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My apologies to my PING List friends and the entire FR body for my periodic prolonged absences from FR, but since my workload sometimes is unpredictable, I hope that you will understand.

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Hello fellow FReepers and FR guests ! I'm Sergey hailing from the United States, Illinois and residing near the one big village called Chicago -:))) No offense of course to the great city of Chicago, and its wonderful people among whom me, my parents and my brother with his family have been living for more than 10 years.

I'm a naturalized American citizen born and raised in Ukraine to Russian Mother and Russian/Ukrainian Jewish father. To describe one of my hobbies, I'm an Internet News & Analysis sites junkie (within reasonable limits) who likes to share his thoughts on politics, history, philosophy, news and other serious subjects to anyone who cares to listen. Being of Russian, Jewish and Ukrainian background, I naturally deeply care about what's going on in Russia, Ukraine, the other former Soviet Republics and the State of Israel in addition to the United States of course.

It's difficult to describe my political and philosophical views and cares briefly but I'll try. First, I deeply appreciate the gifts of America and Western Civilization, and I want it to survive and prosper for the ages to come. I'm fortunate not to experience the horrors of Communism, Nazism, and WWII, but I heard from my parents, grandparents and read a number of books of what it was like when individual human life worth nothing and can be sacrificed in a moment for some grand utopias. After 9-11, many people in America and round the world who care about the survival of the Western Civilization in general and the United States in particular express worries whether United States and Western Civilization can survive the latest threat to its existence--Islamic Imperialism which is like Communism and Nazism also based on utopian ideals showing absolutely no concern for individual life, liberty and well-being and is based on oppression and enslavement of individuals and societies.

I have a strong faith that United States and Western Civilization will survive, but I also know that it's impossible to survive while being severed from the roots of its own civilization. The roots of the United States are the Judeo-Christian value system in its British Form. That's why I support restricting the Judicial Activism of a few irresponsible judges who try to push the country to accept gay "marriage", who order the removal of 10 commandements and other Judaic and Christian symbols from public places and who usurp other powers reserved for citizenry elected Federal, State and Local legislatures. I'm not religious, but I understand how fragile civilization is, how easy to destroy it and how incredibly difficult and long time it will take to restore it. I also support the idea of giving English language the status of the official language of the United States government. My native is Russian and If I have children, I want them to know Russian. I also like to learn languages--currently I learn reading Hebrew and Latin, and I want to learn Spanish in future. However, I understand that in order for the United States to survive as one country and one nation avoiding fragmentation and Balkanization, something tangible and real is needed to keep American people together as Americans, like language, values, and the sense of its own history.

As I mentioned already, I also deeply care about the events taking place in Russia, Ukraine fmr. USSR and Israel. For the people of Russia and the neighboring countries I wish the happiness, prosperity and liberty under the rule of Moral Law. For everyone who cares about well-being of Russia and its people, the last decade was largely disappointing one. First Yeltsin regime pervasive corruption, inefficiency destroyed the hopes of peacefully transorming Russia into prosperous and law abiding society. Now Putin regime has usurped all the political and economic power in the hands of a few of his ex-KGB buddies. However, no matter how depressing things may look now, I have no doubt that eventually Russia will be transformed into a successfull and law abiding country. Russia has very tragic history due to believing in the false ideas, but it's also a home to great many wonderful and talented people who deserve much better life. I was excited to follow the orange revolution in my native Ukraine. I'm not an idealist, but I believe people of Ukraine deserved the right for an honest election without interference either from Russia or anywhere else. Now Ukraine got a chance and a long and arduous road ahead to build a successfull and prosperous society. I have no illusion about the difficulties facing Ukraine, but I wish Ukrainian people to use the opportunity to build a good country in the future where both ethnic Ukrainians, Ukrainian Russians and all Ukrainian citizens will have an opportunity for a decent future.

Last, but not least, I have my deep care for the survival of the state of Israel and Jewish people. It's disgusting to see how much of Islamic world hates tiny Israel and wants to destroy it. It's beyond disgusting to see dancing on the streets of Arab quarters whenever brainwashed Islamist suicide bombers strike Israeli buses, markets, shops and other public places killing and maiming hundreds and thousands of Israelis. It's beyond contempt to see the world trying to put pressure on Israel to give the land to Palestinian Arabs that Israel won in the righteous war of self-defence expecting nothing in return except more terror, more suicide bombings, etc. So much for chanting "Never Again" after Holocaust. However, I have a strong faith that Israel will survive against all odds as it did for thousands of years. Israel survived all its oppressors and exterminators--from Egyptian Pharaohs to Nazi mass murderers. Long live Israel--Am Israel Chai !