Since Oct 23, 2004

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I am relocating to Texas with my wife, son, and 2 daughters in October 2009 and am very excited to leave the liberal sinkhole known as the People's Republic of Kaleefornia!

Politically I would classify myself as more libertarian than conservative. I believe the best social program is the Church, not morality legislated through government. I am a big fan of 'converting' people. Not just spiritually, but politically. You see, instead of pandering to groups like Latinos, and Blacks -- Republicans need to *convert* them politically. That is part of what made Reagan great -- he could make you a believer in his way of thinking.
The same goes with rebuilding the fabric of our social structure. We cannot legislate laws that are pro-marriage, pro-Christianity, etc. No, what we need to do is make more Christians in this country. That's how we win. Not through corrupt legislators and judges. Make the country Christian, and you will not have to worry as much about abortion, unwed mothers, etc. Jesus will do it all.

Bible Study Blog:

I am a convert from Hinduism (born) -> Atheism -> Christianity. It's been one amazing ride, and I having been growing so much in my walk with Jesus.