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Some Alternative-Media Bookmarks

Being a list of vloggers and podcasters
who are making the mainstream media and talk radio obsolete
and who are most interesting

Compiled by Snarkpup (a.k.a. Algernon_Sydney)
Edited November 4, 2022
(See explanatory notes & links to other directories at the end)

Political News & Commentary
NameVideo/AudioOther Social MediaNotes
The Absolute State of Britain @AbsoluteBritain (T) 
Academic AgentThe Academic Agent (YT)
The Alternative HypothesisThe Alternative Hypothesis (YT)
Knight's Move (YT)
The Alt Hype (BC)
@thealternativehypothesis (Gab)Ryan Faulk
Alternative Voices PortalAlternative Voices Portal (BC)
Alternative Voices Portal (Od)
 Miscellaneous clips.
Click 'About' tab for topic index.
American RenaissanceAR Podcasts (audio)
American Renaissance (BC)
@AmRenaissance (Gab)
@AmRenOfficial (T)
AnamnesisAnamnesis (YT)
Anamnesis (BC)
@anamnesisytMeditations on Moldbug
Andrei MartyanovsmoothieX12
Angry ForeignerAngry Foreigner (YT)
Angry Foreigner (BC)
Angry Foreigner (L)
@RefugeeinSweden (Tw)
@angryforeignerofficial (T)
ArktosArktos (YT)
Arktos (BC)
Arktos (L)
Interregnum (podcasts)
@ArktosMedia (Tw)
@arktos (Gab)
@arktosmedia (M)
@arktosmedia (T)
Atheism-is-UnstoppableDevon_Tracy (BC)@HeWasntJogging 
Augustus Sol InvictusAugustus Invictus, Esq. (YT)
Guerilla Radio (BC)
Auron MacIntyreAuron MacIntyre (YT)
NRx 101 (YT playlist)
AuronMacIntyre (BC)
AuronMacIntyre (R)
Auron MacIntyre (Od)
@AuronMacintyre (Tw)
@AuronMacIntyre (Gab)
The Ayatollah @TheAyatollah (T)Derrick Day
Barbara HorvatBarbara4u2c (YT)
Barbara2.0 (YT)
Based AmyBased Amy (YT)
BasedAmy (BC)
BasedAmy (DL)
@realbasedamyAmy Dalla Mura
Bill Whittle
Black Pidgeon SpeaksBlack Pidgeon Speaks (YT)
Felix Rex (YT)
Black Pidgeon Speaks(BC)
FelixRex (R)
@navyhato (Tw)
@blackpigeon (Gab)
@blackpigeonspeaks (M)
Black Pilled
(see Devon Stack)
BlondeBlonde in the Belly of the Beast (YT)
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (BC)
Beauty & the Beta (YT)
@Blonde_Beast (Gab) 
Brittany (Pettibone) SellnerBrittany Sellner (YT)
BrittPettibone (BC)
@BrittPettibone (Tw)
@brittanysellner (T)
Bronze Age Pervertglycineputler's podcast (Libsyn)@bronzeagemantis (Tw)
@BronzeAgePalaestra (T)
Buck SextonThe Buck Sexton Show (YT)
The Buck Sexton Show (IHR)
CassiusCassius (YT)
Cassius (BC)
CharlemagneCharlemagne (YT)
Charlemagne (BC)
Charlemagne (R)
@charlesmayne69 (Tw)
@Charlemagne_III (Gab)
@charlemagne3 (T)
Charles RobertsonCharles Robertson@TheRealIrreplac 
Computing ForeverComputing Forever (BC)@DaveCullen (Gab)
@davecullen (M)
Conscious CaracalConscious Caracal (YT)
Conscious Caracal (BC)
@ConCaracal (Tw)
@ConsciousCaracal (Gab)
@Conscious_Caracal (M)
@ConsciousCaracal (T)
Ernst van Zyl
South Africa
Content Over EverythingContent Over Everything@ContentOverEverSpeakers Corner
Count DankulaCount Dankula (YT)
Count Dankula 2 (YT)
Count Dankula Streams (YT)
TheIncredibleSaltMine (YT)
CountDankula (DL)
@CountDankulaTV (Tw)
@CountDankulaTV (M)
Counter-CurrentsCounter-Currents TV (BC)
Counter-Currents (DL)
@NewRightAmerica (Tw)
@Counter-Currents (Gab)
Greg Johnson
Curt DoolittleCurt Doolittle@curtdoolittle (Tw)
@curtd (Gab)
See also: Propertarian Institute
Dancing DoveDancing Dove@TheDancingDoveIreland
Daughter of AlbionDaughter of Albion (YT)
Daughter of Albion (BC)
Dave MartelDave Martel@BigDaveMartel 
Devon Stack (Black Pilled)Black Pilled (YT)
Blackpilled (BC)
Black Pilled (Od)
DevonStack (DL)
@DackStevon (Tw)
@BlackPilled (Gab)
@DevonStack (T)
The DistributistThe Distributist@DataDistribute 
Earthling CarlEarthling Carl (YT)
Earthling_Carl (BC)
@EmmanuelCohen65 (Tw)
@EarthlingCarl (Gab)
@EarthlingCarl (T)
Ecce Luxecce lux (YT)  
Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly HereticDr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic (YT)
Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic (BC)
@jollyheretic (Tw)
@jollyheretic (Gab)
Eli HarmanEli Harman Propertarianism Intro
Emily YoucisEmily Youcis (BC)  
EndeavourEndeavour (YT)
Endeavour (BC)
@RoyalEndeavour (Tw)
@RoyalEndeavour (Gab)
Ernst RoetsErnst Roets@ErnstRoetsSouth Africa
Eugyppius @eugyppius1 (Tw)
eugyppius (SS)
Free Man Beyond the WallFree Man Beyond the Wall@peterrquinoneshosted by Peter R. Quinones
Fróði Midjord
(See Guide to Kulchur)
Gad SaadGad Saad@GadSaad 
The Golden OneThe Golden One (YT)
The Golden One (BC)
@TheGloriousLion (Tw)
@TheGoldenOne (Gab)
@TheGloriousLion (M)
Marcus Follin
Gonzalo LiraThe Roundtable - Gonzalo Lira
Gonzalo Lira - Again
@GonzaloLira1968formerly Coach Red Pill
The Great OrderJared George (YT)
@thegreatorderis (Tw)
@thegreatorder (Gab)
@thegreatorder (T)
Jared George
Guide to KulchurGuide to Kulchur (YT)
Guide to Kulchur (BC)
Guide to Kulchur (Od)
Guide to Kulchur (Sp)
GuideToKulchur (DL)
@real_gtk (Tw)
@guidetokulchur (T)
host: Fróði Midjord
H. A. GoodmanH. A. Goodman (YT)
H. A. Goodman (BC)
Henrik JönssonHenrik Jönsson@jonsson_henrikSweden
Henrik Palmgren
(See Red Ice TV)
HiraethHiraeth Music (YT)
Hiraeth Music (BC)
Hiraeth Music (Od)
HiraethMusic (DL)
@Hiraeth (Tw)
@HiraethMusic (Gab)
@HiraethMusic (T)
HorusHorus (BC)
Horus (Od)
HorusYT (DL)
@nastymutant (Tw)
@socjusworld (Gab)
@nastymutant (T)
HrafnVolk NetworkHrafnVolk Network (YT)
HrafnVolk Network (BC)
@hrafnvolk (Tw)
@HrafnvolkNetwork (Gab)
I, HypocriteI, Hypocrite (YT)
I Hypocrite Too (YT)
I, Hypocrite (BC)
You Can't Stop Progress (BC)
@lporiginalg (Tw)
Intellectual EmbargoIntellectual Embargo (BC)
Discuss the forbidden (Od)
@IntellectEmbarg (Tw)
@Intellectual_Embargo (Gab)
Irish RoseIrish Rose@Ulster_Rose 
Ivory HeckerIvory Hecker (BC)
Jared George
(see The Great Order)
Jean-Francois Gariépy ("JF")JFG Tonight (Od)
JF Gariepy Archive (BC)
@JFGariepy (Gab)
@JFGariepy (M)
Jimmy DoreThe Jimmy Dore
Jody KayJody Kay (YT)
Jody.Kay (BC)
The White Butterfly (Od)
John DerbyshireRadio Derb (audio)
Radio Derb Podcasts (YT)
@DissidentRightblog, archives
Jubilation MediaJubilation Media (YT)
Ruination Media (BC)
Jubilation Media (Od)
Keith WoodsKeith Woods (YT)
Keith Woods (BC)
Kevin Michael GraceThe KMG Show@KMGVictoria 
Kindred CreatorsKind Creators (YT)
Kindred Creators (BC)
Know More NewsKnow More News (BC)@Know_More_NewsAdam Green
Lana Lokteff
(See Red Ice TV)
Laura TowlerLaura Towler (BC)
Laura Towler (Od)
@thisislaurat (Tw)
@thisislaurat (Gab)
@lauratowler (T)
Lionel NationLionel Nation (YT)
Lionel Nation (BC)
Lovely PorridgeIt's Breakfast Time!@LovelyPorridge 
Madot MediaMadot Media (YT)
Madotmedia (BC)
@madotmedia (Tw)
@madotmedia (Gab)
Marcus Follin
(see The Golden One)
Mark CollettMarkCollett (BC)
MarkCollett (DL)
@MarkCollett:6 (Od)
@MarkACollett (Tw)
@MarkCollett (Gab)
@MarkCollett (M)
@markacollett (T)
Martin SellnerMartin Sellner (BC)
MartinSellner (DL)
Matt ChristiansenMatt Christiansen (YT)
Matt Christiansen (BC)
Beauty & the Beta (YT)
@MLChristiansen (Tw)
@MLChristiansen (Gab)
@MLChristiansen (M)
Millennial WoesMillennial Woes (BC)
Millennial Woes - Live (BC)
Millennial Woes (Od)
Millennial Woes (R)
MillennialWoes (DL)
@WoesPA (Tw)
@millennialwoes (Gab)
@millennialwoes (T)
Mimir's Brunnr
Mimir's Council
Mimir's Brunnr (YT)
Mimir's Council (YT)
Mimirsbrunnr (BC)
Mimir's Council (BC) (DL) (DL)
MimirsBrunnr (L)
MimirsCouncil (L)
@mimirs_brunnr (Tw)
@Mimirs_Council (Tw)
Phil Simpson
Mister ReaganMr Reagan@MrReaganUSA 
MorgothMorgoth's Review (YT)
Morgoth's Review (BC)
Morgoth's Review (Od)
@LivesMorgoth (Tw)
@MorgothReview (Gab)
@MorgothsReviews (T)
Murdoch MurdochSpozzfreund (BC)
Murdoch Murdoch (old) (BC)
Nick Monroenickmon1112@nickmon1112 (Gab)
@nickmon1112 (T)
@nickmon1112 (M)
Nicolas J. Fuentes @realnickjfuentes (Gab)
@nickjfuentes (T)
No ChanceNo Chance (YT)@NoChance (Gab)
@NoChanceYT (T)
No White GuiltNo White Guilt (YT)
NoWhiteGuilt (BC)
@NoWhiteGuiltNWG (Tw)
@NoWhiteGuilt (Gab)
@NoWhiteGuiltAlerts (T)
Old Glory Club
Parallax Optics
Patrick CaseyRestoring Order (YT)
Patrick Casey (YT)
patrickcasey (DL)
patrickcaseyusa (T) 
Patriotic Alternativeassociated shows@PatAlternative (Tw)
@PatrioticAlternative (Gab)
group: Patriotic Alternative (Gab)
@PatrioticAlternativeOfficial (T)
Patriotic TalkPatrioticTalk (DL)@patriotictalk14 
Paul Ramsey
(see Ramzpaul)
PhilosophiCatPhilosophiCat (YT)
Revolt Against The Modern World Film (YT)
PhilosophiCat (Od)
@Philosophi_Cat (Tw)
@philosophicat (T)
PoseidonPoseidon Live (YT)
Poseidon (BC)
Propertarian InstituteThe Natural Law
The PrudentialistThe Prudentialist (YT)
The Prudentialist (Od)
@MrPrudentialist (Tw)
Prudent Observations (SS)
The Prudentialist (T)
Radical LiberationRadical Liberation@RadicalLib (Tw)
@RadicalLiberation (Gab)
@RadicalLiberation (M)
Stephen W. Carson
Radio Sven Longshanks et al.
RajRaj Speakers Corner (YT)
Raj Speakers Corner livechat (YT)
The Ralph Retort (#Killstream)TheRalphRetort (BC)
theralphretort (DL)
@TheRalphRetort (Tw)
@TheRalphRetort (Gab)
Ethan Ralph
Ramzpaulramzpaul (YT)
ramzpaul (BC)
@ramzpaul (Tw)
@ramzpaul (Gab)
Paul Ramsey
RazörFistThe Rageaholic (YT)
RazörFist (BC)
Red ElephantsThe Red Elephants (BC)
Vincent James - The Red Elephants (BC)
VincentJames (R)
Vincent James (Od)
@elefent_james (Tw)
@daily_veracity (Tw)
@RealRedElephants (Gab)
@VincentJames (M)
@RealVincentJames (T)
Red Ice TVRed Ice TV (BC)
redicetv (DL)
@redicetv (Od)
@redicetv (Tw)
@Henrik_Palmgren (Tw)
@LanaLokteff (Tw)
@redicetv (Gab)
@HenrikPalmgren (Gab)
@LanaLokteff (Gab)
@redicetv (T)
@redicetv (M)
Renaissance HorizonRenaissance Horizon (YT)
Renaissance Horizon (BC)
RenHor (R)
Renaissance Horizon (Od)
@RenaissanceHor1 (Tw)
@renaissancehorizon (Gab)
@RenaissanceHorizon (T)
YouTube blogs
Reverend Simon Sideways
(see Simon Evans)
Dr. Robert Malone Robert Malone (SS) 
Ruination Media
(See Jubilation Media)
Ryan DawsonANC Report Clips (YT)
Ryan Dawson (BC)
TheGrandOven (BC)
Vault (BC)
RyanDawson (R)
Anti-Neocons (R) (audio)
@RyanDawson (Gab)
@RyDawson (M)
@ancreport (T)
Dawson antineocon report (SS)
Ryan Faulk
(see The Alternative Hypothesis)
Ryan TurnipseedRyan Turnipseed@TurnipMerchant 
Salty CrackerSalty Cracker (YT)
Mrs. Salty (YT)
The Salty Cracker (BC)
TheSaltyCracker (R)
TheSaltyCracker (DL)
@SaltyCracker (Od)
@SaltyCracker9 (Tw)
@saltycrackernews (T, fan)
Sanity 4 SwedenSanity 4 Sweden (YT)
Sanity4Sweden (BC)
Scandza ForumScandza Forum (YT)
ScandzaForum (BC)
@scandzaforumFróði Midjord
Scott GreerHighly Respected@ScottMGreer 
SemiogogueSemiogogue (YT)
A Safer Space (YT)
Semiogogue (BC)
A Safer Space (BC)
Semiogogue (Od)
@Semiogogue (Tw)
@Semiogogue (Gab)
@semiogogue (T)
@Semiogogue (M)
Oliver Perrin
Serp KerpSerp Kerp (YT)
Nazbol_Gang (BC)
Settler's LamentSettler's Lament@settlerslament 
Shaine & NicoletteWhat's HAPAning@shainescalph
Sheepdog NomocracySheepdog Nomocracy Propertarianism
Shoe 0n HeadShoe0nHead@shoe0nhead 
Simon EvansSimon Paul Evans REV (YT)
Simon Paul Evans Full Revs (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways Debates (YT)
Reverend Simon Sideways (BC)
Reverend Simon Sideways (Od)
@Revsimonsideway (Tw)
@reverendsimonsideways (Gab)
@revsimonsideways (M)
Simon HarrisSimon Harris (YT)
Simon Harris (BC)
Simon Harris Tribute Archive (BC)
@EuropeanFreedo1 (Tw)
@simonharris (Gab)
@SimonHarris (M)
Stefan Molyneaux @stefanmolyneux (Gab) 
Steven CrowderLouder with Crowder@scrowder 
Styxhexenhammer666Styxhexenhammer666 (YT)
Styxhexenhammer666 (BC)
@Styx666Official (Tw)
@Styx666Official (Gab)
@Styxhexenhammer (M)
Survive the JiveSurvive the Jive (YT)
Survive the Jive (BC)
Survive the Jive (Od)
@StJ (Gab)
@survivethejive (T)
Thomas Rowsell
Tarl Warwick
(see Styxhexenhammer666)
(see The Absolute State of Britain)
TechLead ShowTechLead Show@techleadhdex-Google
Thomas Rowsell
(see Survive the Jive)
Thulean Perspective
(see Varg Vikernes)
Tiina Wiik @SwanOfTuonela (Gab)Tuonen Joutsen
Tim PoolTim Pool (YT)
Timcast (YT)
@timcast (Tw)
@Timcast (M)
Toasted BunsToasted Buns (YT)
ToastedBuns (DL)
TreeTree of Logic
Varg VikernesThuleanArchives (YT)
ThuleanPerspective (BC)
@GandalftheWhi19 (Tw)
@WargarW (Tw)
Thulean Perspective
@VDARE (Gab)
@vdare (T)
@vdarefoundation (M)
VeeRomanian TVee
Vee Live Stream
Vihapuhe FMvpfm (DL) some in English
Vincent James
(see Red Elephants)
Vlad TepesVlad Tepesblog (BC)@Vladtepesblogsubtitled news clips
Vox Day
Way of the WorldWay of the World (BC)
Way of the World (Od)
WayoftheWorld (DL)
@wayotworld (Tw)
@wayoftheworld (Gab)
@wayotworld (T)
WhatsHerFaceWhatsHerFace (YT)
WhatsHerFace (R)
White Art CollectiveWhite Art Collective (BC)
WhiteArtCollective (DL)
White Rabbit Radio TVWhiteRabbitRadioTV (YT)
White Rabbit Radio TV (BC)
WhiteRabbitRadio (DL)
WhiteRabbitRadioTV (L)
@eurorabbit (Tw)
@H_Avenger (Gab)
Tim Murdock
Willem PetzerWillem Petzer@willempet (Tw)
@WillemPetzer (Gab)
South Africa
Winston SmithWinston Smith's Taxi (YT)
Winstonsmithstaxi (BC)
Z Man @TheZBlog (Gab)

More Alternative-Media Directories
altcensored.comcollection of censored YouTube videos
Keith WoodsOdysee channels
MorgothBitChute channels
Vincent Jamesfinding censored YouTube channels

These are links to the internet video or audio channels of some Alternative-Media content creators that people may find useful as alternatives to what I call the Legacy Media (i.e., Mainstream Media and talk radio). Links to their textual social media accounts (usually Twitter) are also provided, which are good for getting announcements when they post new material. A few of the links in this table go to useful extra material maintained by fans.

Many of these content creators have been banned or suppressed on the main "public square" sites like YouTube and Twitter. As shown in the list above, many of them have backups on free-speech "alt-tech" social media sites—most notably, BitChute. People are being censored almost daily; and I will try to keep references to these alternative sites up-to-date. I am starting to remove broken links; but I'm keeping them in a separate file, which I will recheck occasionally; and I will restore them if they start working again. Channels or social media accounts that appear to have been abandoned by a creator may be purged from the table, or may be retained if they have reference value.

Paywalled and members-only content is not included in this directory.

More notes: