Since Nov 4, 1999

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----Pro-firearms, small "L" libertarian--republico quasi-anarchist who votes against any and all Demotraitors as effectively as possible and for personal and economic freedom under any circumstances-- during the Bush years,became totally disgusted with the failure of Republican control of Congress and a Republican president to result in fiscal responsibility. I was highly annoyed by the failure of President Bush to veto McCain-Feingold. Have been thoroughly disgusted with the failure of Republican congresses to stop Obama and with the failure of the present Congress to back President Trump,

--I consider illegal immigration to be our most pressing domestic issue and wish to have illegal immigration and the employment of illegals to be so harshly punished that it stops.

--was one of those (along with most sincere Freepers) to recognize THE ONE as what he was from the first time I heard of him--a Marxist mixed with affirmative-action Chicago mob, now easily qualifying as the worst President ever--EVER --

--Live in Pahrump, Nevada most of the year-summer in Lead-Deadwood, South Dakota--try and stay in tune with Wisconsin and Colorado politics as I was born and raised on farms in Wisconsin and spent many of the productive years of my life gainfully employed in Colorado and other locations employed in mining in positions ranging from miner to Mine Superintendent, where I gained the explosives knowledge reflected in my byline.

--I don't normally post on religious threads as I am a religious skeptic who looks on the Bible as an interesting mixture of ancient history, myth and superstition--