Sergeant Tim
Since Jan 1, 2006

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I am the webmaster and a co-founder of 9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America. Our web site is

We are a non-partisan affiliation of 9/11 family members who view national security as the country’s top priority. The group supports the U.S. military and endorses the doctrine of pre-emption, supported by the 9/11 Commission’s statement on terrorist threats, to wit, once the danger has fully materialized, evident to all, mobilizing action is easier — but it then may be too late. The organization was formed to convey our support for the military and to provide a forum for news and commentary on matters of national security and of interest to 9/11 family members.

In addition, I contribute at and produce Freedom Radio ( (BTW, my handle here and elsewhere comes from my friend Mark Levin dubbing me as such, when I called his show; I actually retired from U.S. Army as a Sergeant First Class after 20 years of regular Army service.)

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