Since Sep 2, 1998

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Hi, I'm Shane Connor from Gonzales, Texas (South of Austin). Originally from Upstate NY before heading south in the late 70's. I stay fairly swamped with our Civil Defense business and research (FAQ's below). And, of course, family demands from my two great sons, Eric and Logan.

I thank God when I was a goofy sophomore in HS in the early 70's and trolling around, like a lot of others then, for a popular, 'cause' (environment, anti-war, civil rights, etc.) to 'belong to' and impress the girls, that I stumbled upon a JBS booth at the NY State Fair. Got handed a copy of 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy', and was promptly inoculated against the liberal bias of the major media for life!

Today, I'm probably closer to being a strict Constitutionalist or Libertarian, rather than just a typical Conservative.

Unfortunately, the difference, IMO, between the Repubs and the Dems is simply the speed of the bUS they are both driving US towards the cliffs edge in, though the Dems have the much heavier foot on the gas. Though I still eagerly support my former Republican Congressman; Ron Paul.

No future predictions here, other than the assurance that it is all certainly unlikely to be very boring!

I'm the author of the Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ located at and the Civil Defense Radiation Detection Survey Meters, Geiger Counters & Dosimeters FAQ located at and the popular Nuclear Fallout & Blast Shelters FAQ at

Amongst our many products and services, we'd R&D'ed and brought to market the popular key-chain 24/7 radiation monitor/alarm as seen at and the new inexpensive, postage-stamp sized, RADsticker instant color changing dosimeter, seen here.

We are also the only private radiation calibration laboratory in the nation that specializes in re-certifying and calibrating all the older Civil Defense radiation meters, geiger counters and dosimeters. They are well field proven and in-use by thousands of Haz-Mat responders to this day. We also have the largest private emergency inventory of these same instruments in the nation, with over 100,000 here.

We count amongst our customers today the DoD, DHS, FEMA, numerous state agencies, embassies worldwide, and many individual American families nationwide.

Also, we are the authors of the popular and widely linked article entitled The Good News About Nuclear Destruction! and the essential FREE guide WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT!

All these efforts offering practical DIY FEMA type prep info/products for both govt agencies and the general public have earned us media coverage in: WND (8/23/06) & (1/18/05), Boston Globe (8/13/05), National Defense Mag (3/04), Washington Post (4/13/03) & (3/16/03), NYTimes (6/13/02), USAToday (6/11/02) & (7/11/02), SF Chronicle (6/23/02), Wall Street Journal (3/14/03) & (10/5/01), IEEE Spectrum Mag (9/01), Newsday (11/24/01). And, our products seen on CNN, FOX, CBS and in TIME Magazine and May/June 2004 'Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' and I've been interviewed on NPR and 'Coast to Coast' radio and on the Glenn Beck radio and TV shows!

See for an overview of all that we do here!