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Since Nov 23, 2001

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Born and raised on a farm in the deep south.Married to the same beautiful Texas gal for fifty one years.We raised five children and have fourteen grandchildren.Retired after fourtyfive in the same business.Own a ranch and raise some of the finest beefcattle in south Texas.We enjoy all the wildlife here on the ranch we have deer,quail[bob whites and scale[blues they are called here in texas]farel[wild hogs],javalina bob cats cougars turkey badgers rattle snakes,Texas indigo and an assortment of creepy crawlers.I am a [freeper nerd]We are George W. Bush republicans and have worked on his election for 2000 and have been ask to help on his 04 reelection and have accepted.We love our country and our state of Texas I think the [democrats liberals] would like to destroy our pride in our country and live off the riches of others.It is time to get out of the un and send them packing.If we let them they will destroy what the liberals doesn't.
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God bless President and Laura Bush and God bless america