Since Feb 24, 2001

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I am reformed former member of the New Left (1970-1973) who has returned to my conservative/libertarian roots (I was an avid Goldwater supporter in Junior High School and a Reagan supporter in 1968). In the 70's I became a Libertarian (with some disagreements with the Party). I am very-strong pro-gun, pro-life and think that the Culture War will be very difficult to win. I support the Constitution and believe that it is a document that needs to be followed strictly and not treated as a "living document".

The last several years have pushed me into a more traditionally Conservative stance. Because of my troubled (New Left) past I know these Clintoons as well as I know the the back of my hand.

I have lived on the Maine/NH border (two different towns) for 22 years with my wife and two sons. Before that I lived and worked in London, England for a year (before Thatcher), you don't know how bad socialism is until you live under it. We sold our home in 2001 and went on a road trip to look for a place in the South to live. We rented apartments in Charleston, SC for seven years, and now live on a boat at a marina in Charleston. I am a huge Red Sox and Celtics fan and really miss them down here.

I have been concerned about our country's deficit spending for 20 years and believe that we are close to a tipping point regarding our debts. My economics are heavily influenced by the Austrian School (especially Rothbard) and I support abolishing fiat money and remonetizing gold and silver.

I am Bullish on America, although I think that we have to work hard to get back to our Constitutional principles.

"The end of democracy, and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations."

Thomas Jefferson