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Non curo.Si metrum non habet, non est poema.

Seriously, I am a conservative, devout Catholic, of an orthodox bent, father of five. I love Free Republic. Thank you Jim!
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Some, but not all: I think highly of many here, whether or not our opinions match. We don't have to agree on everything for me to be grateful to be here, and to participate. Not much here but sheer pleasure at your presence, my love of God, family, country. God bless you, even in our disagreements.
From Saint Thomas More's Responsio ad Lutherum: But who can endure such a scoundrel who shows himself possessed by a thousand vices and tormented by a legion of demons, and yet stupidly boasts thus: 'The holy fathers have all erred. The whole church has often erred. My teaching cannot err, because I am most certain that my teaching is not my own but Christ's,' alluding of course to those words of Christ, 'My words are not my own but His who sent me, the Father's'