Since May 30, 2000

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I'm the youngest son of John Birch Society parents.Born in 1963 I saw the 60's through a kids eyes and didn't really care for a lot of it. The anti- AMerican crap that was everywhere pissed me off hard. I've always followed politics (I remember when Nixon won in '68--I was 4 1/2). I'm the father of 2 boys,married for 18 years and my wife is a stay at home Mom.My music ranges from bluegrass to The Ramones or Otis Redding to XTC.I'm Libertarian in most respects but Conservative enough to vote to win not "send messages". Mountain biking and cycling in general are my passion ( along with playing guitar). The name "Singletrack" refers to the tight trails in wooded area's we crave.Singletrack is to mountain bike what deep powder is to skis.Singletrack is also a good word for politics.