Sea Parrot
Since Apr 2, 2011

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Just an old duffer of three score and ten plus.

Hobbies & Interests: History, hunting, fishing, trekking, (slower now days) riding ATV’s with the wife in our 1/4 million acre back yard of public land, experimental archeology, and firearms, especially muzzleloaders.

Politics, did someone mention politics? Wife and I are lifelong conservatives ever since Goldwater in 1964. Staunch Sarah Palin supporters, members of O4P, donate regularly to SarahPac, and we are Tea Party activists, having attended numerous events.

Location: Along the Colorado River in Arizona

Birthday: 05-06

Age: 72

Bio: Not very interesting, married to the same great gal for 50 years. Casual look at a varied employment resume would lead one to assume I could not hold a steady job and was always on the move from state to state. But, somehow it all worked out and I was able to retire at age 52, and these years since have been our very best.