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It's final, The 'war on terror' is on the Dalai Lama, the Pope, father O'reilly, Rabbi Finklestein, the boy scouts

Apr. 2010

It seems that the more time we have with Obama as President., the more "clarity" on the world I have.

"President Barack Obama's advisers plan to remove terms such as "Islamic radicalism" from a document outlining national security "

It has been a long and painful process, but rewarding, finally I simply start opening my eyes.

Since most "conflicts' and bloodshed involve Islamic forces [1] [2], I have --somehow-- managed to de-Islamize them and put the blame  squarely on the west, as a good appeaser would do,  Wow! I am automatically guaranteed a blessing from Jimmy Carter now.

Here it is, a digest.

The sectarian violence in Iraq & Al Qaeda are all oppressed victims of Imperial occupation, it's all NATO's fault that the Arabs, Muslims hate each other so much for... so many years before.

Al Qaeda, as you are aware, serves as a mouthpiece for the "oppressed Muslims," Did you know -for example- that A.Q. planned on DEC. 2001 to bomb the London financial district [3], why, "because of the occupation in Iraq of 2003, of course, amazingly enough they also "forgot" to mention the "oppressed Palestinians" in their first tape....

Forced conversions to Islam in Pakistan [4] or in other Muslim countries? That's entirely a "minor" problem, oppressing Christians [5] [6] in the Islamic world, among them on the Copts [7], [8], Assyrians [9], on Lebanese [10], Iraqi Christians [11], in the "Palestine" area [12] [13] [14] [15] [16], in Nigeria [17]? that's Christians' fault, I mean, as a whole, why can't middle eastern minorities just "put up AND shut up?"

All the attacks on Americans [18]are because of 'what we do,' fact, since Obama took office, the Islamic plots (including by American Muslims [19]) to massacre are simply "gone"...

The fact that the Taliban is not defeated is because Bush was too "tough."
After all, these cute warriors, look at them, they just want "freedom" & basic 'rights' to impose Sharia in hellish way, treat women like subhuman.

The Sudanese genocide [20] by the Arab Muslim regime is entirely an "internal" matter, the UN should be more busy condemning Israel for the "crime" of fighting for survival, after all that's what the Arab oil lobby is for.

The Pakistani Islamic terrorists hitting Indians are just because of the "Kashmir' conflict (and as you know Kashmir is because of Buddhists & Judea-Christians...[21] nothing to do with Islamists on Indians long war... [22]), for just as soon as you solve, it will immediately disappear... they'll join hands, sit in kumbaya... together with the frequent terror attackers on Pakistanis [23] [24] [25] themselves...

The Islamists in Somalia have all the "right" to impose their strict Islamic system, especially if it involves eliminating infidels.

Honor killing epidemic? not an issue, as a rule, we should "respect" Islamic countries, communities and their "unique" way of life.

It has been "proven" that the Islamists that murder locals or westerners in the Philippines, or that massacre Buddhists in Thailand [26] [27] [28] [29] [30], all in the name of Islam's Allah, the Islamic themes in the bombings in Russia [31] or the plots in China [32] [33], or the frequent busted terror plots in Europe [especially in: UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, etc.], are all "made up stuff" by the 'right wing.'

As you know, the Arab Palestinians are merely "resisting occupation" including all the mass murder in the years before "occupation" [34] [since at least in the 1920's [35]] occurred... which is why they increased their militant Hamas-tan as soon as Israelis gave them Gaza in 2005... as the attacks on Jews since the Oslo accords picked up even higher [36], because it's all about "on-going-struggle" when they call to kill all Yahud (Jews) (including by pro-Palestine actvists in the west [37] [38], when they support "wiping off map" [39] [40] [41] [42] [genocide [43] [44]] mantra they are just "misunderstood," when they use their women & children as toys to die [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] in their bloody propaganda 'victimhood' game - they are "oppressed-heroes," heck they're fighting for "freedom" when they crack down on anything that is not "in line" not "purely Islamic," or that can be in the way of their dream of an all Islamic domination - caliphate vision - final goal (as their clerics & masses demand [50]).

The Arab Muslim bigoted apartheid campaign against Israel, is because they simply "ache" for the "poor" Arab-Palestinians, because they love so much their Palestinian brothers [51], [52], which is why these guys suffer so much in: Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, you name it.

Big deal, Syria is sponsoring terrorism's crimes against humanity, oppression [53] all its citizens especially racism against Kurds [54].

Slavery in the Gulf Arab states, who the hack cares, so Asians are real (not metaphoric) slaves, sex [55], or labor [56], it's a completely "internal Arab Muslim culture" thing. we can't interfere.

Hypocrisy in Saudi Arabian "moderate" wahabbi totalitarian kingdom, you say? at least they fight terrorism... in planting the seeds of hatred against the "apes & pigs" in Maddrasas in the west [57].

I mean what's all this talk about sanctions on Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic republic is so "right" in its immense oppression of all its population, bigoted persecution of all minorities [58] [59] [60] [61], so what if they send their Hezbollah murderers to wreak havoc, shed blood in Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq... so what if they want a nuclear power to dominate & dictate the world with their Mahdi apocalyptic plan [62] [63] [64] [65]? I mean, who are we to protest our right to survive?

Last but not least, I am "convinced' that if we declare to our enemies who wish to destroy us that we won't hit them with nukes they will simply change their minds and not fight us...

What a relief!
I am so glad I finally figured it out, now I am relax at last, and most of all so "safe."

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Islamofascism Incorporated [architect of Islamic genocide:] al-Bashir's allies: Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan, "Palestinians," Gaddafi

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are… Cuts both ways!


Hot spot: Sub-Saharan Africa - Page 153
Toyin Falola, Adebayo Oyebade - 2009 - 200 pages - Preview ethnic cleansing and genocide that has cost the lives of more than 2,000,000 people and displaced more than 4,000,000 people. ... President al-Bashir's brutal response to the rebellion in the region was to earn the Sudanese government the ...

Congressiona Record - Page 21282 Congress - Preview (2005)
Since seizing power through a military coup in 1989, the Government of Sudan has repeatedly attacked and dislocated ... policy of ethnic cleansing that cost the lives of over 2,000,000 people and displaced more than 4,000,000 people.

United States code congressional and administrative news: Volume 3 United States, United States. Congress, United States. President - 2005 - Snippet view (pages 4012-4013)
... Sudan repeatedly has attacked and dislocated civilian populations in southern Sudan in a coordinated policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide that has cost the lives of more than 2,000,000 people and displaced more than 4,000,000.

Sudan: ICC Warrant for Al-Bashir on Genocide | Human Rights WatchJul 13, 2010 ... (New York) - The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant on July 12, 2010, for President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan for ...

Omar al-Bashir charged with Darfur genocide | World news | The Guardian...Jul 12, 2010 ... Hague court issues arrest warrant for Sudanese president, adding international pressure to further isolate regime.

Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, charged with genocide - Times ...Jul 15, 2008 ... Sudan promised to turn Darfur into a graveyard yesterday as it reacted with fury to charges laid by an international prosecutor accusing ...


Abbas in Khartoum: Palestinians support Sudanese president ...Aug 20, 2009 ... Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met in Khartoum with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and expressed the Palestinian Authority's support ...

Abbas supports Sudanese president accused of Darfur genocide - PMW ...Dec 9, 2010 ... Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his personal support for the president of Sudan, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, ...

Iran, Hamas back Sudan leader - World news - Africa - Sudan ...Mar 6, 2009 ... Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir looks on during a meeting ... the Palestinian militant group Hamas showed their support for Sudan's ...

Haniyeh: Sudan to give PA gov't $10m "President al-Bashir agreed, thankfully, to support the Palestinian people ... Several senior officials of Hamas have returned to the Gaza Strip in recent ...


Senior Iran Cleric Tells Sudan That Nuclear Aid Is Available - New ...Apr 26, 2006 ... Iran's supreme leader told the Sudanese president Tuesday that Iran was ready to share its nuclear technology ... Tehran with President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, center, and with Iran's ... of the nuclear agency and said it had failed to support Iran's program. ...


The fatalism of Muammar al-Gaddafi : Ghana Business News
Feb 27, 2011 ... The fatalism of Muammar al-Gaddafi... Gaddafi was able to arm-twist fellow African leaders (except the level-headed Botswana) to support Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir who has been charged with crimes against humanity in the Darfur catastrophe. Now with his killings of peaceful demonstrators, the wheel has turned and Gaddafi now faces the prospects of charges of crime against humanity.

Omar Al-Bashir's Sudan - Page 120
 Diana Childress - 2009 - 160 pages - Preview
Bashir also visited Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Qaddafi had his own ideas about uniting Arabs and welcomed Bashir. Qaddafi was ready to supply oil, weapons, and tactical support for the Sudanese army. In July 1989, the two leaders signed a Union Treaty calling for a merger of Sudan and Libya. Bashir later praised the treaty as “a first step towards the full unity of the Arab world."

When Sudan's war in the south resumed, Libyan pilots flew bombing missions against the SPLA. In return, Bashir allowed Libyan troops to use western Sudan as a base to attack Chad. At the time, Chad was involved in a civil war similar to Sudan's. In Chad, however, the Christian and animist southerners held power and northern Muslims were the rebels. Qaddafi wanted to overthrow the president of Chad, southerner Hissène Habré, and replace him with a Muslim from northern Chad. In December 1990, the Chadian rebels, with Libyan help, defeated Habré and made Idriss Déby president of Chad.
Becoming a Pariah State
As Bashir's Islamist agenda became clearer,...


The Farrakhan Factor: African-American Writers on Leadership, Nationhood, and Minister Louis Farrakhan
 - Page 138
 Amy Alexander - 1998 - 320 pages - Preview
In Tehran, Farrakhan vowed to help the mullahs in their bid to overthrow the " Great Satan," the United States.
In the past he has been the guest of Sudanese leaders Bashir and Turabi in Khartoum. On his last visit to the Sudan, he heaped praise on the Sudanese government, lauding its "wise Islamic leadership." But there has been a recent surge of slavery in the Sudan... Worse still, the Sudanese government has wiped out hundreds of thousands of its people...

Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against the West - Page 231
 Walid Phares - 2006 - 310 pages - Preview
One of Nation of Islam's most ironic attempts to defend the Sudanese regime was to stand against the issue of liberation of Black slaves in Sudan. Farrakhan's group went so far in its alliance with the Islamic fundamentalist regime in...

Farrakhan Said to Pledge Support to Sudan - New York Times
Feb 10, 1996 ... Mr. Farrakhan, who met with President Umar Hasan al-Bashir and. ... Farrakhan Said to Pledge Support to Sudan...

Blacks, Farrakhan In Dispute Over Slavery In Sudan - Sun Sentinel
Mar 24, 1996 ... Farrakhan's support of the Sudan comes as the Islamic government of Lt. Gen. Omar Ahmed al-Bashir, the current president, is engaged in a civil war that pits the largely Arab Muslim north against the mainly Christian and animist blacks in the country's south.

In recent years, officials in the United Nations and the U.S. government have accused the Sudanese government of condoning a traffic in human beings.

According to these organizations, Sudanese soldiers and Muslim militias who have been armed by the government have transported captured blacks to the north, where they are used as household slaves.

"It's war booty," said Jemera Rone, a field representative for Human Rights Watch/Africa who has visited the Sudan twice in the last three years.

Arab Muslim anti-white racism

* Sheik Hilali of Australia  (about the white 'English' race as "liars and oppressors.") http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21046724-601,00.html).

* The racist Arab gang-rapists, targeting white-Christian girls in that country (2002) calling them pigs http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/07/13/1026185124700.html.

* Saudi leader (about blue eyed Americans being his "slaves" http://books.google.com/books?id=sksAyRQTcWAC&pg=PA272)

* Qaddaf's call for jihad in Zimbabwe by Muslims against 'white' farmers (2001) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/zimbabwe/1359436/Gaddafi-sends-thugs- to-help-Mugabe-fight-election-battle.html.

* The 'rape jihad' across Europe (2006) http://www.iris.org.il/blog/archives/757-Pan-European-Arab-Muslim-Gang-Rape-Epidemic.html 

* The Arab Muslim gangs attacking whites in France (2005) to 'take revenge on whites...' http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/005/446loxwa.asp 

* In 2006 Arab mob Kicked a white Man to death on crowded bus in Antwerp Belgium. http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/1130

* According to "top" Arab-Palestiunian intellectual Edward Said: "Not only, for Said, is every European a racist, but he must necessarily be so." http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=2A18D144-3030-41EF-A28B-2695E2A68617

* Arab North-Africans in France reacted to Rachida Dati's Nomination [as French Arab Justice Minister] "North African on the outside, bigoted Caucasian on the inside." (2007) http://www.memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Page=archives&Area=ia&ID=IA37107

* The AEL (Arab European League, which seeks Arab-Islamic domination) racism's causing violence in Belgium.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/1414723/Arab-racist-sparked-riot-in-Antwerp -say-Belgians.html  Arab racism against whites, Arabism

How radical Islam makes one: a bigot religiously - a racist ethnically



Uniquness of Islam's intolerance

While Christianity, ever since the termination of the Crusades and the Spanish inquisitions, has no plans to "convert by force" anybody else, nor is ever Buddhism or Judaism, Islam --on the other hand-- even modern day Islam, is about to Islamize the world, with any means possible. When (thank God) not "yet" accomplished, the Islamists bigotry contains a few levels, the "people of the book" a.k.a. Christians and Jews are "allowed" to stay (though radicals like: Mufti, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. don't "grant" the Jews even that...) as an inferior class Dhimmis, the other non-Muslims are "totally" Kuffars (Kaffirs) and have no 'validity' at all under Islam. Radical Islam has a force of bigotry on its own, without "conventional" racism, however, as this "anti the others" and "the others should submit to us-Islam, or else" theme, ideology grow, so do all intolerance faces.

(Contrary to propagandists, anti terror operations by the west such as the US, UK and others have nothing to do with "Christian fundamentalism" [not even under George W. Bush] as some would like to suggest, but about safety, reality of course. Reminder, the only side in the M.E. conflict that uses religion for violence is the Arab-Islamic side, the routine slogan is: 'Allah u Akbar' and "Khaybar", the Israeli side which is by in large secular, especially its army, is motivated by one and only goal, security from genocidal homicidal attacks).

Islamic bigotry and ethnic racism

Islamic bigotry has been more noticeably, primarily against non-Muslims, on "religious" ground solely, however, as a contentious movement radical Islam that it is, instilling the "belief" in its followers that they're the "true Muslims," (and everybody else shall go to he-ll - literally), it gives way to, and "helps" in sharpening ethnic and racial differences. The victim, other ethnic group, can therefore be non-Muslim or even 'another' Muslim.

The justification of racial violence is often covered by Islamic rationalization. (for example, the preference of 'white' over 'black' as supported by Islamic verses. According to the literal Arabic translation of Sura 3:106, 107, "on Judgment Day, only people with white faces will be saved. People with black faces will be damned. Allah resembles an Arab." –ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.2. "Prophet is to be of Quraysh stock and of white complexion." ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.95-96, Sahih Muslim, 20.4483. "The Prophet said, ‘Let the negro slave of Dinar perish. And if he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him.... If he [the black slave] asks for anything it shall not be granted, and if he needs intercession [to get into paradise], his intercession will be denied.’"Bukhari:V4B52N137.

Abul Kasem elaborated in an article titled 'Allah's White Faces,' and Dr. Azuma's book 'The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa' sheds some light on support Arabs find in Islam to dominate blacks. He provides several examples of Islam’s hatred of Blacks. There is the example in the hadith in which an Ethiopian woman laments her racial inferiority to Muhammad, who consoles her by saying, "In Paradise, the whiteness of the Ethiopian will be seen over the stretch of a thousand years." Another hadith quotes Muhammad thus: "Do not bring black into your pedigree." In fact, the Arabic word for slave, "Abd," became equated with Africans and Blacks with the advent of Islam. Which is why, when an Arab looks at a black African, what he sees is a slave.” all this can help to understand how Arab-Muslims feel "OK" to dehumanize blacks or at least consider them no more than "abid" and "zorka." The icon of radical Islam - Osama Bin Laden, in a discussion with the Sudanese-American novelist, Kola Boof, in Morocco in 1996 said, "when next you meet an Arab, you should ask what is the Arabic word for slave, you’ll discover that the words are the same "abeed." Or anti-Jewish racism by Arabs, is backed by preferring to select those verses from the Quran where Jews have "sinned," [For instance, that dreadful militant Islamic concept of apes and pigs --Christians are pigs, Jews are apes-- is being used repeatedly in Arab Palestinian, Hezbollah and S. Arabian media and in religious, educational institutions as part of demonization and fascist-dehumanization of the Jewish people] as oppose to the sources that praise the Jews 'Banu Israil' and linking the land Israel to them).

Radical Islam makes/motivates you to be a ["better"] racist.

The following are some examples of how the [Islamic] religious bigotry is embedded into the ethnic racism, (whether: Arab, Turk, Iranian, Pakistani, Indonesia, Malay, Black, etc.) how it enhances it or even at fault for creating the 'racism' in the first place.

In General

The Islamic term "Kaffir," is (today) a racial or ethnic slur by Muslims.[1] [2] It is widely condemned.[3][4]

Ottoman Empire (Moslem Turkey)

Location: Ottoman Empire (Moslem Turkey)
Perpetrators: Ottoman Empire
Victims: Assyrians, Greeks, Balkans, Armenians.

During the violence against the Balkan Europeans, including the "Bulgarian horrors" -- with numbers of victims ranging between 25,000 to 100,000 Bulgarian -- from the sentiments of Turkish rage, students were shouting: "The Balkan dogs are trampling on Islam."[5]

Victims of Islamic Turks in numbers: 700,000 Assyrians, 1.4 Million Greeks, 1.5 Million Armenians. Genocide of Assyrians and Armenians in Ottoman Empire Within the First World War in the territory of Ottoman Turkey where were living about 1 million Assyrians with common language, culture and national traditions, had been organized mass destruction of Christian peoples. Together with 1,5 million Armenians have been brutally killed and tortured from 500 to 750 thousand Assyrians. Ottoman Assyrians fled to Russia, Iran, Aleppo and Jerusalem in wake of the genocide. in the era between 1915-1919: 700,000 Assyrians (including the "Forgotten Tragedy in Helwa" the massacre of the Assyrians by the Kurds in the year 1915 - Sayfo and the massacres of Assyrians in Iran and Turkey) perished.[6]

Greek Genocide 1914-23. During the years 1914-1923, whilst the attention of the international community focused on the turmoil and aftermath of the First World War, the indigenous Greek minority of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey's predecessor, was subjected to a centrally-organized, premeditated and systematic policy of annihilation.[7] This genocide, orchestrated to ensure an irreversible end to the collective existence of Turkey's Greek populace, was perpetrated by two consecutive governments; the Committee for Union and Progress, later better known as the Young Turks, and the nationalist Kemalists led by Mustafa Kemal 'Ataturk.' A lethal combination of labor brigades, internal deportations and massacres conducted throughout Anatolian Turkey resulted in the death of 1,400,000 Greeks. From sentiments shouted by students: "Down with the Greece! Greeks, bow your heads!"[8] The 1915 Armenian genocide was lead by Islamic banner of "Allah Akbar" calls, but came into ethnic hatred as well, the mass ethnic cleansing (of the Armenians as well as of the Greeks) was reported by the British at that time.[9] It still lingers on with stubborn Islamic Turkey's objection to define the massacre of 1.5 Christian Armenians as genocide, and threatens with severing relation whoever disobeys its "view." (as a result of the government’s led atmosphere, a prominent Turkish journalist of Armenian heritage Hrant Dink was murdered). Some of the expression of this hatred is still resulted --among other-- in divided Cypress, today, a major issue in Europeans' demands of a 'change in Turkey' if they're to join the E. U. There's still, today, lingering racism associated by the Cypress conflict.[10]

(Modern) Turkey

Location: Turkey
Perpetrators: (Modern) Turkey
Victims: Kurds, Alevis, Zoroastrians and other minorities

The Kurdish minority has a long history of being persecuted in Turkey.[11] Racist violence has been in the past and in the present. Kurdish activists routinely decry racism. The Turks have also been accused of using chemical weapons against the Kurds in 2010.[12]

As an author writes: The Kurdish deprivation of their own culture, language, and tradition is incompatible with democratic norms. It reflects an apartheid system that victimizes minorities like Armenians, Kurds, and Shij Muslems. The Turkish government systematically failed to learn from the historical evidence. Forced assimilation is not a solution for national solidarity, and the continued repression of the Kurds cannot indefinitely secure Turkish unity.[13] And explains their struggle to liberate the Kurds from the discriminatory apartheid situation.[14]

"Turkey continues to harass and persecute its Alevis, Kurds, Zoroastrians and other minorities."[15]


Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Iraqi government, al-Qaeda
Victims: (Ethnic) Shiites, Persians

The immense hatred and mass violence which Sunni icons like (Iraqi) Saddam Hussein and (Jordanian) al-Zarqawi have been manifesting against the Iraqi Shiites, which is a different Islamic sect as well as (usually in Iraq) a separate ethnic[16] group. As the judge began reading the death sentence (for Saddam, for massacring ethnic Shiites and ethnic Kurds) Saddam Hussein shouted out "Allahu Akbar!"[17] The same goes to Saddam Hussein's war on Iran,[18] the hated Persians, one of the three Allah should not have made according to Baathi racism, his infamous uncle's "Three whom God should not have created: Persians, Jews and flies, by Khairallah Tulfah"' statement,[19] published in official Iraqi media - was an expression of deep Arab racism against Persians. During the years of the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam tied himself to Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqas, an early Arab warrior who brought Islam to Iran. [20] More from Saddam's fascination with that early anti-Persian Arab warrior, Each hand holds an enormous sword, said to be replicas of the sword carried by Saad ibn Waqas, the leader of the outnumbered Islamic force that beat the Persian cavalry at Qadisiyah in 637 AD The symbolism was inescapable.[21]


Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Iraqi government, Iraqi Muslim masses
Victims: Assyrian

The ancient Christian Assyrians have been suffering from the Muslim Arabs, like the 1933 Simele massacre (by Islamic Arab and Kurds), and continued on (at least) until the end of the reign of Saddam 2003, they also fell victim in the anti-Kurd 'Anfal' chemical attack of the 1980s.[22]


Location: Iraq
Perpetrators: Iraqi government
Victims: Ethnic Kurds

Saddam Hussein motivated his people in the anti-Kurd campaign[23][24][25] by Islamic themes. The campaign was named after a Koranic passage describing Islam's fight against infidels.[26]


Location: Iran
Perpetrators: Islamic Republic of Iran
Victims: Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans, Baluchis and Jews

Islamic Iran oppresses its entire population, yet, reserves a "special" persecution to all minorities including: Ethnic minorities such as Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans and Baluchis.[27][28] Iran is called "an unknown apartheid." Especially on the Baloch, Ahwazi Arab, Azerbaijani Turk and Kurdish minorities.[29]

The notion that "we are the true Muslims" has much to do with the lap over ethnic hatred of other Muslims like the Arabs, it manifested itself in the Iran-Iraq war. Iran currently is going after its Arab (Ahwazi) minority, many facing executions.[30][31] It is motivated by racism.[32]

Iran's leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been especially racist against Jews.[33] And his 'Holocaust denial'[34] has sparked outrage. And noted historian Edwin Black reminds that "Despite Shoah denial, Iran worked with Nazis."[35] He UN was called up to charge him with inciting genocide on Israel.[36]

He has been described as a Hitler by various noted personalities around the world, inluding leaders of nations.[37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54]


Location: Lebanon
Perpetrators: (organized) Arab Islamic Palestinians
Victims: Maronite (Christians)

The Christian Maronite, a non-Arab ethnic group, (considered to be the --pre-Arab invasion-- indigenous Lebanese), fell victims to Muslims, especially in the 1970. Since 1975, about 150,000 Christians were killed, entire Christian villages were erased and their populations were ethnically cleansed. A highlighted massacre is the one in Damour in 1976, by the Palestinian Arabs --Arafat, PLO[55]-- with local and other Muslims (such as Libyans and Iranians), carried out (in a show of both, religious-Islamic and ethnic racist-Arab motives) with calls of "Allahu Akbar," "Let us attack them for the Arabs" and "Let us offer a Holocaust to Muhammad.[56]

New York Times editor Tom Friedman, in his famous book From Beirut to Jerusalem, explains the motives of the Phalangists killing Palestinian-Arabs in Sabra Shatila 1982: "The Phalangists wanted to avenge not only Bashir's death, but also past tribal killings of their own people by Palestinian guerrillas, such as the February 1976 massacre by Palestinians of Christian villagers in Damour."[57]

Indian Sub-continent

Location: Indian Sub-continent
Perpetrators: Islamists
Victims: (Indian) Bangladeshis (Bengalis), Kashmiris

Bangladesh. The Pakistani Islamic genocide in Bangladesh 1971 resulted in three Million victims.[58][59][60] In 1971, Bangladesh, then called East Pakistan, was part of a geographical monstrosity created by the British in 1947. Pakistan, as created by the British, consisted of West Pakistan and East Pakistan, separated by the vast expanse of the Indian land mass in the middle. East and West Pakistan spoke different languages and were culturally distinct. East Pakistan accounted for the majority of Pakistan's population, yet it was economically exploited and politically marginalized by West Pakistan. Bengalis, the people of East Pakistan, were also persecuted for speaking their native language and for being either Muslims who had converted from Hinduism or for being Hindus. Pakistan, translated as 'The Land of the Pure', was intolerant of Bengalis because they were not 'pure' Muslims.[61]

Location: Bangladesh
Perpetrators: Islamists
Victims: (Indian) Bangladeshis (Bengalis).

The 'Loganag massacre' & Ethnic cleansing campaign in Bangladesh 1992.[62][63][64][65]

Kashmir. An estimated 400,000 Kashmiri original people, constituting 99% of the total population of Hindus living in Muslim majority area of the Kashmir Valley, were forcibly pushed out of the Valley by Muslim terrorists, trained in Pakistan, since the end of 1989. They have been forced to live the life of exiles in their own country, outside their homeland, by unleashing a systematic campaign of terror, murder, loot and arson. Islamists succeeded in 'cleansing' the valley of this ancient ethno-religious community. This community with a history of thousands of years, is fighting a grim battle to save itself from becoming extinct as a distinct race and culture.[66]


Location: Afghanistan
Perpetrators: Islamic mobs
Victims: Persians (Hazara)

In the attempted destruction of the Hazara people of Afghanistan, who are ethnically Persian as well as religiously Shiite, there was also a strong suggestion of "cleansing.". [67]


Location: Indonesia
Perpetrators: Indonesia's government, Indonesian mobs
Victims: Chinese

The Chinese minority in Indonesia have periodically been targets of mob violence. Some 100,000 Chinese were expelled from the country in 1959, while thousands of Chinese were attacked and many killed during the 1965-1966 bloodbath that followed the fall of President Sukarno. Many Chinese were accused of being Communists and with maintaining secret ties to the mainland. Anti-Chinese rioting also occurred in 1973 and 1980. Under Suharto, Chinese were also forbidden from careers in state-sponsored academia, serving in the military, and the civil service. They were forced to carry identity cards and the use of Chinese characters and celebrations, were banned. During the violent upheavals that lead to Suharto's downfall in May 1998, some 1,200 Chinese were believed killed. Thousands of businesses were looted, prompting tens of thousands of Chinese fled overseas. In addition, billions of dollars was transferred out of the country. Rioting and skirmishes have increased in 1998, some of them the expression of a general, ill-defined desire for "reformasi" directed at the government and the country's worsening poverty. But in a number of troubled regions around the archipelago, the violence has focused on long-simmering ethnic animosities and religious bigotry. [68]

From a testimony: 'May 14th, 1998 a huge crowd had gathered around our apartment. They screamed, "Let's butcher the Chinese!", "Let's eat pigs!", "Let's have a party!" [...] people raped.. Before beginning with the raping they always said "Allahu Akbar" (an Islamic phrase in Arabic meaning "God is great". They were ferocious and brutal.' [69]

In 2004, 'A Call for World Justice to lift Discrimination towards Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia' was Initiated by Indonesian, Chinese, American and Canadian organizations/associations.

East Timor One of the notorious Islamic Indonesian crimes on Chinese happened in E. Timor, it was very bloody and shocking in brutality, including mass rape, massacres.

Maluku Islands In 2000, the Maluku [Malucca, the Mollucas] Islands' Christians and Chinese saw horrific massacres and mass rape by Muslims. There are gruesome tales of raping Chinese girls by the Islamic "Lashkar Jihad" (Jihad Army, founded in April 2000). 1,700 people were murdered in just one year alone (2000).

Attackers left a sign: "Long live Moslems ! Islam is Supreme ! Get rid of the Chinese!" [70]

There was a pattern - "misuse the concept of jihad to justify the use of violence against Christians and ethnic Chinese citizens."[71]


Location: China
Perpetrators: Hui Muslims, Uighur Muslims
Victims: Han Chinese

Ethnic - There have been outbreak of violence in years between Muslim separatists and Han Chinese in W. China. In the conflict between Hui Muslims and their Han Chinese neighbours, in November 2004 outbreak, some 148 were killed. July 2009 had a peak of a spasm of attacks by Muslim Uighurs separatists against Han Chinese, the ethnic majority which resulted in 140 dead.
Religious - Muslim separatists have been linked to terror bombings in China. The Chinese government also accused Uighur Muslims of plotting terror attacks on the 2008 Olympic games. From 'Facts and Details': After the riots in Urumqi in July 2009, an Algeria-based Al-Qaida arm—Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb— said it would avenge the deaths if Muslims in Urumqi by targeting Chinese working in North Africa. It was the first time that Al-Qaida directly threatened China or its interests. In October 2009, Al-Qaida leader Abu Yahia al-Libi called on Uighurs to rise up and launch a jihad against Beijing.


Location: Thailand
Perpetrators: Malay Muslims
Victims: Thai Buddhists

The Islamic and ethnic motivation in Malay-Muslim anti Thai-Buddhist violence. From a report about the violence in S. Thailand: Some call it a war; others describe the almost daily bombings, arson, beheadings, and drive-by-shootings in southern Thailand as an ethnic cleansing. Whatever it is called, it does not change the fact that more than 2,000 people have died since a Muslim insurgency flared up in 2004 in Thailand's Muslim-majority southern provinces of Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. While the majority of Thailand's 65 million people are Buddhists, around 1.3 million ethnic Malay Muslims live in the south. Most identify more with Muslim Malaysia and the Melayu language than with Thai Buddhists. ...Monsour Salleh, an activist and businessman from Pattani town, sums up the views of many Muslims in the south. "We have struggled through us that Islam is our discipline and way of life," ...So the outside should understand that Islam is the main role of religion here, not Buddhist." ...The shadowy insurgents have never identified themselves nor made any public demands. Officials and analysts widely believe they want to establish a separate Islamic state. ...a political scientist at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University, says that as the violence escalates, the insurgents' goal becomes clearer. "Now the idea of independence becoming clearer on the surface," ... "Now the idea of being a Melayu-based town, driving out other ethnic groups are being rising up on the surface."[72] As an expression of the will of the Islamists, from Reuters (January 2007). 'Both (Buddhists) had been shot and a handwritten note next to the bodies said, "We shall kill all Thai Buddhists."[73] '


Location: Malaysia
Perpetrators: Malaysia
Victims: Indians, Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Tamilsand, others

Human rights of Indians by Malaysians are constantly violated, which prompted activism, yet, the Malaysian government has banned the non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), branding it as a threat to national security. State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians, including in public University intakes. Worldpress.org March 29, 2006 has published a long list of non-Malays (Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Tamils, etc.) who are been racially discriminated against, what the poster calls: "inflicted colossal racial discrimination onto non-Malays."[74]
Ethnic and Religious:
There is a clash from resurgent Islam, the country's first ever survey of race relations conducted 2006 confirmed that, "below the facade of unity and peace, racism, discrimination and religious bigotry run deep."[75] Indian poet who fled Malaysia in 2007 asserted, "It's apartheid!"[76] In 2010 for instance, Ethnic Indians in Malaysia have alleged discrimination at the hands of the government there.[77]

Malaysia has been described of conducting "50 years of ethnic apartheid."[78]


Location: Egypt
Perpetrators: Egypt Arab Republic, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim masses
Victims: Copts Christians

Today's Egyptians, are by in large Arabs, not authentic Egyptians. The indigenous are the Christian Copts who have been through persecution ever since the Muslim brotherhood rose in that country.[79] It grew under Nasser, as well as under Saadat the more these Egyptian leaders gave the Islamists' a hold. Massive outbreak of anti-Copt violence break out from time to time. It increased with the (2011) so-called "Arab spring," [80][81] also known as "Christian Winter."[82][83][84] Many thousands have fled.[85] Activists asked to stop anti-Christian, anti-Coptic apartheid in Islamic Egypt.[86]

Africa (general)

Location: Africa
Perpetrators: (Muslim-) Arabs
Victims: (Native) Africans

Classic combination of Islamic piety and Arab racism.

Slavery by Arabs (Arab master race) in Africa has been officially limited, still there are reports of continuing of this practice, especially in Sudan, Mauritania.[87]

Arab anti-black genocide, mass rape by al-Bashir government in the Sudan and his allied Arab supremacists Janjaweeds (Expert: "The Janjaweed are like a grotesque mixture of the mafia and the Ku Klux Klan... These guys have a racist ideology that sees the Arab population as the supreme population that would like to see the subjugation of non-Arab peoples. They’re criminal racketeers that have been supported very directly by the government to wage the war against the people of Darfur."[88]) is stemming from Libya's Muammar Gadhafi's bloody legacy in Chad, Sudan in the 1970's to convert the African region into a pan Arab-Islamic state, in 1981 Libyan supported Sudanese group al-Tajammu' al-'Arabi, the "Arab alliance," openly injected racism. An (2010) estimated 2.5 Million have died in the Sudan genocide so far.[89] Both culprit: Gadhafi and al-Bashir have been pushing for an Islamic rule. In Mauritania, indigenous decry racism and suffering from the oppressive Arab rulers and its forcing Arabization.[90][91] Al-Bashir and his Arab-supremacist gangs have been committing atrocities, genocide 1983-2009, Al-Bashir has seen moral support by the Arab league and by the "religious" Islamic Iran and Hezbollah as well as by Nation of Islam's L. Farrakhan. Douglas Farah wrote (at the case where a British woman faced death over a Muhammad Teddy bear, 2007): "There are two places where the Muslim Brotherhood exercises governmental power: Sudan and the Palestinian territories."

Bin Laden has threatened force against U.N. peacekeepers who might dare interrupt the race-murder campaign against African Muslims that is being carried out by his pious Sudanese friends in Darfur.[92][93]

'United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Researches' (unrisd.org) said: "Fundamentalist Islam and fanatical Arabism play a very important role in this. The situation in Mauritania is equally beset with conflict." [94] In Feb. 2010, Sudan opposition leader says: (Sudan's) genocidal violence a "jihad," by Arab-Islamists imposers.[95]


Location: Nigeria
Perpetrators: Muslim-ethnic Hausa
Victims: Christian ethnic-Tarok

Nigeria has seen bloodshed between Muslims and Christians, the Violence between Muslim-ethnic Hausa and the Christian ethnic-Tarok fighters reached a peak in 2005, it carries a 'religious' theme too. [96][97][98] At the eruption of March 2010 violence where 500 have been killed, the NYTimes and Reuters called it: "Religious and Ethnic Violence."[99] Compass Direct News reported of Muslims killing Christians while singing 'Allah Akbar.'


Location: Africa, Uganda
Perpetrators: Idi Amin
Victims: Indians, White Christians, Jews

The infamous tyrant that has butchered between 300,000 to 500,000 people has professed fanatical Islam since he befriended with Muammar Khadaffi. Expelled Asians,[100] campaigned a crusade against [white][101] Christians, admired Hitler and tried to emulate him[102] and targeted (native) Jews.[103] He was indeed called a fascist.[104]

Arab world (general)

Location: Arab world
Perpetrators: Arab world
Victims: Jews

The founder of the 'middle east conflict' (which is basically anti-Jewish bigotry by Arab-Muslims[105]), was that infamous Arab-Muslim leader [of Palestine], the Mufti (Haj Amin al-Husseini), who incited the Arab Muslim population since the 1920's. Highlighted is the 1929 massacre in Hebron (19 Years prior to the re-establishment of Israel and a few decades before the Arabs had a chance to come up with such excuses like "occupation"), with calls "Kill the Jews wherever you find them, this pleases Allah,"[106] and met with Hitler in 1941,[107] thus, the anti-Jewish hatred - anti-Israel campaign has since been, both: racial and religious,[108] by Arab Muslims. As a NYTimes best selling author explained: It's about the bigotry ... Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews. These bigoted myths and conspiracy theories brainwash Palestinian children to commit suicide bombings against Jews. Innocent children play death games, such as collecting "martyr" cards with pictures of suicide bombers. [109] In fact, Arab racism against Jews, is boosted by Islamic interpretations. Prof. Wistrich writes: "Arab racism has been Islamicized using certain Koranic texts [by radicals] to enhance the intolerance and vilification of Jews."[110] An analyst: In the attitude to Jews, it is clear that an inferior or unclean race is being talked about (which is why many Muslim extremists like the grand mufti of Jerusalem gravitated to Hitler's side).[111] It all "fits in place" as the vile dehumanizing anti-Semitic cartoons flow the Arab press, some almost copied from the Nazi Stumer. Devilish Arab Satanic made cartoons of Jews portrayed as animals along the lines of the Islamic mythology of "apes and pigs" is most telling.[112][113][114] [115]

The expulsion of roughly a Million Jews[116] from the Arab world came about as anti-Jewish Arab racism[117] grew in 1948. Activists for Jewish refugees from Arab lands explain, that Jews were victims of laws worse than apartheid.[118] And that Many anti-Jewish 'apartheid' laws predated 1948. Expulsion order.[119]

In a 2009 poll, Pew research found 90% of the (Arab Muslim) Middle East is anti-Jewish.[120]

Barring Jews in Saudi Arabia (for example) has been correctly termed 'Islamic racism.'[121] The fact that the banning of Jews in S. Arabia,[122] Syria, Jordan, etc. which includes 'any' Jews, religous or secular (incidently, most Israelis are secular) implies the deep ethno-religious animosity. Jordan is appropriately accused of practicing apartheid, for its racist law.[123] The damning 'apartheid law' that "explicitly bars Jews from citizenship and where the sale of land to a Jew was for decades not only illegal, but punishable by death."[124][125][126]

At the wake of the so-called "Arab Spring" of 2011, as Egyptians were celebrating toppling Mubarak, one of the exemplary bigoted scenes manifested by ordinary Arab-Muslim Egyptians, was the brutal gang rape by masses, of CBS (60 Min.) reporter Lara Logan, while shouting "Jew, Jew!"[127][128][129][130] and "Allahu Akbar!"[131]

Arab Gulf States

Location: Middle east, Arab Gulf States
Perpetrators: Arab regime, Arab elite
Victims: Indians, Pakistanis, Malay and others

Gulf Arabs,[132] Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,[133] United Arab Emirates,[134][135][136][137][138] are among the noted states in the area that through it's 'Arab superiority' 'enslave,' discriminates, inflicts-hardship upon the (non-Arab) Asian migrants.

The ecstasy that the tycoons, filthy-oil-rich of the Arab gulf in feeling of leading an 'Islamic empire,' gives them more than just a sense of pride, it brings out the ugly Arab supremacy, so prevalent, especially in that region. The enslavement and miss treatment of Asians (mainly Indians, Pakistanis and Malaysians) is very wide, the mistreatment includes Asian maids and construction slave-labors.

There's wide "religious" Arab racism and supremacy, most notable in Saudi Arabia.[139]

Arab Palestine

Location: (Arab controlled) Palestine (Israel)
Perpetrators: Arab/Muslims
Victims: Christians, Ahmadis, Jews

'Christian Arabs who are [generally] a separate ethnic group[140] Have been suffering from bigotry in Arab-Islamic Palestine for a long time. Already in 1915, Archie Bell wrote about intolerance instilled in their children toward any non-Muslims.[141] Ever since the Islamization of Bethlehem,[142][143][144][145] the persecution of Arab-Christians intensified. Hamas (which its de-facto regime in Gaza has been categorized as real apartheid, which "discriminates openly against women, gays, Christians. It permits no dissent, no free speech, and no freedom of religion."[146]) rise also worsened their situation.[147][148]. By "Palestinian" sources, both, Fatah and Hamas have a terrible record of human rights violation of Christians.[149] Plight of dwindling Christians in the Arab-Islamic Middle East is a wide phenomenon, asides from in Israel (only real free democratic regime in the area[150][151][152][153][154][155][156][157] and amidst a rampant Arab/Muslim Apartheid,[158][159][160] it is the only one that is NOT an 'apartheid'.[161]), where they flourished.[162][163][164]

Ahmadis, (who are also a distinct ethnic[165] group) have been persecuted under Arab-Islamic-Palestine.[166] And from official PA policies which gives a green light to attack them. [167]


Already in 1914, the Ottoman officials had to shut down "periodical falastin," for its anti-Jewish racist hatred.[168] Mainstream, official "Palestinian" media and clerics target Jews not only in routine hateful cartoons, dehumanizing them as "Monkeys and Pigs,"[169] rationalize violence and even glorify murder of Jews,[170] but officially ban them altogether (ethno-religious cleansing) in a "future" Arab-Islamic Palestine State (Judenrein). Such as by its leader M. Abbas,[171][172] And by PLO's ambassador Areikat.[173][174][175][176][177]


Shukairy a profile of Arab-Muslim Palestine bigotry. The root of the "conflict."

Ahmad Shukairy (1908-1980)

Ahmed Shukairy | Achmed Shukairy | Ahmad Al-Shukairy | Ahmad al-Shukairi | Ahmad el-Shukairy | Ahmed Shukeiry | al-Shuqayri | Shukeiri | Shukeiry | Shuqeiri | Shuqairy]

Arab supremacy from an early age.

In 1927, at the age of 19, he was arrested for anti-Western fanatical incitement.[178] He was barred for 10 years from Syria and Lebanon by the French mandate authorities for a fiery speech in favor of Arab unity he gave in Beirut while a student at the American University. Several times during the 1930's he was jailed in Palestine by British authorities for political agitation. His father, an Arab-Muslim sheik, was interned in a castle at the time by the Ottoman Empire authorities for stirring up the Arabs against the Turks. [This led the Lebanese born Ahmad to be raised in Acre (then) Palestine, as his parents moved there in 1910].[179]

The "international Arab"

An "international Arab," serving successively various Arab governments.[180]

Arab Nazi (WW2)

During WW2, he worked with the Nazis in the Middle East and was a henchman of the notorious Mufti of Jerusalem who advised Hitler on ways and means of extermintaing Jews[181]

Invented the 'apartheid slur' (1961)

In 1961, he invented the Arab-racist "apartheid" (slur[182]) analogy[183] against democratic (quoting from harsh anti-Israel critic Jimmy Carter: "I recognize that Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment under the law between Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis.")[184] and pluralistic[185] Israel.

Iconic Nazi-like agitator - Objecting trial of Eichmann

In its larger context, Mr. Shukairy's hate inciting diatribes underline the urgency for comprehensive actions to demilitarize the Middle East under appropriate controls and safeguards. [...] Shukairy summed up the Arabs' bellicose attitude towards the West and staked out Nasser's claim to empire, in a speech whose tone and content were reminiscent of the diatribes hurled against the Western democracies by the Nazi leaders.[186] Most notably, is his 1960 diatribe.[187] Unlike most of the world, Shukairy "objected' to the trial of arch-Nazi Eichmann.[188] And media outlet: Falastin lauded Shukairy's incitement.[189] Responding to Shukairy's hateful agitation, Mrs. Meir accused him of having been a collaborator of a Hitler associate, of uttering outright lies and of representing a country which not only condoned but practiced slavery. Arab benefits in Israel was cited; enjoy more freedom than in Arab lands. Mrs. Meir quoted from Arab newspapers in Jordan, Damascus and Beirut, published within the last year, writing in praise of Eichmann and regretting that Eichmann had been unable to "finish the job of exterminating the rest of the Jews in the world." The Arab leaders, she said, "in their blind hatred toward Israel and the entire Jewish people, do not stop feeding this poison to their own people, including the youngest." [190]

Praising, identifying with Nazi groups (1962)

In 1962, at the UN, Shukairy openly praised Nazi groups,[191][192] and identified with them.[193][194] He urged the United Nations to endorse and spread the ideas of the savage anti-Semitic Tacuara - the irresponsible neo-Nazi youth movement.[195] In Dec. 6, 1962, at the UN, Israel accused Arab representatives today of cooperating with neo-Nazi and fascist groups in the United States, Latin America and elsewhere "to exploit anti- Semitism as a political weapon." [196] In that same year, he initiated the UN's war against Israel.[197]

Creation of a "Palestinian entity" (1963)

While admitting in 1956 that "Palestine" is not more than part of Southern Syria,[198][199][200] in 1963 he went along with the newly invention of a seperate "Palestinan entity."[201] While remnants of the old Arab Higher Committee, still led by the Mufti, denounced Shukairy for seeking a "faked entity."[202]

Heading the terror network Palestine Liberation Organization (1964)

In 1964, the PLO was established under his leadership.[203] His units operated sabotage and terror operations[204] Described as the "bloodthirsty leader of the Palestine guerrillas."[205] His original "Palestinian" charter (still) called for a struggle for 'Pan-Arabism,' not for a separate "homeland."[206]

Mastering in spinning about Arab leaders' (such as the Mufti) fault in creating the "refugees" problem

Shukairy, famous for the often hysterical violence of his political rhetoric, was to play a role in Palestinian history somewhat analogous to that of the old mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, one of the principal architects of the Arab disasters of 1948 and 1949.[207]

Ethnic cleansing and genocide (1967)

Our basic aim is the destruction of Israel." Ahmed Shukairy, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, declared, on May 28, (1967).[208] In June 1967, he called for ethnic cleansing of Palestine's Jews.[209][210] Famously known for coining the phrase 'throw the Jews into the sea.'[211][212][213][214] He called for "driving the Jews into the sea." The story was told that when a journalist asked Shukairy what he would do about the Jewish problem if war came, he replied, "There's not going to be a Jewish problem." The Jews feared another Holocaust. [215] All under "liberating" flag, of-course, Those camps and the West Bank territory where they lie were one of the sources for recruitment, training, and operations of Ahmed Shukairy's Palestine Liberation Army, which was deliberately organized and designed to "liberate" Palestine by the destruction of the Jewish state and the genocide of its people.[216] Worth mentioning that the so-called "occupation" [which is in fact a false term[217][218]] didn't even occur before 1967.[219]

Called for an Islamic "holy war" Jihad

One man's personality points up the possibility of a Middle East explosion... can drive Arab to war and embroil the big powers in a perilous showdown. Ahmed Shukairy, gray-haired and orator and man of many countries, has sworn him self and his Palestine Liberation Organization--the PLO-- not only to destruction of Israel but to the downfall of two Arab thrones... For Shukairy, a jihad"-- Holy war-- against Israel is a historical necessity. [220]

Unlike, (modern) Israel's founders that called/sought peace and democracy, Ahmed Shukairy, then the Palestinians' leader, preached holy war at the Great Mosque in East Jerusalem the Friday before the war began, promising to throw the Jews into the sea.[221]

Describing the fascist

From noted professor Robert Wistrich: Ahmad Shuqayri, first leader of the PLO and pungently described by one pro-Arab British journalist as “a sort of cross between Adolf Hitler and the Reverend Ian Paisley,” had, for example, made the following prophecy concerning the future of Israel's Jews on June 1 , 1967: “Those who survive will remain in Palestine. I estimate that none of them will survive.” Fortunately, Shuqayri's prediction proved totally wrong only a week later, when the Israel Defense Forces decisively crushed three Arab armies massed to destroy her. Shuqayri's anti-Semitism had been legendary since the time when he represented Saudi Arabia at the United Nations. In a seven-hour speech to the General Assembly in the fall of 1961 he had singled out American Jews...[222]

Arab / Muslim world & Nazism

Islamists' fascination with the 'ultimate' racism ideology - Nazism

Religious and ethnic bigotry:in Nazism, the combination of Islamism and ethnic supremacy was at most noted at the Arab (/ Arabist) icons/groups.

Islamic admiration of the Nazis extended into later years, when Muslims throughout the Middle East were naming their children after Adolf Hitler...[223]

WW2: Nazism, fascism and [a wide phenomenon of] enthusiastic 'devout Muslims.'
The sharper 'rise' of Nazism by 'religious' Islamists, is particularly interesting to note: Baath Party in Syria and Iraq was modelled on Mussolini's Fascist Party. The Iranian Shah Reza Pahlevi was an open admirer of Hitler (for which he was forced by the British to abdicate in favour of his son). The Muslims in particular were enthusiastic ...Muslim nations rallied to ally with Hitler: the Bosnian Muslims, the Kalmuks, the Chechen and Ingosh, the Balkans, the Meshkets, and the Krim Tatars. In West Asia, prominant leaders like the Druze leader Shakib Arslan (Walid Jumblatt's father) and the Mufti of Jerusalem allied themselves with Hitler.[224]

Muslim Brotherhood
There was the Muslim Brotherhood's decision to distribute the Arabic translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf and the flow of German money,..[225] The Nazis funded the burgeoning growth of Muslim fundamentalism, helping the radical Muslim Brotherhood distribute Arabic translations of Mein Kampf.[226]

Quite interesting what famous author wrote about the Islamists' admiration of fascism.The affinities between the Muslim Brotherhood and fascism were observed in the 1930s, as was the fact that the extreme Muslim organizations supported the Axis powers in World War II. In a remarkable book published in 1937, a German Catholic writer labeled Nazism a new political Islam and Hitler-Mohammed its prophet.[227]

Authors explain: So-called Islamofascism can be traced to the time period of the birth of Nazi “national socialist” fascism in 1928, when the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun) — parent organization of numerous terrorist groups — was formed in ...Islamofascism draws heavily upon Muslim Brotherhood pamphleteers, but also upon the Koran, the career of Saladin, and the tracts of Nasserites and Baathists. The term “Islamic Fascism” is a better term to use, best describing the agenda of contemporary radical extremists who happen to believe in Islam. Fascism is almost always reactionary. [228]

Shakib Arslan
The ardent pan-Arabist,[229] Muslim scholar, Shakib Arslan, advocate of Muslim activism and Arab nationalism, confidant of Haj Amin el-Husseini, and editor of La Nation arabe, an influencial journal of Arab nationalist opinion, was called upon, by the Nazis to translate Hitler's book 'Mein Kampf' into Arabic, explaining that the completed text be read by a "scholar of the Koran who will give it the sacred tone which will be understood and valued in the whole Islamic world, a world that reads the Koran."[230][231]

Arslan was by far the most important figure in the context of Mussolini's infuence in the whole Middle Eastern arena. He undertook to spread the world of the Duce, and to exploit the Abyssinian crisis in order to inspire the younger generation in the Middle East to revolt against the French and the British. He hoped that such an uprising would enhance pan-Arabism, esepcially his brand, namely Arabism with a strong element of Islamic identity and solidarity. In the dozens of articles published in 1935, Arslan depicted Ethiopia as a historical enemy of Islam, an oppressor of its own Muslims, an enemy of Arab language and culture. A skilled historian, he combined the negative messages of radical Islam with the modern message of fascist propaganda. Most of Arslan's work was published primarily in Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian papers; nevertheless. he had his share in the Egyptian press and was widely read in Egypt. [232]

By far, Hitler's greatest link to the Arab-Muslim world, the supreme Islam leader: Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Palestine, during World War II, was called "the fuhrer of the Arab world" and whose ugly legacy lives on today. Authors provide compelling evidence that al-Husseinis actions and writings serve as inspirations today to the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations pledged to destroy Israel and the United States.[233] From early on, during the 1920 and 1930s. Haj Amin al-Husseini was one of the first radical Islamic leaders to issue fatwas, or religious rulings, calling for jihad, or holy war, against Great Britain, the United States, the Jews, and the West. [234] He tried to "synthesize Nazism and Islamism."[235] The mufti's fusion of European anti-Semtism—particularly the genocidal variety—with Koranic views of Jewish wickedness has become the hallmark of Islamists world-wide, from al Qaeda to Hamas and Hezbollah.[236] This official leader of the Palestinians during this period, was a virulent anti- Semite whose hatred of Jews was both religious and racial.[237] From 1939 to 1945, the Mufti's Arabic radio broadcasts, which mixed anti-Semitic propaganda with quotes from the Koran, made his station the most popular in the Arab world. He ven entervened against deals with the Nazis to liberate Jewish children in exchange for German prisoners, and caused them to be sent [back] to the 'gas chambers.' [238]

Hitler admirer Islamic movement of 'Arabism above all.' Muslim schools that were directed by the Maqasid Islamic Charitable Association provided Najada a pool of potential members. As a Muslim 'twin' to the Phalangists, as the organization was often described, Najjada adopted a pan-Arab nationalist vision, calling for a suppression of all foreign influences. The ambivalent relation of such pan- Arab concepts to ethnocentric and racial nationalism became visible in its slogan 'Arabism above all' (al-'uruba fawqa al-jami'). [239]

The Muslim movenet promoted Hitler admiration and pan-Arabism, under Muhi al-Din Nasuli, a leader of the Muslim scouting movement and newspaper publisher. Since at least 1933, newspapers had been printing Hitler's speeches and excerpts from Mem Kampf. Hitler and Mussolini were viewed in both Syria and Lebanon as models of strong statebuilders. They criticized "moral chaos" in public life and adopted the motto "Arabism Above All" on his newspaper's masthead, which also printed glowing accounts of German youth's support of Hitler...[240]

1947 CIA doc. states: "There are two para-military Arab organizations, the Futuwwa and the Najjada, both of which are more or less controlled by the Arab higher Committe under the leadership of the Grand Mufti."[241]

Arab world (Nazism)

The wide Arab-Muslim Nazi alliance since the 1930s,' showed also the Islamic themes within the fascism: Nazi slogans were translated into Arabic. A Mideast song popular toward the end of the 1930s crooned: "No more Monsieur, no more Mister. In Heaven Allah, on earth Hitler." The Fuehrer himself was even Islamicized under the new name of Abu Ali.
Love of Nazism spread like wildfire in the region. Among the many Nazi sympathizers at the time were Haj Amin al-Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and president of the Arab Higher Committee); Ahmed Shukairi (first chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization); Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat (both future presidents of Egypt); Islamic fundamentalist leaders; and the founders of the Pan-Arab socialist Ba' ath party, currently ruling Syria and Iraq. (One Ba'ath leader proudly recounted: "We were racists, admiring Nazism, reading their books and sources of their thought. We were the first who thought of translating Mein Kampf.").
[242] After Germany defeated France in 1940, chants against the French and British echoed around the streets of Damascus: "No more Monsieur, no more Mister, Allah's in Heaven and Hitler's on earth." From the ironic contradiction of "inferior" Arabs' race by Nazis supremacists and their "unity" colaboration on genocide of Jews: Adolf Hitler assured the exiled Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, at a meeting in Berlin in November 1941 that his goal was the "destruction of Jewry living in Arabia." The Führer had racist objections to Arabs as well, though. He declined to shake the Mufti's hand and refused to drink coffee with him.[243]

It has been explained: The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt.[244]

From a book review: "We were the first to think of translating Mein Kampf," wrote Sami al-Jundi, a leader of the Syrian Ba'ath Party in the 1930s. "Whoever lived during this period in Damascus would appreciate the inclination of the Arab people to Nazism, for Nazism was the power which could serve as its champion". Al-Jundi also confessed that "we were racist, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the sources of its thought, particularly Nietzsche, Fichte, and H. S. Chamberlain".
How many people know that Arab delegations and senior political figures were invited to the annual Nazi rallies in Nuremberg during the 1930s? Such details are not simply random anecdotes from the remote past. Indeed, in his new book Jihad and Jew-Hatred, German scholar Matthias Küntzel argues that the origins of the Islamist terror of recent years, which culminated in the attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001, and of the radical anti-Semitic ideologies of Hamas, Hizballah, Iran, the Palestine Covenant, and al-Qaeda, lie in the lethal link between Islamism and Nazism.

Worth mentioning that: Arab-Nazi collaboration took place on the ideological plane as well as the political and military planes. On a visit to Berlin in 1937, Dr. Said Abdel-Fattah Iman of the Damascus Arab Club proposed, inter alia, to promote National Socialist ideology among the Arabs and Muslims generally. With Nazis' rise, its ideology penetrated deep into Arab-Muslim society.[246]

Arab Nazi groups

Among the many various Arab pro-Nazi, fascist groups


Arab Nazi Parties

During the war, Arab Nazi parties were founded throughout the Middle East.[252] In particular: Several of the Arab political parties founded during the 1930s were modeled after the Nazi party, including the Syrian Popular Party and the Young Egypt Society, which were explicitly anti-Semitic in their ideology and programs.[253] A first [known] attempt to found an Arab Nazi Party in Palestine and in Iraq was conveyed in a request to the German official in Iraq in 1933, but was turned down by the Nazis.[254][255] In March 1935 the Husseinis also formed a party, called the Palestinian Arab Party. It was, as its president Jamal Husseini freely boasted, inspired by German Nazism. It included a 'youth troop', modelled on the Hitler Youth, for a while actually called the 'Nazi Scouts'. [256] Indeed, its very party leader Jamal Husseini asserted was based on the Nazi model.[257] The youth organization established by the mufti used Nazi emblems, names, and uniforms. Germany reciprocated by setting up scholarships for Arab students, hiring Arab apprentices at German firms, and inviting Arab political leaders to the Nuremberg party rallies and Arab military leaders to Wehrmacht maneuvers.[258]

From both, the 'Islamic' and the 'ethnic' themes of the Arab Nazi scout in Palestine. Noted historian B. Morris writes: ... the Husseinis in March 1935 formed the Palestinian Arab Party, whose platform for resistance to the establishment of a Jewish National Home. It set up its own youth corps. al-Futuwwa (the name of an association of Arab knights during the Middle Ages). which resembled Germany's Hitler Youth and was officially designated the "Nazi Scouts." At Ihe founding meeting 011 February 11, 1936, Jamal al- Husseini, a principal aide of Hajj Amin, declared that Hitler had stalled out with only six followers and now had sixty million. The fisrt seventy al-Futuwwa recruits took the following oath: "Life — my right: independence — my aspiration: Arabism — my principle: Palestine — my country, and there is no room in it for any but Arabs. In this I believe and Allah is my witness." The Husseini-Nazi connection... through the 1930s and early 1940s.[259] The Hitler-youth type al-Futuwwa youth groups were important in 'militarization' of Arab Palestine,[260] and it connected Palestinian youth to fascist youth movements elsewhere in the Middle East. While the Mufti was establishing youth groups in Palestine, al-Futuwwa groups were established in Iraq.[261]

Islamic oriented fascist 'Young Egypt'(Misr al-Fatat)
In the 1930s, Fascism found an expression in the Young Egypt party.[262] In Egypt, at that time there were two most influential parties, Young Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Young Egypt was a fascist party modeled on Italian principles.[263] Fathi Radwan took his aspiration from the German Nazi Party that the "future" belongs to Young Egpyt.[264]

Young Egypt became openly willing to admit influence and/or borrowings from European fascism, Husayn stating that Young Egypt "hopes one day to achieve in its meetings what the Nazis have achieved in theirs. [265] The Young Egypt Green Shirts closely modeled themselves after the Nazi Party using a variation of the sig heil salute, stormtroopers, torchlight processions, and terror campaigns against Egyptian political opponents and Jews. [266]

Even after Ahmad Husayn (who created the movement in 1933) condemned the Axis powers for their aggression against small nations, with Nazi occupation of Prague, nonetheless, the ideology of the Young Egypt movement continued. [267] Young Egypt's influence extended far beyond the ranks of its own militants. Its Nazi-German links involved high politicians. Anti-Semitic language, analogous to that of German Nazi antisemitism, was becoming more common in Egypt by the eve of the Second World War.[268]

The Young Egypt, kept in Islamic orientation and opposed European-style democracy.[269]

E. Europe

Muslim nationalities that allied themselves with Hitler:


The Caucasus (Nazism)

Location: The Caucasus (E. Europe)
Perpetrators: Bosnian Muslims and Arab Palestinian leader
Victims: Christian Serbs

That Mufti Mohammed Haj Amin al-Husseini, also led in 1943 a Nazi Arab-Muslim SS division to commit crimes against Christians and Jews in Yugoslavia. The Bosnian Muslim Nazis had a great "opportunity" to give their historic ethnic hatred outlet under the Islamic leader.[274][275][276][277]

The Mufti's and other Arab-Islamic leaders' Nazism were along lines of: Islamic bigotry embedded with Arab supremacy, "Free Arabia" and fighting for Allah, as in the text from the following author, reminding the historic events: The Mufti also organized an Arab Brigade and a Moslem Legion to fight side by side with the Nazis. An Arab leader accepted a commission as colonel in the Wehrmacht. Turning to large Moslem populations in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, the Mufti with the help of Pavelich, the Croatian quisling, recruited substantial numbers of Moslem Holy Warriors who fought as the Waffen SS, and the "Free Arabia" movement. the Mufti visited these troops frequently praying with them, exhorting them to fight for Allah.[278]

From a writer, in article titled: "Fascist Muslim group expected to loot Tel Aviv in 1948": Three divisions of Muslim soldiers were recruited: The Waffen SS 13th Handschar ("Knife") and the 23rd Kama ("Dagger") and the 21st Skenderbeg. The Skenderbeg was an Albanian unit of around 4,000 men, and the Kama was composed of Muslims from Bosnia, containing 3,793 men at its peak. The Handschar was the largest unit, around 20,000 Bosnian Muslim volunteers. According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, "These Muslim volunteer units, called Handschar, were put in Waffen SS units, fought Yugoslav partisans in Bosnia and carried out police and security duties in Hungary. They participated in the massacre of civilians in Bosnia and volunteered to join in the hunt for Jews in Croatia." Part of the division also escorted Hungarian Jews from the forced labor in mine in Bor on their way back to Hungary. The division was also employed against Serbs, who as Orthodox Christians were seen by the Bosnian Muslims as enemies.[279]

Iran (Nazism)

Islamic "supreme" silly aryanism
The fascist leader of the WW 2 era: Reza Shah Pahlavi, was referred to as "the Mussolini of Islam." His fascist[280], racist legacy (embedded into a ridiculous mythology of Persian - "Aryans") are cherished by many Islamic Iranians today. Especially since 'Iranians' were declared to be of 'pure' or 'genuine Aryan race' (ne%had-e asil- e arya'i), boasting a 2500-year old civilization. ... This racist ideology denied the national, linguistic and cultural diversity of Iran.[281] As well as, the enthusiasm for the “renewal of ancient glory” (tajdid-e azemat-e bastani) was coupled with anti-Arab zealotry, a distinctly Iranian form of anti-Semitism.[282] It sharpened with European rise of racism.[283] It manifests itself in such forms as: The use of racist remarks, particularly against Arabs, was characteristic of such literature. The Persian language was linked to the land, and the Aryan origin of Iranians was emphasized and admired to re- inforce cultural nationalism.[284] Even after the fall of Nazi Germany. The "aryan" supremacy of a "pure race" crap is still deeply rooted in Iranian elites. [285]


Location: USA
Perpetrators: Nation of Islam
Victims: Whites (Christians and Jews), Koreans, Vietnamese, Arabs

Black Muslim leaders "traditionally" taught that the "white man is the devil."

Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan has been accused of more general racism toward white people for his adherence to many of the teachings of Elijah Muhammad that describe white people as "blue-eyed devils" who have conspired to rob blacks of their rightful place...[286] From the "Southern Poverty Law Center": In an April 1997 interview, Nation leader Louis Farrakhan made it clear that he had renounced none of the anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic or anti-homosexual views of the previous Nation leader, Elijah Mohammed. Those beliefs include the view that Yacub, a renegade black scientist, created whites 6600 years ago as an inherently evil and ungodly people — "blue-eyed devils." Farrakhan describes Catholics and Jews, who he says practice a "gutter religion, " as preying on blacks.[287] Among his "work" is the propagating of rewritten history in exaggerating or lying about supposedly "Jews" in the predominantly Islamic and Christian slavery.

One of the darkest chapters of the Nation of Islam, is its 1970s racist mass murder campaign against whites (in the US), known as the Zebra killings, or Zebra Murders.[288][289][290]

One of it's members, Philadelphia's chairperson of the NBPP Samir Shabbaz is famous for advocating the killing of whites, of white babies for "freedom."[291]

NBPP's chairperson Malik Zulu Shabazz has called the 'white man' the devil (and preached jihad against Jews).[292]

You can almost say it with certainty that there's more anti-white racism among blacks that are Muslims.

Farrakhan has a long record of anti-White, anti-Semitic, antiwoman, anti-Korean, anti-Arab, anti -Vietnamese, and anti-several-other-group utterances...[293]


Location: Australia
Perpetrators: Islamic chief, Arab Muslim mobs
Victims: (Christian) whites

Many (immigrant) Arabs have expressed anti white racism, like the mass rape, targeting white Christian girls by Arab Lebanese Muslims (between 2000-2002), it has been revealed their Islamic and racial motivation. One victim told of how the attackers called her an "Aussie Pig", asked her if "Leb co_ck tasted better than Aussie co_ck" and explained to her that she would now be raped "Leb-style".[294][295][296][297][298] As well as in the racial riots in that country. Top Australian Islamic cleric, the [Egyptian-Arab born] mufti al-Hilali (who also said that the September 11 attack is Allah's work against the oppressor, insulted women, defended gang rapists and claiming Muslims had more right to live in Australia than the Anglo-Saxsons) spoke out in January, 2007 against the "English race." quote "The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race."[299]


Location: France
Perpetrators: Arabs and African Muslim mobs
Victims: whites

In March 2005, (Muslim) black and Arabs attacked white, French demonstrators with sentiment of a desire to "take revenge on whites."[300]


Location: France
Perpetrators: African Muslim group
Victims: Jews

The French based Nation of Islam's affiliated Islamic-black Tribu-ka has been known for anti-Jewish racism activities.[301][302][303][304]

Traditional racism

Qur’aan 9:97 The Desert Arabs are the most severe concealers of the truth and the biggest hypocrites and more without knowledge of the limits of what Allah sent down on His Messenger. And Allah is The Omniscient, The Most Wise.)

The following are not suitable matches for one another:

a non-Arab man for an Arab woman (O: because of the hadith that the prophet... said,

"Allah has chosen the Arabs above others"

Sharia Law primer: What is it and why is it a concern for the ... Jun 21, 2010 ...

Sharia Law is currently the law of the land in many countries around the world including a key ... Arab women may not marry non-Arab men ... [1]

From: Human rights in the Muslim world: fundamentalism, constitutionalism, and international politics, by Maimul Ahsan Khan, p. 105 (Carolina Academic Press, 2003 - Political Science, 489 pp.)

All the Shariah injunctions are there in the fiqh books, but the Muslim nations and societies have melted down to a level that a non-Arab Muslim man even today cannot think of marrying an Arab woman. [2]


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It give a whole refreshed meaning of Islamic-fascism (Islamofascism).


Google search 'Islamic bigotry'

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Eurabia: the Euro-Arab axis, by Bat Ye'or, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 2005, pp. 182-4

The Lebanese war was butchery, conducted with the outmost violence. With public attention focused on Palestinian martyrdom, the PLO inflicted mass murder, abductions, untold suffering, and destruction on over a hundred thousand Christians in Lebanon. This was one of the bloodiest phases of the Palestinian jihad since it had initiated international terrorism and [14: Palestinism: A New Eurabian Cult] indiscriminate murder of civilians with the first hijacking of an El Al airplane to Algiers in 1968.

Yet the valiant Christian resistance was demonized by a European press that sided with the PLO — the jihad camp that believes (as is expressed today in widespread graffiti in PA areas) that after the "Saturday people" — the Jews — comes the turn of the "Sunday people" — the Christians. Europe's indifference to the long and bloody agony of the Christian resistance... Today, when Eurabians remember the Lebanese war at all it is only to lament the massacre at Sabra and Chatila, which was committed by Christian Maronites in retaliation for PLO massacres, and inevitably blamed on Ariel Sharon. That of Damur, which preceded it and was personally supervised by Arafat, is conveniently ignored. An eyewitness gave an account of the massacre of 582 Christians in Damur by the PLO and its Muslim allies on January 22, 1976: "The attack took place from the mountain behind. It was an apocalypse. They were coming, thousands and thousands, shouting Allahu Akhbar! God is great! Let us attack them for the Arabs, let us offer a holocaust to Mohammad!' And they were slaughtering everyone in their path, men, women and children."

In East Timor, a Muslim jihad against Christians has led to genocide. In Sudan, the rebellion of the non-Muslim South against Islamization imposed by the Muslim North was crushed by a jihad in which two million people died; up to two hundred thousand were abducted and enslaved over the years; and four and half million have suffered displacement and famine. Jihad, in Africa, Pakistan, Kashmir, Indonesia , and the Philippines, targets Christians and Hindus without distinction.
In Egypt, discrimination against the Copts is rampant, and girls are abducted.
In Indonesia, over five hundred churches were attacked or destroyed between 1996 and 2002. By the end of 2000, half a million Christians had been internally displaced, more than five thousand killed, and as many as seven thousand forcibly converted to Islam. The town of Poso in Central Sulawesi used to have a population of forty thousand , mostly Christian. By the end of 2002 it had been reduced to an exclusively Muslim population of five thousand, with all of its churches destroyed. In Ambon and Sulawesi, villages were looted, burnt, and razed to the ground. The Laskar Jihad included fighters from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Mark Durie, a distinguished Australian scholar and Anglican minister, stresses that The label "sectarian violence," used so irresponsibly by the media for all this terror, has served to conceal and minimize the overall impact of the radical jihad groups' activities within Indonesia.
The world has allowed destabiliza- tion, terror and displacement to advance a very great way already.
In the Ivory Coast, the fighting that started in September 2002 between Christians and Muslims caused hundred of deaths and a million internal refugees within four months. Christian homes were looted and burnt; churches and mosques were razed. In 2002 in Kaduna, Nigeria, Muslim youths slaughtered scores of Christians and injured hundreds. Muslim religious leaders instigated the riot. The reverse happened in May 2004.
Yet Palestinian victimology has eclipsed this picture of global violence and persecution. These terrible human sufferings receive little coverage in the Western press, which nonetheless reports incessantly on the Palestinians. It is difficult to believe that peace in the Middle East will convince Islamists throughout the world to renounce jihad and the shari 'a, the two essential components of their religion that trigger the violence against Christians and other non-Muslims.


Fascism: Past, Present, Future - Pages 147-8
Walter Laqueur - Oxford University Press, Dec 11, 1997 - 272 pages
The affinities between the Muslim Brotherhood and fascism were observed in the 1930s, as was the fact that the extreme Muslim organizations supported the Axis powers in World War II. In a remarkable book published in 1937, a German Catholic writer labeled Nazism a new political Islam and Hitler-Mohammed its prophet.

Jihad and Jew-hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the roots of 9/11 - Page 10 - Matthias Küntzel - Telos Press Publishing, 2007 - History - 180 pages
... the Muslim Brotherhood's decision to distribute the Arabic translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf and the flow of German money..

The Arab predicament: Arab political thought and practice since 1967 - Page 135
Fouad Ajami - Cambridge University Press, 1992 - 279 pages
58 All received a hearing, but caution ultimately prevailed: Fascism found an expression in the Young Egypt party, which was a parody of the fascist movement that swept Europe in the 1930s and 1940s; the Muslim Brotherhood thrived at a time of crisis and continues to survive at the present.

Terrorism in America - Page 23
Kevin Borgeson, Robin Valeri - Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009 - 166 pages
So-called Islamofascism can be traced to the time period of the birth of Nazi “national socialist” fascism in 1928, when the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun) — parent organization of numerous terrorist groups — was formed in ...Islamofascism draws heavily upon Muslim Brotherhood pamphleteers, but also upon the Koran, the career of Saladin, and the tracts of Nasserites and Baathists. The term “Islamic Fascism” is a better term to use, best describing the agenda of contemporary radical extremists who happen to believe in Islam. Fascism is almost always reactionary.

Topic - Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood - Washington Times

The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamofascist Plan-of-Action
December 09, 2005

Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America - Page 292
P. David Gaubatz, Paul Sperry - WND Books, Sep 15, 2009 - 422 pages
Adopting a relatively low profile, NAIT fronts as an investment bank, managing the financial accounts of most of the organizations in the Brotherhood network and providing the capital that has helped the Islamofascist movement expand ...

History upside down: the roots of Palestinian fascism and the myth of Israeli aggression - Page 36
David Meir-Levi - Encounter Books, 2007 - 131 pages
Islamofascism The PLO, Fatah, the PFLP, and the other terrorist groups that carried the Palestinian bannerin the ... looked back to his childhood roots in Egypt after world war II and saw the Muslim Brotherhood and its franchised ..