river rat
Since Feb 21, 1999

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River Rat is no longer posting in this forum.
When Jim can start hurling insults and ridiculous unsubstantiated charges against posters - it's time to go...

"Elderly & Experienced" former Marine Grunt.

Very Conservative
Attila the Hun would have to race his pony for three day to his right to approach my left flank.

Never, ever Forget or Forgive.

Americans need to consider carefully the decision for war...
Be clear on who their enemy is, and determine to defeat that enemy.
Recognize there is no clean, polite or gentlemanly way to kill a stranger.
If you are not prepared to kill all who stand with and support your enemy,
then surrender to him, for he has already defeated you.
river rat

There are times, after observing the behavior of some of our Congress Critters and "citizens",
I think our efforts would have been more effective and productive if we had gone to war against
the "Enemy Within" at home, rather than those 10,000 miles away.

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