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Some Alternative-Media Bookmarks

Being a list of vloggers and podcasters
who are making the mainstream media and talk radio obsolete
and who are most interesting

Compiled by Snarkpup (a.k.a. Algernon_Sydney)
Edited March 28, 2020
(See explanatory notes at the end)

Political News & Commentary
Name Video/Audio Other Social Media Notes
The Absolute State of Britain The Absolute State of Britain (Sp) @StatelyBriton at
Active Patriot UK Active Patriot UK @ActivePatriotUK  
Adam Green
(see Know More News)
The Alternative Hypothesis The Alternative Hypothesis (YT)
Knight's Move (YT)
The Alt Hype (BC)
@thealternativehypothesis (Gab) Ryan Faulk
American Renaissance American Renaissance (YT)
AmRen Podcasts (YT)
AR Podcasts (audio)
American Renaissance (BC)
@AmRenaissance (Gab)
Angry Foreigner Angry Foreigner @AngryForeigner (Gab) Sweden
Arktos Arktos (YT)
Arktos (BC)
Interregnum (podcasts)
@ArktosMedia (Tw)
@arktos (Gab)
@arktosmedia (M)
Atheism-is-Unstoppable Atheism-is-Unstoppable (YT)
Atheism-is-Unstoppable-2 (YT)
AIU-Resurrection (YT)
Devon_Tracy (BC)
Augustus Sol Invictus Augustus Sol Invictus (YT)
Invictus for President (YT)
Guerilla Radio (BC)
Based Amy Based Amy (YT)
Based Amy (PS)
@realbasedamy Amy Dalla Mura
Black Pidgeon Speaks Black Pidgeon Speaks (YT)
Felix Rex (YT)
Black Pidgeon Speaks (BC)
@navyhato (Tw)
@blackpigeon (Gab)
@blackpigeonspeaks (M)
Black Pilled
(see Devon Stack)
Blonde Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (YT)
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (BC)
Beauty & the Beta
@Blonde_Beast (Gab)  
Boer Republic Boer Republic (YT)
BoerRepublic (BC)
Boer Republic (St)
@BoerRepublic (Tw)
@BoerRepublic (Gab)
@BoerRepublic (M)
South Africa
British Subject at Heart British Subject at Heart    
Brittany (Pettibone) Sellner Brittany Sellner (YT)
BrittPettibone (BC)
Cassius Cassius (YT)
Cassius (BC)
Charles Robertson Charles Robertson @TheRealIrreplac  
Chris Dangerfield Dangerfield (YT)
Dangerfield (BC)
Cobbled Streets Cobbled Streets (YT)
Cobbled Streets (BC)
@cobbled_streets (Gab)
@cobbledstreets1842 (M)
Computing Forever Computing Forever (YT)
Computing Forever (BC)
@DaveCullen (Tw)
@davecullen (M)
Conscious Caracal Conscious Caracal (YT)
Conscious Caracal (BC)
@ConCaracal (Tw)
@ConsciousCaracal (Gab)
@Conscious_Caracal (M)
South Africa
Content Over Everything Content Over Everything @ContentOverEver Speakers Corner
Count Dankula Count Dankula (YT)
Count Dankula 2 (YT)
Count Dankula Streams (YT)
TheIncredibleSaltMine (YT)
CountDankula (DL)
@CountDankulaTV (Tw)
@CountDankulaTV (M)
Counter-Currents Counter-Currents TV (BC) @NewRightAmerica (Tw)
@Counter-Currents (Gab)
Greg Johnson
Curt Dolittle Curt Dolittle @curtdoolittle
Dan Bongino Dan Bongino (YT)
Dan Bongino (podcast)
Dancing Dove Dancing Dove   Ireland
Dark Age Theorist Dark Age Theorist    
Daughter of Albion Daughter of Albion    
Dave Martel Dave Martel @BigDaveMartel  
Defend Evropa TV DETV—Radio Europa @DefendEvropa (Tw)
@DefendEvropa (Gab)
Devon Stack (Black Pilled) Black Pilled (YT)
Blackpilled (BC)
Dionne Møller
(See Secret Sources)
The Distributist The Distributist @DataDistribute  
The Duke The Duke @TheComfyDuke  
Ecce Lux ecce lux (YT)
Ecce Lux LiveStreams (YT)
Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic (YT)
Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic (BC)
@jollyheretic (Tw)
@jollyheretic (Gab)
Eli Harman Eli Harman @MartianHoplite Propertarianism Intro
Erkenbrand Kanaal Erkenbrand Kanaal @Erkenbrand_NL
some in English
Faith J. Goldy Faith J Goldy @FaithGoldy  
Fróði Midjord
(See Guide to Kulchur & Scandza Forum)
Gad Saad Gad Saad @GadSaad  
The Golden One The Golden One (YT)
The Golden One (BC)
@TheGloriousLion (Tw)
@TheGoldenOne (Gab)
@TheGloriousLion (M)
Marcus Follin
The Great Order The Great Order (YT)
Jared George (YT)
The Great Order (BC)
@thegreatorderis (Tw)
@thegreatorder (Gab)
Jared George
Grimvera Grimvera @Grimvera (Gab) Also at Madot Media
Guide to Kulchur Guide to Kulchur @real_gtk host: Fróði Midjord
H. A. Goodman H. A. Goodman (YT)
H. A. Goodman (BC)
Hard Bastard Hard Bastard @Hard_Bastard  
Hengist Hengist @Hengist95853970  
Henrik Jönsson Henrik Jönsson @jonsson_henrik Sweden
Henrik Palmgren
(See Red Ice TV)
Horus Horus (YT)
Horus Live (YT)
Horus (BC)
@warmasterH (Tw)
@socjusworld (Gab)
HrafnVolk Network HrafnVolk Network (YT)
HrafnVolk Network (BC)
@hrafnvolk (Tw)
@HrafnvolkNetwork (Gab)
Hyperborean Reflections Hyperborean Reflections @basedworldtree  
The Iconoclast The Iconoclast (YT)
Iconoclast 2 (YT)
The Iconoclast (BC)
@IconoclastYT (Tw)
@TheIconoclast (Gab)
@TheIconoclast (M)
Identitarian Movement GB & Ireland Identitarian Movement GB & Ireland    
I, Hypocrite I, Hypocrite (YT)
I Hypocrite Too (YT)
I, Hypocrite (BC)
You Can't Stop Progress (BC)
@lporiginalg (Tw)
In Truth Victorious In Truth Victorious   Propertarian
James Allsup James Allsup (YT)
James Allsup (BC)
@amfirstmedia (Tw)
@realjamesallsup (Gab)
James Goddard James Goddard
Jared George
(see The Great Order)
Jean-Francois Gariépy ("JF") Jean-Francois Gariépy (YT)
JFG Clips (YT)
JFG Livestreams (YT)
JFG LiveStreams (BC)
JFGariepy (BC)
JF Gariepy Archive (BC)
Based and beautiful (YT, fan clips)
@JFGariepy (Tw)
@JFGariepy (Gab)
@JFGariepy (M)
Jim1a2a Jim1a2a    
John Derbyshire Radio Derb (audio)
Radio Derb Podcasts (YT)
@DissidentRight blog, archives
John Mark John Mark (YT)
Mark My Words (YT)
John Mark (BC)
@JohnMarkSays (Tw)
@JohnMarkSays (Gab)
Propertarian videos
Jonathan Pohl Jonathan Pohl    
Keith Woods Keith Woods (YT)
Keith Woods (BC)
Kindred Creators Kind Creators (YT)
Kindred Creators (BC)
Know More News Know More News (YT)
Know More News (BC)
@Know_More_News Adam Green
Lana Lokteff
(See Red Ice TV)
Laura Towler Laura Towler (YT)
Laura Towler (BC)
@thisislaurat (Tw)
@thisislaurat (Gab)
Also at Defend Europa TV
Libertas Metapolitics Libertas Metapolitics @LibertasLives  
Lionel Nation Lionel Nation (YT)
Lionel Nation (BC)
Lovely Porridge It's Breakfast Time! @LovelyPorridge  
Madot Media Madot Media (YT)
Madotmedia (BC)
@madotmedia (Tw)
@madotmedia (Gab)
Marcus Follin
(see The Golden One)
Mark Braithwaite Mark Braithwaite (YT)
Mark Braithwaite (BC)
@ViscountBraith1 (Tw)
@MarkBraithwaite (Gab)
Mark Collett Mark Collett (YT)
MarkCollett (BC)
@MarkACollett (Tw)
@MarkCollett (Gab)
@MarkCollett (M)
Martin Sellner Martin Sellner GI (YT) @Martin_Sellner  
Matt Christiansen Matt Christiansen (YT)
Matt Christiansen (BC)
Beauty & the Beta (YT)
@MLChristiansen (Tw)
@MLChristiansen (Gab)
@MLChristiansen (M)
Matthew Drake Matthew Drake (YT)
Matthew Drake (BC)
@philosophicart (Tw)
@matthewdrake (Gab)
Michael Bruce Snow MBS (YT)
Michael Bruce Snow (BC)
@MBruceS649210 (Tw)
@MichaelBruceSnow (Gab)
@michaelbrucesnow (M)
Millennial Woes Millennial Woes (YT)
MW Live (YT)
Millennial Woes (BC)
Millennial Woes - Live (BC)
@WoesPA (Tw)
@millennialwoes (Gab)
Mimir's Brunnr Mimir's Brunnr (YT)
Mimir's Council (YT)
Mimirsbrunnr (BC)
Mimir's Council (BC)
Mister Reagan Mr Reagan @MrReaganUSA  
Morgoth Morgoth's Review (YT)
Morgoth's Review (BC)
@LivesMorgoth (Tw)
@MorgothReview (Gab)
Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch (YT)
Murdoch Murdoch (old) (BC)
@MurdochMurdoch (Gab)
NazBol Suomi Official Nazbol HQ @Bleppskrieg  
Nick Lawrie Nick Lawrie    
Nick Monroe nickmon1112 @nickmon1112 (Tw)
@nickmon1112 (Gab)
Nicolas J. Fuentes America First with Nicolas J. Fuentes @NickJFuentes (Tw)  
No White Guilt No White Guilt (YT)
Gardening with NWG (YT)
NoWhiteGuilt (BC)
@NoWhiteGuiltNWG (Tw)
@NoWhiteGuilt (Gab)
On the Offensive On the Offensive (YT)
OnTheOffensive (BC)
Orwell & Goode Orwell Goode (YT) @OrwellNGoode (Tw)
@OrwellGoode (Gab)
@orwellandgoode (T)
Parse the Noise Parse the Noise (YT)
Parse the Noise (BC)
Paul Ramsey
(see Ramzpaul)
Poseidon Poseidon Live (YT)
Poseidon (BC)
Propertarian Institute Propertarian Institute
Raheem Kassam Raheem Kassam @RaheemKassam (Tw)
@Raheem (Gab)
Raj Raj Speakers Corner (YT)
Raj Speakers Corner livechat (YT)
The Ralph Retort (#Killstream) TheRalphRetort (BC)
theralphretort (DL)
@TheRalphRetort (Tw)
@TheRalphRetort (Gab)
Ethan Ralph
Ramzpaul ramzpaul (YT)
ramzpaul (BC)
@ramzpaul (Tw)
@ramzpaul (Gab)
Paul Ramsey
RazörFist The Rageaholic (YT)
RazörFist (BC)
Reconquista Ukraine Reconquista Ukraine    
Red Elephants The Red Elephants Vincent James (YT)
The Red Elephants Live Streams (YT)
Rational Thoughts (YT)
The Red Elephants (BC)
VincentJames (DL)
@RealVinceJames (Tw)
@RealRedElephants (Gab)
@VincentJames (M)
Vince James
Red Ice TV Red Ice TV (YT)
Red Ice TV (BC)
redicetv (DL)
Red Ice TV (St)
@redicetv (Tw)
@Henrik_Palmgren (Tw)
@LanaLokteff (Tw)
@redicetv (Gab)
@HenrikPalmgren (Gab)
@LanaLokteff (Gab)
@redicetv (M)
Renaissance Horizon Renaissance Horizon (YT)
Renaissance Horizon (BC)
YouTube blogs
Reverend Simon Sideways
(see Simon Evans)
Right Reaction Right Reaction    
Ruination Media Ruination Media (YT)
Ruination Media (BC)
Ryan Dawson Ryan Dawson (YT)
Rena Kawa (YT)
ANC Report Clips (YT)
Ryan Dawson (BC)
TheGrandOven (BC)
Vault (BC)
@RyLiberty (Tw)
@AncReport (Tw)
@RyanDawson (Gab)
@RyDawson (M)
Ryan Faulk
(see The Alternative Hypothesis)
Scandza Forum Scandza Forum (YT)
ScandzaForum (BC)
@scandzaforum Fróði Midjord
Scott Adams ScottAdamsSays (BC)
@ScottAdamsSays (PS)
Secret Sources Secret Sources (YT)
Secret Sources (BC)
@dionne4210 Dionne Møller
Semiogogue Semiogogue (YT)
A Safer Space (YT)
Semiogogue (BC)
A Safer Space (BC)
@Semiogogue (Tw)
@Semiogogue (Gab)
@Semiogogue (M)
Oliver Perrin
Simon Evans Simon Paul Evans REV (YT)
Simon Paul Evans Full Revs (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways (BC)
@Revsimonsideway (Tw)
@reverendsimonsideways (Gab)
@revsimonsideways (M)
Simon Harris Simon Harris (YT)
Simon Harris (BC)
@EuropeanFreedo1 (Tw)
@simonharris (Gab)
@SimonHarris (M)
Snow Shadow Snow Shadow (YT)
SnowShadow (BC)
@SnowShadowPoems (T)  
Stefan Molyneaux Stefan Molyneux @StefanMolyneux (Tw)
@stefanmolyneux (Gab)
Dr. Steve Turley Dr. Steve Turley (YT)
Dr Steve Turley (BC)
@DrTurleyTalks (Tw)
@Turley-Talks (Gab)
@Dr_Steve_Turley (M)
Steven Crowder Louder with Crowder @scrowder  
Styxhexenhammer666 Styxhexenhammer666 (YT)
Styxhexenhammer666 (BC)
Styxhexenhammer666 (Be)
@Styx666Official (Tw)
@Styx666Official (Gab)
@Styxhexenhammer (M)
Survive the Jive Survive the Jive (YT)
Survive the Jive (BC)
@SurvivetheJive Thomas Rowsell
Tarl Warwick
(see Styxhexenhammer666)
Thomas Rowsell
(see Survive the Jive)
Thulean Perspective ThuleanPerspective (YT)
ThuleanPerspective (BC)
@GandalftheWhi19 Varg Vikernes
Tiina Wiik Tiina Wiik @SwanOfTuonela Tuonen Joutsen
Tree Tree of Logic
UNWAShED UNWAShED @ed_unwa Nick
Varg Vikernes
(see Thulean Perspective)
Vee Romanian TVee
Vee Live Stream
Vertigo Politix VertigoPolitix (YT)
@vertigopolitixchannel (M)
@VertigoPolitix (Tw)
@vertigopolitixchannel (M)
Vihapuhe FM Vihapuhe FM @SwanOfTuonela some in English
Vincent James
(see Red Elephants)
Vlad Tepes Vlad Tepesblog (BC) @Vladtepesblog subtitled news clips
Vox Day Vox Day (YT)
Darkstream by Vox Day (BC)
Way of the World Way of the World (YT)
Way of the World 2 (YT)
Way of the World (BC)
@wayotworld (Tw)
@wayoftheworld (Gab)
White Rabbit Radio TV WhiteRabbitRadioTV (YT)
White Rabbit Radio TV (BC)
@eurorabbit (Tw)
@H_Avenger (Gab)
Tim Murdock
Willem Petzer Willem Petzer @willempet (Tw)
@WillemPetzer (Gab)
South Africa
Winston Smith Winston Smith's Taxi (YT)
Winstonsmithstaxi (BC)
Zyntrax zyntrax (YT)
zyntrax (BC)

These are links to the internet video or audio channels of some "alternative-media" content creators that people may find useful as alternatives to what I call the Legacy Media (i.e., Mainstream Media and talk radio). Links to their Twitter and/or Gab accounts are also provided, which are good for getting announcements when they post new material. A few of the links in this table go to useful extra material maintained by fans of the creators.

Many of these content creators have been banned or suppressed on the main "public square" sites like YouTube and Twitter. As shown in the list above, many of them have backups on free-speech "alt-tech" social media sites—most notably, BitChute. People are being censored almost daily; and I will try to keep references to these alternative sites up-to-date. A few of the YouTube and Twitter links shown here are known be broken due to censorship; but I'll keep them in the table for a while in case the suspensions are temporary. A few of these channels are not being actively updated by their owners, but have been included because their material has reference value. Channels with no content may be purged from the table if it looks like they are not going to be resurrected.

More notes: