Scott from the Left Coast
Since Oct 24, 2000

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Following the fraud of 2020, and perhaps the final blow to the great Constitution that used to govern this country, I cancelled my voter registration. It is just my own little, feeble protest. Simply a matter of principle. I will not participate in a fraud. I’ve been disenfranchised anyway, I’d prefer to do something myself than have it done to me against my will..there’s enough of that in life already.

It does simplify things, my only allegiance is to my Lord and Savior, Jesus no longer even makes it to third on my list. I m a U.S.citizen, natural born even, unlike many U.S. politicians. But now I am a citizen in name only as I no longer give any allegiance to this country or, especially, it’s illegitimate, dictatorial government. I am an American citizen now much in the same that the apostle Paul was a Roman citizen. If I can use it for personal benefit, fine. But I will no longer support or defend this regime or “nation” in any manner or way. My loyalty to the United States is zero.