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We would not be here today save for the second amendment and a strong military.

Best refutation of the Enviro-whacko global warming/ anthropomorphic cause of greenhouse gas production bunch to date:

Here's another very conceise refutation of Dr. Al and the hypsters:

Another great piece on the refutation of the "Global Warming" Dogma:

And yet another.....

and even a better one yet - the hot water bottle effect - this one really lays it out.
And yet another - this one is a nail in the coffin of Global Warming shillery

The Atmosphere contains 380 ppm = 0.038% co2
Man contributes 14.4 ppm = 0.0014%
Man contributes 3.7% of the total co2. Therefore if the co2 levels went from 300 ppm to 380 ppm since the year 1900 then nature was responsible for 96.3% of the increase.
The real atmospheric warming substance is water vapor.
The atmosphere contains about 2-3% water vapor. Compare that with 0.0014% of mans co2.
That makes man significance 0.00056%
Now there is something really insignificant.