Since Sep 14, 2010

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This is about the 2nd or 3rd account on FreeRepublic that I’ve burned through before starting fresh and anew. I’ve been on the internet since the late 80’s before it went to the masses in 93’. I’ve learned not to share or divulge my identity or interests in such profiles. Even the handle is not representative of my name. I use crapola email addresses for this account and others to be prepared for the day when google partners with this site or another and scoops up all my posts and comments and associates them publicly with my email address or presumed parsed out name from email for anyone to seek and find. For instance you could join a site with the login name of ‘Buster’ and register with an email of rbiel2@shitznitzmail.com. The software is good enough to also associate all your info with ‘Buster’ and R. Biel as name as it can be adept at parsing email addresses as names and then have a human pass through some parsings in the log and pick out the obvious bad ones to make the thing smarter through good and bad name dictionaries or database tables. I am a degreed professional and I dont want anyone especially a recruiter or prospective employer finding anything about me but what I tell him in the interview. My politics and religion are discussed here and I will never let these out of the bag lightly for search sites to harvest to my detriment.

In general, be prepared. May not never happen here but can or will happen with websites and forums that previously had no such google or some new google usurper agreement. Hope you learned something.