in any woman's hands, though he can manage a bark or two for male visitors.

Life is good!

The Future of Aerial Warfare (per Southack)
To be competitive in the air wars of today and the near future, winning fighters will all have at least ONE of the following traits:
1. Stealth,
2. Amazing peak speed,
3. Be unmanned, and/or
4. Have an orbital or sub-orbital capability.

"Mr. Bush worked the line, shook Mr. Faulkner’s hand and then proceeded until Linda Prince spoke up. “This girl lost her mother on 9/11,” Prince told the president. With that proclamation the president changed from the leader of the free world to a father and a husband. According to Mr. Faulkner, “The president’s entire expression transformed and he turned and came back against the flow and his eyes locked on Ashley’s.” The president took the time to talk to Mr. Faulkner’s daughter Ashley and give her a warm hug. Mr. Faulkner told me he debated before taking this now famous picture, wondering if he was invading a very private and special moment between his daughter and the most powerful man in the world."
President Bush's Compassionate Hug

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True art is crafted by brilliance, not welded together randomly from discards.

Presidency of George W. Bush -- the first 48 months


President Bush signing a federal ban on Partial Birth Abortion

Banned Partial Birth Abortion

Reversed Clinton's move to strike Reagan's anti-abortion Mexico Policy

Stopped foreign aid that would be used to fund abortions.

Supported and upheld the ban on abortions at military hospitals

Signed E.O. reversing Clinton's policy of not requiring parental consent for abortions under the Medical Privacy Act

Killed the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty

Killed U.S. involvement in the International Criminal Court

Killed Clinton's CO2 rules that were choking off all of the electricity surplus to California

Killed Clinton's "ergonomic" rules that OSHA was about to implement; rules that would have shut down every home business in America

First Missile is Installed For NMD on July 23, 2004

Killed the U.S. - CCCP ABM Treaty that was preventing the U.S. from deploying our ABM defenses

Built ten ABM silos in Alaska and California so that America has a defense against North Korean nukes

Killed the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty so that the U.S. can once again test our nuclear weapons

The Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act (less romantically known as H.R. 5382) ultimately allows average Americans to hitch a ride on a civilian space craft at their own risk. The federal ban on such citizen travel was repealed by HR 5382 in 2004. The President signed that bill into law two days before Christmas.

President Bush pledged to Israel on 4/14/2004 that it could keep parts of the West Bank, giving international legitimacy to Jewish settlements there

Denied Palestinian refugees any right of return to what is now Israel, saying they should be resettled in a future Palestinian state instead

Part of coalition (Russia, Israel, EU, Palestine, USA) for Israeli/Palestinian "Roadmap to Peace"

Pushed through THREE raises for our military

Increased Defense Dept funding which had deteriorated during the previous 8 years

President Bush's Grand Strategy (click here)

President Bush's Environmental Record - 2004 (click here)

Signed TWO bills into law that arm our pilots with handguns in the cockpit

Currently pushing for full immunity from lawsuits for our national gun manufacturers

Ordered Attorney-General Ashcroft to formally notify the Supreme Court that the OFFICIAL U.S. government position on the 2nd Amendment is that it supports INDIVIDUAL rights to own firearms, NOT a leftist-imagined *collective* right

Told the United Nations we weren't interested in their plans for gun control (i.e. the International Ban on Small Arms Trafficking Treaty)

Signed the 2004 Omnibus Budget 1/26/2004 that now MANDATES that gun buyers' background check information be fully and permanently destroyed within 24 hours of the completion of the check, no matter what.

Repealed Gun Controls Against Active, Retired, and Off-Duty Law Enforcement Personnel Carrying Weapons Into Local and State Prohibited Zones (7/28/2004)

Enacted powerful tort reform legislation that moves many class action lawsuits from state to federal courts. Requires federal courts to hear cases where the amount of the dispute is more than $5 million, and when the defendant and any of the plaintiffs live in different states.

Disarmed Libya of its Chemical, Nuclear, and biological WMD's without bribes or bloodshed

Won an agreement that U.S. Navy sailors may now freely board thousands of commercial ships in international waters to search for weapons of mass destruction under a landmark pact between the United States and Liberia, the world's No. 2 shipping registry (signed Feb 11, 2004), and Panama 5/10/2004

Approves The First U.S. Counter-Intel Plan

Successfully executed 2 wars and rebuilt 2 nations: Afghanistan and Iraq. 50+ million people who had lived under tyrannical regimes now live in freedom...epitomized by their own free and democratic elections.

Provided Billions in aid, machines, and manpower to tsunami victims.


Executed a WAR ON TERROR by getting world-wide cooperation to track funds/terrorists (has cut off much of the terrorist's funding and captured or killed many key leaders of the al Qaeda network)

Bush Administration diplomacy led to the 5/25/2004 peace accord that ended a massive 20-year civil war between Sudan's Islamic north and Christian south after two million deaths Click Here

  Delivered vital emergency aid to millions of survivors on multiple continents (e.g. Africa, SE Asia) of a devastating Tsunami caused by a 9.1 earthquake near Sumatra.

Brought back our EP-3 intel plane and crew from China without any bribes or bloodshed

Started withdrawing our troops from Bosnia and has announced withdrawal of our troops from Germany and the Korean DMZ.

Signed the LARGEST nuclear arms reduction in world history with Russia

Initiated comprehensive review of our military, which was completed just prior to 9/11/01, accurately reported that ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE was critical.
Created NATO's Rapid Response Force

Changed the tone in the White House, restoring HONOR and DIGNITY to the Presidency

Reorganized bureaucracy...after 9/11, condensed 20+ overlapping agencies and their intelligence sectors into one agency: the Department of Homeland Security.

Initiated discussion on privatizing Social Security and individual investment accounts.

Improving govt. efficiency with .8 million jobs put up for bid...weakening unions and cutting undeserved pay raises. Wants merit based promotions/raises only.

Orchestrated Republican control of the White House, the House AND the Senate.

Killed the liberal ABA's role in vetting federal judges for Congress.

GWB signed an executive order enforcing the Supreme Court's Beck decision (re: union dues being used for political campaigns against individual's wishes)

Turned around an inherited economy that was in recession.

Passed tough new laws to hold corporate criminals to account as a result of corporate scandals.

Signed 2 income tax cuts ---- 1 of which was the largest Dollar-value tax cut in world history

Reduced taxes on dividends and capital gains

In process of eliminating IRS marriage penalty.

Increased small business incentives to expand and to hire new people

Eliminated the Estate Tax (AKA "Death Tax") that was taking small farms and businesses from families

Signed into law the No Child Left Behind legislation delivering the most dramatic education reforms in a generation (challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations)

Reorganized the INS in an attempt to safeguard the borders and ports of America and to eliminate bureaucratic redundancies and lack of accountability.

Signed trade promotion authority

Committed US funds to purchase medicine for millions of men and women and children now suffering with AIDS in Africa

Passed Medicare Reform (authorized $39.5 Billion per year for preventive medicine such as drugs and doctor visits as well as included a ten year Privatization option)

Urging federal liability reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits

Supports class action reform bill which limits lawyer fees so that more settlement money goes to victims

Submitted comprehensive Energy Plan--awaits Congressional action (works to develop cleaner technology, produce more natural gas here at home, make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy, improve national grid, etc.)

Endorses and promotes The Responsibility Era ("In a compassionate society, people respect one another and take responsibility for the decisions they make in life. My hope is to change the culture from one that has said, if it feels good, do it; if you've got a problem, blame somebody else -- to one in which every single American understands that he or she are responsible for the decisions that you make; you're responsible for loving your children with all your heart and all your soul; you're responsible for being involved with the quality of the education of your children; you're responsible for making sure the community in which you live is safe; you're responsible for loving your neighbor, just like you would like to be loved yourself. " -----this quote was too good to leave out)

Started the USA Freedom Corps

Initiated review of all federal agencies with a goal to eliminate federal jobs (completed September 2003) in an effort to reduce the size of federal gov while increasing private sector jobs.

Challenged the United Nations to live up to their responsibilities and not become The League of Nations ( in other words, completely irrelevant)

Nominated strong, conservative judges to the judiciary.

President Bush opened up an additional part of Alaska for domestic oil drilling. In 2004, the National Petroleum Reserve, an area west of the existing Prudhoe Bay field, was approved for new energy exploration and production.

Increased U.S. Oil Drilling Permits 70% Above Clinton-era

Changed parts of the Forestry Management Act to allow necessary clean-up of the national forests in order to reduce fire danger.

As part of the national forests clean-up, the President restricted judicial challenges (based on the Endangered Species Act and other challenges) and removed the need for an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) before removing fuels/logging to reduce fire danger.
New Forest Rules Gives States Power Over Federal Forests Inside Their Borders
Significantly eased field-testing controls of genetically engineered crops.

President Bush signed the workplace verification bill to prevent hiring of illegal Aliens
S. 1685, the Basic Pilot Extension Act of 2003, was signed by President Bush on December 3, 2003.
It extends for five years the workplace employment eligibility authorization pilot programs created in 1996. It expands the pilot programs from the original five states to all 50 states.

U.S. Forces In Baghdad

2nd Term Supplimental (incomplete)

Broke the Chinese Yuan to Dollar currency peg

CAFTA - President Bush signing CAFTA

Bolton to the UN

Has CONSTRUCTION in process on the second group of eight ABM silos in Alaska and California so that America has a land-based defense (in addition to our sea-based SM-3 and AEGIS systems) of 18 ABM's against North Korean nukes (note: China itself currently only has 24 -out of several hundred- nuclear ICBM's capable of reaching the U.S.)

Energy Bill (new tax cuts...after 5 years of opposition)
Immunity For Gun Manufacturers From Crime-Related Lawsuits
5% unemployment
3.4% annual (after inflation, 5.5% actual) reported GDP Growth

Syrian Troops forced to withdraw from Lebanon Russians Troops Peacefully Withdraw From Georgia

Brought North Korea to the Negotiating Table and won their agreement to dismantle their Nuclear Weapons Program

Chief Justice John Roberts

Dramatically improved U.S.-India relations via a breakthrough nuclear agreement

Signed Bankruptcy Reform Into Law

Waived Make-Work Enviro Studies For New Oil Drilling

Full Immunity From Frivolous Lawsuits For Our Domestic Gun Industry
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The Four (4) Evolutionist panic moves:
#1 attempt ridicule
#2 attack
#3 flee (or feign disinterest)
#4 Change the subject or attempt digression

The above moves are what all Evolutionists make whenever they are asked a question that they can't answer, such as: How do you know that a non-Evolutionary process is responsible for inanimate matter evolving into the first living cell (i.e. abiogenesys)?

Left to right: Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley, General Dwight D.Eisenhower, and Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. (National Archives)

Fact Sheet on 761st Tank Battalion

"The Tuskegee Airman of the Tank Corps"
(prepared in 1946)

CAMPAIGN STREAMERS: Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe.


Unit: None. [as of 1945]

Medal of Honor: None. [as of 1945]
Silver Star: 10 [as of 1945]
Bronze Star: 38 [as of 1945]

COMBAT HIGHLIGHTS: The following information was compiled from an unofficial unit history, T. W. Anderson, Come Out Fighting: The Epic Tale of the 761st Tank Battalion (Germany, 1945)

27 Aug 44 Left NYPE; arrived England (8 Sep). Bn went to Wimborne, Dorset, England. Assigned 12th Army Gp, 9th Army.

7 Oct 44
8 Nov 44 Left Wimborne for Weymouth. Relvd 9th Army, asgnd to 3d Army. Landed on Omaha Beach (10 Oct). The first U. S. Negro tankers to enter on foreign soil in World War II. Moved to bivouac area at La Pieux (12 Oct). Asgnd to 26th Inf Div, XII Corps 3d Army (13 Oct). Left La Pieux, arrived St. Nicholas De Port (22 Oct).

8 Nov 44
19 Dec 44
In support of 26th Div headed toward Moyenvic and Vic-Sur-Seille. After furious fighting Moyenvic, Bezenge La Petite and Hill 253 fell. The bn. was a unit of the Provisional Task Force “A” of 26th Div. On 9 Nov TF “A” moved thru the Inf moving northward to Morville, encountered heavy enemy arty and mortar fire; after regrouping of Bn tanks, town of Morville taken. Moved toward junction of Ham Pont to form a single spearhead thru Forest De Koecking. Attached to 104th Regt, staged a counterattack and captured Wuisse 11 Nov. In support of 3d Bn 328 Regt in advance to NE end of the Bois De Kerpriche. Maintenance (14-17 Nov). Pushed the enemy back and moved into Kerpriche (20 Nov). Supported the 4th Armd in taking Dreuze (20 Nov). Bossing, Bidestroff, Inswiller, Torcheville, Nebing, Neufvillage fell to the tank-inf teams. Moved on to Honskirch (25 Nov) but forced to withdraw. Sarre Union fell 2 Dec. Crossed the German border (14 Dec). Maintance (15-19 Dec).

19 Dec 44
31 Jan 45 Moved with 3d Army thru Maginot Line into Germany between Saarbrucken and Strasbourg; arrived at Offagne. In support of 345th Inf Regt of 87th Div, Rondu and Nimbermont, Belgium were taken (31 Dec). With intense fighting, Tillet was taken. Closed the Marche-Bastogne Road, a supply artery for the enemy (5-9 Jan 45). Working with the 17th Airborne Div in an area North of Bastogne toward Houffalize, cut the road from Liege and Bastogne. Gouvy and Hautbillan fell to the combined assaults of 761st Bn and the paratroopers. Forced enemy back to Watermall, Espeles, and Thommen, and captured the towns. Road from St Vith to Bastogne cut (Dates not given). 29 Jan – In support of 3d Bn 346 Regt, moved thru 82d Airborne Div on the north flank; attacked to the south. In support of 345 Regt, attacked town of Huem (30 Jan). Engaged enemy column near Emmerscheid and again over the German border (31 Jan 45).

3 Feb 45
7 Mar 45 Moved to Hermee, Belgium, set up camp at Jabeek, Holland. Asgd to 95th Div, XVI Corps and reassigned to 79th Div, 9th Army. In support of 314th Regt captured End, Holland (23 Feb). Moved from Jabeek to Milich near the Richmond Julich Railway, cut the railway and moved to Erkelenz. Entered the Reich for the third time, to Schwannenberg, between Gangelt and Gibiath (3 Mar). Mopped up resistance pockets and captured Germans retreating from 2d Armd Div. In support 79 Div in attacks along Roer River (7 Mar).

8-22 Mar 45 Asgd 103 Inf Div, 7th Army. Moved thru Luxembourg and France to Severne, Alsace-Lorraine (8-10 Mar). Cp set up in Bosselshausen (12 Mar), replaced 48 Tank Bn. Bn as part of Task Force Cactus, with mission to uncover and penetrate the Siegfried Line, moved into Climback, prepared to attack in direction of Bobenthal. Task Forced moved to vic Gundershoffen to NE of Froeshwiller where it dissolved (18 Mar). Moved to vic Climback (20 Mar). Task Force Rhine was organized (21 Mar), composed of 761 Tank Bn, 2d Bn 409 Inf Regt and an engr det. Assembled near Riesdorf. Moved thru Riesdorf and attacked the hills surrounding the NE side; cleared out pill boxes. Resistance overcame, task force spit into sections, one going N toward Birkenhordt, the other toward Bollenborn (22 Mar).

22-28 Mar 45 One column halted by anti-tank fire from front of left flank, in attempt to enter Bollenborn, withdrew and followed the other column into Birkenhordt. Advanced NE approaching Silz, fighting thru town toward Munchveiler, arrived (23 Mar). Task force reached its objective Klingen-Munster after considerable fire. Town entered and secured, numerous enemy surrendered (23 Mar). 14th Armd Div passed thru opening made by Task Force, to the Rhine. 25-28 Mar – Maintenance and training.

28 Mar 45
Aug 45 Attached to 71st Div 12 Corps, 3d Army (28 Mar); crossed Rhine at Oppenheim (30 Mar); moved to Rembrucken (31 Mar). 1 Apr – Moved to Langenselbold, joined 71st Div. In support of 71st Div, aided by arty and the inf. completely encircled the 6th SS Mt Div Nord, in forest of Leisenwold, Waldenburg and Eudlinger (3 Apr). Continued clearing the woods to Fulda, many prisoners taken. Moved to Meningen (7 Apr). Met stiff enemy resistance to reach Colburg, which fell (12 Apr). Fought way across Main River to take Kulmback. In support of 14th Inf Reg, Bayreuth fell (16 Apr). Bn spearheaded drive of 71st Div 3d Army toward Austria. Poppendorf, Weidenmark, Haag, Lindenhardt and Hobenmirsberg taken (19 Apr). Crossed Danube, closed in Eltheim. Fired on town of Regensburg (22 Apr). Tankers moved ahead toward Inn River, reached Ering (2 May). Moved up to Egelfing, crossed into Austria (4 May). Struck Salzburg-Vienna Highway, routed enemy out of Kirchdorf and Haag. Moved up to Wels, where hangars and planes were destroyed, numerous prisoners taken. Attack swung S and headed to Steyr on Enns River, where the Russians were met and surrender papers signed 6 May 45. From Austria moved to Bissengen, Germany and remained there in occupational and control duties over five cities in the Donauworth area from 18 Jun to 30 Jul 45. Moved to Teisendorf, Bavaria near Salzburg (2 Aug 45).

Inactivated in Germany 1 Jun 46

COMMANDING OFFICERS: (1 April 1942 – February 1945)
Lt Col Edward E. Cruise 1 April 1942 – 21 Nov 1942
Maj John R. Wright, Jr. 22 Nov 1942 – 3 Jul 1943
Lt Col Paul L. Bates 4 Jul 1943 – 8 Nov 1944
Lt Col Hollis E. Hunt 9 Nov 1944 – Feb 1945
Lt Col Paul L. Bates Feb 1945 -

Patrick R. Cleburne, (Stonewall of the West)
  Known as:   Stonewall of the West
  Category:   Confederate General
  Born:   28 Mar 1828  at  Bridgepark Cottage, Cork, Ireland  
  Died:   30 Nov 1864  at  Franklin, Tennessee, US  

Overview:   Irish born Confederate officer. He lead corps at Stones River and Chattanooga. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin in 1864.
Biography:   Patrick Cleburne was the Confederacy’s highest-ranking foreign-born general, and one of the best of any nationality.

Cleburne was more than a bold general; he was intelligent. He proposed in the winter of 1863-64 that the South emancipate those slaves that fought in defense of Southern independence, and that the Confederacy admit that slavery as a whole would have to end in a “reasonable time”. Probably the idea was too little, too late; it wouldn’t have had much effect in Europe, nor in the North. Furthermore, it was too much for the authorities in Richmond. Jefferson Davis liked Cleburne (one of the rare cases of Davis’s favorites being good) but that wasn’t enough to get such a radical plan approved.

The 1864 campaign was plenty more hard fighting for Cleburne’s division. He fought all the way through the Georgia mountains in the retreat back to Atlanta, then under Johnston’s and then Hood’s command around Atlanta. When Hood took the Army of Tennessee back into Tennessee in the winter of 1864 Cleburne was at his place, but he was one of six Confederate generals killed at the battle of Franklin, the futile end of the campaign.

On the eve of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln, through Secretary Francis Blair, offered Robert E. Lee command of the Union Army. There was little doubt as to Lee's sentiments. He was utterly opposed to secession and considered slavery evil. His views on the United States were equally clear - "no north, no south, no east, no west," he wrote, "but the broad Union in all its might and strength past and present."

Blair's offer forced Lee to choose between his strong conviction to see the country united in perpetuity and his responsibility to family, friends, and his native Virginia. A heart-wrenching decision had to be made. After a long night at Arlington, searching for an answer to Blair's offer, he finally came downstairs to his wife Mary. "Well Mary," he said calmly, "the question is settled. Here is my letter of resignation." He could not, he told her, lift his hand against his own people. He had "endeavored to do what he thought was right," and replied to Blair that "...though opposed to secession and a deprecating war, I could take no part in the invasion of the Southern States."

Oh, I also oppose this group of anti 2nd Amendment conservative bashers:

The Outlined Strategy of My Enemy:

"...In 1919 an Italian socialist named Antonio Gramsci began to publish a newspaper in Milan called, L'Ordine Nuovo, or "The New Order." Loosely rendered, he concluded that the average person would never voluntarily reject the faith and culture of the West. He concluded that the best way to implement a collectivist government was to use an intellectual elite to destroy traditional values by attacking fundamental Jewish and Christian beliefs."

Antonio Gramsci, 1891-1937

...A. The New Order (L'Ordine Nuovo)
......1. Italian Communist newspaper, founded 1919
......2. Co-founder of Italian Communist Party, 1921
......3. Pre-Prison Writings, ed. Richard Bellamy (Cambridge, 1994)
......4. Selections from the Prison Notebooks (Intl. Publishers, 1971)

...B. Lenin was wrong, and the Leninist revolution will fail
......1. The workers will see the revolutionary government as a new boss
......2. When the revolution fails, the west will re-import Capitalism

...C. Gradual revolution through infiltration & subversion by revolutionaries
......1. Infiltrate the State: elective & appointed office; judgeships
......2. Infiltrate the military: enlist & subvert from within
......3. Infiltrate justice: undermine and discredit state constitutions
......4. Infiltrate education: professors & administrators
......5. Infiltrate & discredit religion: scoundrels as clergymen
......6. Register, then license, then confiscate all privately held weapons

...D. Form or infiltrate international organizations to promote goals such as "global understanding," "economic development," "transfer of resources"

...E. Both Capitalism and Judaeo-Christian culture must be destroyed before a Communist revolution can succeed
......1. Religious sentiment cannot be destroyed through legislation, as Lenin believed, but must be redirected from the divine to the state
.........a. Terror will only drive Religion underground
.........b. Religion will then reemerge when Leninism fails
.........c. So Religion must be destroyed in the minds of men
......2. Infiltrate religious academies and become priests and clergymen
.........a. Subtly promote heresy within religious organizations
.........b. Infiltrators must act so as to discredit the church
............(1) Cause financial and sexual scandals
............(2) See that this is given a high profile in the news
............(3) Like-minded infiltrators in the media will cooperate
......3. Once religion is discredited from within, continuously promote the idea that only the state can solve the problems that have been traditionally brought before the church
...F. When propagating revolutionary ideas, cloak them in polite terms
......1. National Consensus
......2. Popular Mandate
......3. National Pacification
......4. Pluralism
......5. Global Community
......6. Economic Justice
......7. Economic Democracy
......8. Liberation Theology
......9. Direct Action
...G. Marxists "must enter into every civil, cultural, and political activity in every nation, leavening them as yeast leavens bread."