Since Apr 28, 2008

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1- Righteousness is equated with an established set of rules and responsibilities (AKA legalism).
2- Right standing with God is connected with right standing with a man, or woman of God.
3- Leadership is consistently over-emphasizing ideas like “submission to leadership”
4- Leadership is above respectful, healthy questioning (AKA “don’t touch God’s annointed”).
5- Members are kept tired, over-worked and unable to do much else besides church and ministry (AKA legalism).
6- Members are afraid to make life decisions without the permission of leadership.
7- Members who leave, no matter the surrounding circumstances, are labeled as “rebellious”, or “outside of God’s will”.
8- Members are discouraged from fellowship with believers from other churches, or ministries.
9- Members are afraid of missing any church function, for fear of being rebuked, looked down upon, or ostracized.
10- Members are seen as “belonging to” a man or woman of God.
11- Members are afraid to assess, or even consider these things.

...Be careful little children of God