Since Feb 22, 2002

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I am an American and Pro-Life constitutional conservative.

I am a retired teacher who taught first grade and kindergarten age babies for 43 years. Working with darling children was an absolute joy! But then, so is retirement!

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Connecticut. There will always be a special place in my heart for Connecticut but I now call Florida my home. I moved to beautiful sunny Florida in 1969 and never plan to leave!

I was born into a Democrat family. However I came to learn the truth about the Democrat Party which had its birth with the members of the KKK. Sad to share the same birthday (month/day) of former President Wilson...the most racist President in our American History! Also hate to say I attended a highschool that happened to be named after him! Woodrow Wilson High.

May surprise many that being a public school teacher that I am a Conservative. There are more of us out there than one might think. I am proud of the fact that I got to testify before the Florida House Education Committee to urge the passing of Governor Scott's Education Reform legislation. Being in a room full of Teacher's Union members was an experience. Especially with me being a retired Pinellas County educator of 37 years. I am very happy to say the Education Reform legislation passed so now Florida teachers must renew their contracts yearly. I was tired of seeing year after year the teachers who had "tenure" who had no business being in a classroom. Most of them that I cam across did not even like children! Just the hours and summer off!!

I will NEVER again vote for any candidate at any level with a D after their name. AND I will continue to NEVER donate to the Republican Party but only to real Conservative candidates running for office at every level. I will continue to pray for a Commander In Chief who honors and supports our Veterans and vows to keep our US Military strong. My sweetheart, love of my life, and husband served in Viet Nam, and we need a Commander In Chief who lets the Generals like Paton and McArthur run our wars.....not those with no spine or honesty!

The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.