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Donald J. Trump is leagues above any politician in memory

President Trump will get more good things for America done in his first 100 days than politicians have for the last 100 years which is really nothing , mostly amnesties, more government , bad trade deals , more loss of freedom , more spending, more regulations , more debt,more 3rd world immigrants,more taxes etc. . That’s true with only a few minor exceptions with Reagan and Ike (Eisenhower).But Reagan was fooled into signing an amnesty and never did anything against Japan’s unfair trade practices which Trump was warning about even then in the 1980’s.

In fact it seems Trump has already got more done in a few days after getting elected with no power yet.Imagine 8 years of Trump

Reagan Was the only politician that has reduced government regulations significantly in the last 105 years. All other years Regs and gov have grown in all 3 levels of government. Ike the Good Thing he did was operation wetback in the 1950’s. Besides these 3 Trump,Ike, Reagan, all other politicians imo are corrupt liars (Romney and Ryan are the typical politicians and the quientesceitinal example) They ran in 2012 as president and VP . They fooled most conservatives even on here. Now we see they are GOPe paid off Hacks by globalist anti-American rich donor Billionaires.

Government has grown GREATLY every year for the past 105 years , in all 3 levels of government,State Federal and Local. Every year thousands of new government regulations are written and many new laws passed which grow government in all 3 levels , choking our wealth creating businesses.

Politicians at all levels tell you what they think telling you will get them elected . Then in power they don’t do what they promised but instead they grow government and let in illegals and 3rd world immigrants.

Actions are what matter. Words, a “sincere” look , mean NOTHING. Fool me once Shame on you . Fool me a million times shame on who?

Government has grown every year for the past 105 years , in all 3 levels of government.Ronald Reagan is the only politician to ever significantly reduce government regulations. Trump plans to reduce regulations even more, reduce taxes, and government employees (All 3 have never happened in the last 105 years never) Politicians like Romney and Ryan talk a good game but they are ALL professional bought off liars.That's why government has grown every year.

This is freedom and America's last stand. If that communist Hillary Clinton wins then the socialists achieve their goal of destroying freedom forever. Do everything you can to elect Trump and so save freedom.

To limit government, ultimately we need to sunset all laws (give them an expiration date ) so the congress has to review every 4 years to see if that law is really needed.

99% of laws that Congress created increase government power, cripple private businesses, lessen freedom, etc.

So the problem are laws and laws that mostly democrats passed for over 100 when the democrat mainstream media had a monopoly on information. Even now with the Internet they are still passing these kind of horrible laws and the FCC,EPA, FDA are creating their own laws too.

We need to sunset these government agencies and laws.

We need to make all laws have an expiration date of 3 years. That way only the laws that people really need and want are kept.Every 3 years,let these democrats justify why we need to again extend every one of these laws that mandate the FCC,EPA, etc.

Republican President Ronald Reagan: "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem."

quot;Big government is not the solution,but the problem"

Democrats/liberals/Marxists don't believe this but the exact opposite as government is their God.

P! For Freedom, for America!

or Trump Jr/Ivanka in 2024!

Long live the protector of the U.S. border, the defender of faith and freedom , Long live Tom Trump!

I am for the free market with NO government interference at all except to settle disputes between private individuals in a court of law. That might be an extremist position to some especially to democRATs. I am a radical for capitalism

The best known statement of the principles of a free market, the kind of free market that operates in Hong Kong, was written on the other side of the world. Two hundred years ago in Scotland, Adam Smith taught at the University of Glasgow. His brilliant book, The Wealth Of Nations, was based on the lectures he gave here.

The basic principles underlying the free market, as Adam Smith taught them to his students in this University, are really very simple. Look at this lead pencil, there is not a single person in the world who could make this pencil. Remarkable statement? Not at all. The wood from which it’s made, for all I know, comes from a tree that was cut down in the State of Washington. To cut down that tree, it took a saw. To make the saw, it took steel. To make the steel, it took iron ore. This black center, we call it lead but it’s really compressed graphite, I am not sure where it comes from but I think it comes from some mines in South America. This red top up here, the eraser, a bit of rubber, probably comes from Malaya, where the rubber tree isn’t even native. It was imported from South America by some businessman with the help of the British government. This brass feral __ I haven’t the slightest idea where it came from or the yellow paint or the paint that made the black lines __ or the glue that holds it together. Literally thousands of people cooperated to make this pencil. People who don’t speak the same language; who practice different religions; who might hate one another if they ever met. When you go down to the store and buy this pencil, you are, in effect, trading a few minutes of your time for a few seconds of the time of all of those thousands of people. What brought them together and induced them to cooperate to make this pencil? There was no Commissar sending out orders from some central office. It was the magic of the price system __ the impersonal operation of prices that brought them together and got them to cooperate to make this pencil so that you could have it for a trifling sum.

That is why the operation of the free market is so essential. Not only to promote productive efficiency, but even more, to foster harmony and peace among the peoples of the world.

For its sheer power to display in just a few pages the astounding fact that free markets successfully coordinate the actions of literally millions of people from around the world into a productive whole, nothing else written in economics compares to Leonard Read’s celebrated essay, “I, Pencil.” This essay’s power derives from Read’s drawing from such a prosaic item an undeniable, profound, and spectacular conclusion: it takes the knowledge of countless people to produce a single pencil. No newcomer to economics who reads “I, Pencil” can fail to have a simplistic belief in the superiority of central planning or regulation deeply shaken. If I could choose one essay or book that everyone in the world would read, I would unhesitatingly choose “I, Pencil.” Among these readers, simplistic notions about the economy would be permanently transformed into a new and vastly more subtle—and correct—understanding.


Human freedom, wealth creation, and prosperity requires private property, free competition, and severely limited government. That most people including liberals/marxists and many who hold even other conservative positions don’t undertand this is why the government keeps growing and why the U.S. is on the road to tyrrany, oppression and the extreme poverty that socialism brings.

I'm for capitalism, for very limited government, for gun rights, for property rights, for a strong military , individual rights, for free speech rights, for deporting illegals, for school choice, for only a single low flat tax, for freedom to worship and live your life how a person sees fit to, and individual liberty. I'm for getting rid of a lot of these government agencies like the IRS and dept of education and for getting rid of welfare.. And I'm against illegal immigration and against abortion.

Liberals/democrats seem to be against all of this and for government solutions to everything. Why on earth would they trust incompetent,corrupt, dishonest politicians to make their lives better is beyond me.

Long live the protector of the U.S. border, the defender of faith and freedom , Long live Tom Tancredo!