Since Mar 15, 2003

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Raised in a thoroughly Democrat home, I am the granddaughter of a coal mine union organizer in West Virginia. Went through my hippiecrat socialist period (how embarrassing to think of now--but we all do stupid things when we're young), worked for Jimmy Carter in '76. Watching Reagan during the 80's, I began to drop the blinders. Left the Dems altogether over the abortion issue--no room for a pro-life woman in that party. Was amazed when I voted Republican for the first time in '88 and the sky didn't fall; the beliefs of my parents and grandparents, that I was nurtured on, would more resemble the GOP now. Living through the Clinton debacle has cemented my position, and President Bush makes me proud.
I still don't believe that politics is the answer to everything. Politicians are often corrupt because humankind is. However, we have to make the best of it.

I believe in one God, maker of Heaven and Earth, and in Jesus Christ his only son...(you might have heard the rest.)

Married for 31 years to the best man on Earth, and raised two incredible kids. Daughter just graduated business college. My son went to be with the Lord on March 16 2003, due to a hiking accident. By far the worst thing that ever happened to me. He was a decent, godly man of 25 with an incredible, adventurous life, who overcame many obstacles--such as 11 years on dialysis--and still lived more than most people 3 times his age. I could not complete this without mentioning Jeremy, for he is my hero.

Post tenebras, lux.