Since Oct 13, 2004

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My husband "Georgiboy", refers to me as a "reformed tree hugger" because when we first met I didnt have a clue about the bias of the media or any other issue! I may have hugged a few trees in my lifetime as well! I am now a Christ loving conservative republican. I am first American generation - mom was of Russian background and was born and raised in Argentina.Dad is from Germany. Dad was with the very first crew that brought Mercedes Benz to America. I am so so proud of him. Mom came here by herself and learned the language and raised me the best that she could. My mom died of cancer in 1988 and currently my dad has prostate cancer and diabetes. He's been in remission for a few years and recently, his PSA level has begun to climb again. He tells me "I am like a can't kill me!" Ha! He's the most positive and determined person I have ever known. He is getting close to his 80's, golfs 36 holes each day and rides 2 miles on his bike every morning. Wow... The order of my life is God first, family next and everything else follows. I have been enjoying Free Republic for many years and I am very fortunate to be among so many wise and wonderful people. This is where I come to learn the truth about this world and it's happenings. God bless all and of course, God bless America. I have 2 girls and am raising them with Christ as the head of our house and hearts. My growing up years did not include God in my life so I know the difference. God's's a wonderful thing.