Since Nov 20, 2000

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If you want to reach me, via email, remove the (no_spam) anti-spam portion of my email address. Please visit http://www.transasianaxis.com if you wish to stay abreast of specific news related to various foreign governments who wish to see America fall.

Rick was born in Detroit, Michigan in August 1957. He graduated from Edwin Denby H.S., then one of the top high schools in the city (it has since fallen to the worst of the worst list in the Detroit area). In 1975 he met his wife-to-be, JoAnne. October of 1976 he entered the United States Air Force, attended technical training at Keesler, AFB, Mississippi and graduated in record time. JoAnne and Rick were married in August 1977. One year later, their first child was born. Rick’s first assignment was to the 3rd Combat Communications Group at Tinker, AFB Oklahoma where he traveled to several places in the world, some he still can not talk about today. One such place was Egypt where he took part in ground support for Desert One, and the eventual release of the hostages from Iran in 1980. Many long months were spent in a secret location in the Sahara Desert.

In April 1982, Rick became a part of one of the largest and most important communications organizations in the world, the White House Communications Agency. His job there was as a Senior Radio Technician coordinating and installing communications systems that traveled around the US and the world in support of the President of the United States, Vice President and several others including former Presidents and First Ladies. Rick met each of the, then living, Presidents and former Presidents, and traveled with each one on various trips.

Rick, JoAnne and family decided to leave the active service in 1989, join the Air Force Reserves and move to Colorado Springs, where Rick eventually began a teaching career. He stayed with that for six years, deciding it was time to return to the field of electronics and hands-on work, rather than hiding out in the classroom. After several jobs back in the real-world of electronics, Rick has settled back into computers for his day to day living at an Air Force Base as a contractor and acts as a security systems administrator, maintaining a large security system for a certain "Agency". He keeps his hands in radio, almost daily as a ham radio operator (callsign NØNJY) and is active as a Skywarn trained observer. JoAnne, who is also a ham and Skywarn trained. Rick is a member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and a member of the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET)

Rick works as a volunteer with emergency communications, and professionally with electronic security systems and has provided communications for several disasters, blizzards and assisted various served Agencies including FEMA, the Red Cross, the Department of Defense and local Emergency Operations Centers with equipment and operations.

Rick has published several articles on politics, the local school system and interviews with some famous software producers. He writes mostly for web publications now, or newsletters if requested, as well as the “Trans-Asian Axis Web Site”. Rick has visited 44 countries, only four of which were vacation time. The rest for work.