Since Jul 28, 2004

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Hoosier born and proud
ggggg-grandfather George Reed revolutionary war POW who returned to service when paroled. Later moved to Indiana before passing at the age of 93 in 1855.
US Naval Academy Grad ‘89 (Go Navy, Beat Army!)
Comic Collector (45K+ issues)
Overall bibliophile (25K+ books)
Wife of 20+ years is Japanese, 2 daughters (and the shotguns that go with’em)
In Ohio last 12 years (also resided in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Illinois (shudder), and various other ports and abodes.

visited 30 states (13.3%)

visited 33 states (66%)

For my future reference:

Current Notes: [-21] to [-20] NK Summit in Vietnam starts Trudeau involved in SNC-Lavalin mess Boeing Vietnam plane deal India-Pakistan skirmishes [-20] to [-19] NK Summit finishes, no deal Cohen congress circus Huber (US Atty Utah) announces big drug trafficking bust Project Veritas drops insider Facebook info Playboy Model Who Had ‘Evidence of Elite Pedophile Ring’ Found Dead in Buenos Aries; Netanyahu to be charged with Bribery