Since Apr 5, 2005

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Nom De Guerre: rockthecasbah

I chose this screen name because it is a great metaphor for the war on terror. It was the opening song on Armed Forces Radio when our troops were stationed in Saudi Arabia in the lead up to Gulf War I. It is also a great party song.

I’ve been married to my wife for fourteen years. I have two young sons. I enjoy snow skiing and watching my sons play little league baseball.

I believe, by faith, that God walked the earth in the person of Jesus Christ and offered himself as a sacrifice so that we can all have the free gift of salvation if we want it. God knows I don’t deserve it, but it’s there for me anyway. Now I know that sounds quaint to you libs, but it is certainly a lot more plausible than your tinfoil hat theories about black helicopters sweeping into Ohio in the dead of night and stealing 100,000 votes.

I am a graduate of USC (So. Cal) and was a member of Delta Tau Delta there (class of '81). Fight on!

Places lived: UK, Switzerland, Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Francisco Bay Area