Since Aug 4, 2009

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Republican who lives in Colorado. It sucks.

I have been observing for a long time now - a very long time, over 20 years - that the medical establishment is quite intent on getting all of us, every single person alive, to take certain medications lifelong, as in "from the cradle to the grave." Now many others are awakening to this knowledge as well. (Welcome, fellow party animals!) The drive on the part of Authority to force everyone onto one type of medical therapy or another is grimly determined and they will make it very personal to anyone who does not comply.

Note: People have been labeling me a crackpot for years for expressing the above notions, and I get banned from this or that website on a regular basis - one of the reasons for this is that I challenge the medical establishment, who wants us all on lifelong pharmaceuticals, whether we need them or not (i.e., because we're sick) and regardless of our objections. (PS, not saying I'm not a crackpot, by the way! HOWEVER I often have the opportunity to observe that a lifetime of prescription pharmaceuticals and visits to the doctor every few weeks does not seem to lengthen the existence or health of what was a person in reasonable or good health 30 years prior.)