Since Nov 12, 2008

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I love God, Family and Country. Let’s work together to take this nation back to her good roots.

TEApublican Ping List - Rejecting both Third Partyism and GOP Business as Usual - for Success in 11/2010!: A. Patriot; autumnraine; Blackhawk45; brityank; ColoCdn; Darth Tokarev; Democrat_media; DocRock; eaglesiniowa; Eddie01; Freedom’sWorthIt; FreeStateYank; gab1279; GeronL; Goldie Lurks; goodnesswins; Grimmy; Hawthorn; HGSW0904; irgbar-man; j.argese; jim macomber; jjsheridan5; JustPiper; jveritas; katiedidit1; KevinDavis; lasereye; leapfrog0202; Marty; matchgirl; mdittmar; MNJohnnie; MNLurker; New Yawk Minute; Onyx; OriginalChristian; PennsylvaniaMom; pepperdog; Personal Responsibility; pgkdan; Prov3456; rbmillerjr; RedinaBlue; rep-always; Ricebug; Servant of the Cross; stephenjohnbanker; SueRae; Taxman; Three if by government; Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus; Tolik; tonyome; trooprally; trussell; Wonder Warthog