Since Sep 12, 2000

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Born-again guy with conservative values. What does the name mean? I have listened to Rush and think he is a good entertainer, but his politics are globalist and that turns me off. I am staunchly pro-life. I think we should take care of our own back yards before giving away our money to anyone. T'was nice to meet many of you in Bellevue during the Iraq rally and again down by Fort Lewis!

My views, in short:

On minorities: Stop whining and work. Work hard like the rest of us, and you will have your reward. You will also have forgotten how to whine.

On trade: Bring back tariffs. Forcing Americans out of work is not good for America... duh.

On abortion: Pre-meditated murder. All the elements are there for conviction.

On modern women: They don't deserve the time of day. Women trying to be men are laughable, and I enjoy knocking them down to size at every opportunity.

On old-fashioned women: Women who don't need a man's job, who want deep down to be treated well by people incuding her man, who find feminist pigs disgusting rebels against nature, who uphold Biblical values above all else (not church values, I said Biblical values). These women have my utmost respect and adoration to help them in any way I can.

On sodomoites: They are killing eachother and they don't seem to care, but they want normal folks to pay for their choices and behavior, all under the threat of homophobia. That is extortion. They are politically-active reprobates with the same need of Christ as anyone else.

On media: Shut it down. If I want to check the headlines, I will Google.

On the war on terror: I don't have faith that Iraqis will be able to hold onto the freedom we give them, due to insurgents from other nations and our inability (reluctance) to seal the Iraqi borders to eliminate the continual refreshing of the enemy's resources. 9/11 was only the beginning.

On national security: Seal the borders. Give illegals 10 days to leave or face branding and deportation. If they cross the border again and are sighted there, they will be shot on sight. If they are found inside the USA again, they are executed. Yep, quite drastic. Domestic terrorism is not a game. After the next hit on USA soil (yes, it's coming), we will leave the borders open for illegal traffic. The solution is too simple for politicians to entertain.

On God: He is the great I AM, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost whose Word to man is whole and perfect as He intended it to be, preserved for all generations. Christ is the only way to heaven, through his sacrifice and resurrection. Only His blood can save people. Works will not earn heaven, nor will it keep it. The lack of works does not lose heaven.

On any faith that relies on more than the Bible, only the Bible and NOTHING BUT the Bible: Sorry, you don't know your Bible. Read it, stick to it and stop playing with man's wisdom. It doesn't mix with God's.

On dogmatic opinions: If you can back it up, awesome! If the opinion is based upon feelings or man's tradition, it is worthless and I will shoot it down without firing.