Since Jun 15, 1999

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As you might have guessed, I am a big Detroit Red Wings fan. Originally I hail from Farmington Hills, MI. But now I live in the belly of the beast. Not only am I a Conservative in a Leftist State, I am a Wings fan in the land of Black Hawks.

I am a Information Services professional who has moved out of the programmer world and into the management world. I have extensive knowledge of COBOL and Unisys mainframes (operations and systems). I have branched out into the Unix world, Web based programming (FR does tend to help hone your HTML skills), and as of late WinNT/2000 Server and Workstation.

I was blessed as of January 15, 2001, with a wonderfully handsome and healthy baby boy.

If you keep your chin up, nothing can go wrong because you can always see past any road blocks.