Republic If You Can Keep It
Since Jun 14, 2002

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1. Close the U.S. Dept. of Education. It is unconstitutional per the 10th Amendment.

2. Close the Depts. of Energy, Transportation & Commerce, retaining & regrouping only those functions that are strictly constitutional per the 10th Amendment. Privatize or eliminate all others (e.g., AMTRAC).

3. Pass a constitutional amendment banning all forms of Affirmative Action, including all preferences, quotas & set-asides of any kind.

4. Pass a constitutional amendment making English the national language. Ban the use of any other language in federal documentation. Ban the use of federal funding for any translations from English.

5. Within each state, implement a comprehensive school voucher program. (No federal involvement).

6. Close OSHA & the EPA. Let the states assume these functions as they see fit.

7. End US participation in any treaties or agreements that give international organizations any control over US assets (e.g., UNESCO control over US National Parks). Allow no UN involvement in the control or management of the Internet.

8. End all farm subsidies, media subsidies (NPR), corporate welfare, federal aid to states, & other unconstitutional distributions of federal funds.

9. Pass a constitutional amendment making presidential pardons subject to congressional approval.

10. Amend the Antiquites Act to require congressional approval of any changes to the status of federal lands.

11. Ban by law the transfer of classified information from the Department of Defense to any other government agency, thus preventing a repeat of Clinton's China missile technology transfer.

12. Overturn Roe vs. Wade, the century's worst constitutional & moral abomination.