Since Nov 17, 2004

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Born in 1958 in Charlevoix MI. My dad was a Barry Goldwater/John Birch Society conservative, so politics has been somewhat of a constant subject in my family all of my life. In the mid-1970s my dad discovered libertarianism and became very active in the Libertarian Party. As a teenaged boy at that time it was quite a revelation that my staunchly conservative father would be active in a political movement that advocated for the “legalization” of drugs. However, I deeply loved and respected my dad, and because of that, I knew that there was much more to this libertarian ideal. I was compelled to look into it more thoroughly, and became an active libertarian myself in 1984. I have learned more about the U.S. Constitution through my involvement with libertarians than I ever had in any government school history class. My dad died of cancer on 11/14/2000. May God rest the soul of this most honorable and noble man.

I abandoned the Libertarian Party soon after the savagery of 9/11/2001 when they seemed to join the “We got what we deserved” chorus. Today, whenever I am asked about my political leanings I tell them that I am an “original intent constitutionalist”. I understand that this republic is a federation of independent States, united under a national constitution which secures the sovereignty of these States and the liberties of the people living within them.