Since Feb 7, 2000

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There is a destiny that makes us brothers,
none goes his way alone.
All that we send into the lives of others
comes back into our own.
--Edwin Markham

This Profile is dedicated to the memory of Navy Diver ROBERT W. STETHEM, who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists, and suffered the further indignity of having his body tossed out of the hijacked plane and onto the pavement of the runway.
Brought to Justice AT LAST!

RIP, Robert!

Alaskan "Old Timer." Lived there in the 40's (came first during WW II as an infant with the family), then again from 1964 until 1988 (we were in Utah in the '50's). Next was Wasilla for eight years, and now, finally in Denver CO to stay.

I am an unpublished writer with 4 novels under my belt.

I am owned by a Congo African Grey parrot named Buster, who is just a youngster as parrots go, and who will be 28 in May 2019. He will probably outlive me by 25 or 30 years


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