Since Jan 22, 2002

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Name: Brady Campbell

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Age: 41

Hobbies: Stringed instruments, home brewing, reading philosophy and history, gardening, kayaking and being a daddy.

Intellectual infleuences: Lysander Spooner, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Claire Wolfe, Wendy McElroy and my own reasoning mind.

I am fond of American history and inspired by both The Whiskey Rebellion and the anti-federalists of the late 18th century who thought that the US constitution was a big government scheme. I believe in individual sovereignty, private property, the market process and voluntarism.

If I could effect one change on today's fedgov it would be simply to enforce the Bill of Rights.

To those who advocate collective action through the state I ask: In light of the fact that constitutions do not effectivly limit the state, how is limited government possible?