Since Mar 27, 2004

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I started my career in commercial nuclear power during the summer with Detroit Edison between my sophomore and junior year at Rensselaer and went to work for them full time after graduation in 1980 with a major in Nuclear Engineering. I worked on-site (paid by various companies) at Fermi, Waterford, River Bend, Nine Mile, Rancho Seco, SONGS, Fort Calhoun, and Indian Point. I performed all the various tasks of a licensing engineer, interacting with the regulator and senior management. As a result, I have worked on jobs that required me to be intimately familiar with the design of all the major American reactor types: GE BWRs, CE PWRs, B&W PWRs, and finally Westinghouse PWRs. I eased out of plant work starting in 1997 spending another ten years as a risk assessment engineer sub-contracted to Westinghouse. By the end of 2007, I had switched to Information Technology — programming, database development, and project management with the Department of Sanitation, City of New York.