Since Jun 13, 1998

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For those who wonder why I post so many articles from international English language news sites rather than from U.S. news sites:

1) Most of the news sites in the U.S. have obviously been assimilated by the “progressive” Borg, so it’s almost only necessary to read one of their sites (e.g., NYT, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, AP, CNN, Reuters, WP, NPR, DNC, etc.) to know what they’re all going to say anyway.

2) Many of the U.S. news sites that provide some balance are already thoroughly combed for interesting articles by FR folks.

3) The final straw was the AP flap regarding charges for excerpts of their content.

It's interesting to note that we can often get better news about U.S. politics from foreign news sites. From what I can see, though, it's not at all because they love U.S. conservatives or republicans.

If you happen to discover a decent, international English news site, please don't hesitate to let me know!