Since Jun 21, 2006

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My Nickname is an homage to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge - a great pundid in the matter of football (that's soccer for you unbelievers).

"Mon dieu, Rümmenisch !" - François Mitterrand, as Rummenigge joined the game France vs Germany as a substitute during the World Cup in 1982 (Spain)

Beeing past the age I don't hang posters of footballers on my wallpaper - but if I was it would be definately him. Today my life is not dictated by football anymore - unless there happens to be a World Cup no 30 km away from where I live.
It's actually amazing - the whole world is here at the moment (21 of June 2006) that's really something that you tell your grandchildren about.

I am here to have an out of the box view on your part of the world political grass roots state of the mind. Until now I am pleased because unlike most Germans but not unlike many germans I could stand a more liberal government (that's translated to US english: Conservative - low taxes and a somewhat less regulated economy).
So here I find likewise.
In the moment the US are committed in a 'war against terror' (Terror from islamists in an area known as the silk road if I read the papers correctly) - I am curious what the outcome might be. I believe we have to fight terrorism and we can't play softball with hate Imams. So we have to win a war and peoples minds. Can't imagine that works by calling them rag heads btw. Just kill the ones with the semptex belts but build schools for their next generation and let people have a live if they tolerate our lifestyle. Give them something to believe in that is stronger then the hashish of the hate Imams. Destroy but don't forget to grow something.

Freedom - Stability - Options.

To inform those who might need to know... I was aka globalheater but blew my Laptop ... I didn't bother to revive this old avatar. Maybe I will revive it later.