Since Apr 23, 2001

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Displaced Texan who gets homesick when the bluebonnets are blooming.

My son has his own bulletin board which focuses on design. FR has been a treasure trove of information for me to take back to his board and debate the younger liberals found there. I've even managed to 'convert' the thinking of some there. I'm not a designer but am affectionately known as MomMod on his board.

I enjoy living in rural Oklahoma and am adjusting well to small town life. I am a native Dallasite who was raised in Houston. Being a big city type, it was an adjustment to rural life. I can go outside at night and see the stars instead of being blinded by big city lights. I don't take my small terrier mutt out past 10:00pm since there are coyotes in the field across the street from me.

I am owned by 1 small terrier dog who thinks he can take on anyone or anything. In April of 2006 my ex-dog (now deceased) came to live with me. Some day I may get around to taking updated pictures of my herd of critters, I'll have to wait though until I have access to a digital camera.

I convinced my sister to join FR in 2005. She had been a bit hesitant but I explained that one day there would be a topic she just had to comment on and it was better for her to already be a member. She goes by Alexis the Bengal Kitty. For more information about our family's history you can read her profile page.

Map of the Texas border towns with corresponding Mexican towns.

And just for grins and giggles here's something I 'stole' from another conservative board. If I knew who over there to give credit to, I would! Kudo's to whoever you are! To me it describes the DUmmies to a T!

Just because the gif below so aptly catches the essence of's a picture of how the DUmmies spend their money.

They just looooovvvve Helen Thomas so in Spring/06 they raised over a $1,000 to send the woman roses. >

WARNING! Blinded eyeball alert!
<Yeah that's the ticket! Roses for Helen will definitely win the Dem's lots of elections!)

And now for a picture of the most handsome person I know!

Doggy Steps
Doggy Steps