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Mitt Romney for President in 2008


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Mitt Romney for President

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MICHAEL REAGAN, the son of President Reagan wrote the following in Human Events about Mitt Romney:

Some Republicans insist that the only perfect candidate would be a clone of my Dad, Ronald Reagan. Aside from the fact that there is no such thing, it’s important to recognize that Ronald Reagan, as he often admitted, was anything but perfect.

One of the criticisms about former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney focuses on his record concerning the abortion issue. We are told by the modern day Diogenes clones that he can’t be trusted to fight abortion because he once, more or less, supported a woman’s right to butcher her baby. It may come as a surprise to these purists, but Ronald Reagan once supported abortion too. Yet nobody ever questioned his strong pro-life credentials after his conversion to Republicanism. They accepted his sincerity. Why can’t they accept Mitt Romney’s?

Romney’s record shows he should be totally acceptable to all conservatives, yet because of one dubious question concerning the validity of his conversion to the pro-life side, he is deemed unsuitable to carry the conservative banner.

Mitt Romney has been endorsed by Sen. Jim De Mint (S.C.). As Governor of the Mass. Peter Flaherty was appointed his Deputy Chief of Staff. Peter is one of the staunchest pro-life officials in America.

Ronald Reagan Award

Governor Mitt Romney's Remarks at the Frontiers Of Freedom Ronald Reagan Gala

Right to Bear Arms

Mitt Romney has a B Grade from the NRA. It is not a perfect A, but his position matches Ronald Regan’s on guns. The NRA endorsed Romney’s Mass. Bill as giving gun owners more rights. The NRA-ILA issued a press release pointing out myths about the bill from the liberal media. Massachusetts Governor Signs Pro-Gun Legislation Into Law! NRA-ILA

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“You do know that I’m a member of the NRA, and my position on the right to bear arms is well known...But I want you to know something else, and I am going to say it in clear, unmistakable language: I support the Brady bill, and I urge the Congress to enact it without further delay.” Ronald Reagan

“Listen to the American public and to the law enforcement community and support a ban on the further manufacture of assault weapons.” Ronald Regan

“As a longtime gun owner and supporter of the right to bear arms, I, too, have carefully thought about this issue. I am convinced that the limitations imposed in this bill are absolutely necessary. I know there is heavy pressure on you to go the other way, but I strongly urge you to join me insupporting this bill. It must be passed.” Letter to former Rep. Scott Klug (R-WI) Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan also signed the Mulford Act in California.

(Some references below unless otherwise noted are from Hugh Hewitt’s A Mormon in the White House)


Mitt Romney holds a joint MBA/JD Degree from Harvard and graduated cum laude He also graduated as an HBS Baker Scholar (in the top 5 percent)

Ann Romney

A woman who will give meaning, honor and dignity to the title of First Lady.


Mitt Romney founded Bain Capital and was the most successful private equity investors in America. It had the best performing fund in the Nation. He has been called the best business man in North America by Jim Cramer who himself has a net worth of over $100 million.

Romney discusses extensively his business and leadership model and its success as a Venture Capitalist in the Private sector and in rescuing the scandal and debt-ridden Olympics in his book “Turnaround.” Anywaone interested in seeing how Mitt will apply fiscal conservatism to the government and will pick and lead his cabinet and other appointees must read this book.


Endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s toughest sheriff for his actions as Governor. He allowed State Troopers enforce Federal immigration law. He also denied State Police protection to the former Pres. of Iran when he was invited to come to Harvard. Too bad his example wasn't followed when Ack-Ma-Deni-Jihad came to the UN and Columbia Univ.

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Ann Coulter

Coulter and Romney at CPAC Ann Coulter’s comments about Romney at CPAC. She has praised Romney as far back as last fall. She supports Duncan Hunter and Mitt Romney.

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"AUDIENCE MEMBER: What do you think of Governor Romney's candidacy for presidency?

COULTER: What do I think of Governor Romney's candidacy for presidency? I think he's probably our best candidate. I mean, I think it is fair to say -- and this is coming from someone who supported Pete DuPont, Alan Keyes, Pat Buchanan, Steve Forbes. So, you know, it's not like I won't go for an underdog. But I think we have to be serious about this, and I think our choice is among Gingrich, Giuliani, McCain and Romney. And Giuliani is very, very liberal. When this country gets to the point -- I mean, I have a love letter to him in my current book, Godless. What he did for New York was magnificent. But when this country gets to the point where both presidential candidates support abortion, I think we can hang it up as a country.

And McCain, I think has some problems, because everyone who supports him would have to switch party registrations to vote for him. I love Gingrich. I think he's brilliant. He was crucial, the man for his time. We don't know if he's running for president, but assuming he is, I kind of think his time has passed, and I don't know, you know, it could come back again, like '80s music, but I think his time is over. And you have to say about Romney, he tricked liberals into voting for him. I like a guy -- I like a guy who hoodwinks liberals so easily. And also, the one thing that I have a very soft spot for is that I love Mormons. And the reason why I love Mormons, well, among other things, is -- you may have forgotten this -- Bill Clinton in Utah in 1992 came in third in Utah. Now, that's a fine state.

Coulter also touted Romney's position on gay rights, saying:

COULTER: And of course, if you're working for a Republican candidate, you'll meet some nice heterosexual guys. By the way, before I let that slide, I do want to point out one thing that has been driving me crazy with the media, how they keep describing Mitt Romney's position as being "pro-gays, and that's going to upset right-wingers." Well, you know, screw you, I'm not anti-gay. We're against gay marriage. I don't want gays to be discriminated against. I mean, I think we have, in addition to blacks, I don't know why all gays aren't Republicans. I think we have the pro-gay position, which is anti-crime and for tax cuts. Gays make a lot of money, and they're victims of crime. I mean, the way -- no, they are. They should be with us. But the media portrays us. If they could get away with it, they would start saying, you know, "Mitt Romney, he's pro-civil rights, and that's going to upset conservatives." No. OK. Sorry, go ahead."

Endorsement List

under construction - the endorsements just keep coming ;-)

Viet Nam

Romney received a 2A student deferment and a 4D ministry exemption for his Mission in France. In 1969 Mitt Romney was awarded draft number 300.

“There are only two things Ann and I both agree that we regret. One is not having served in the military, and the other is not having more kids”.

George Romney - WWII

George Romney was 34 years old and had 3 children the outbreak of WWII. During the war he was managing Director of the Automobile Council for Wartime Production. He traveled extensively in pursuit of wartime production goals. The Wartime Production Automobile industry produced 1/5 of all WWII war materials. Converting auto industry to military vehicles as well as bomb shells, fuses, machine guns, artillery, AA guns, etc. George Romney contributed invaluable service to our wartime effort.

Mitt Romney, “You can’t have a superpower military without a superpower economy.”

Religious Litmus test


Jerry Fallwell, “If he is pro-life, pro-family, I don’t think hell have any problem getting the support of Evangelical Christians.”

Pat Robertson talks to Mitt Romney before the commencement address at Regent University

Mitt Romney is not running for Pastor but President. While many do not recognize the tenets of Mormon belief they have a vested self-interest in holding to the principle found in the Constitution outlined by our Founding Fathers. The principle that has made us the strong Nation we are is the Freedom of Religion. The Founding Father’s felt so strongly about this that they specifically opposed a religious litmus tests in our Constitution.

Others who have strong personal Religious beliefs have a vested self interest in calling the Liberal Media when they smear Mormons and try to advance secular humanism. Typical liberal MSM hit pieces on Romney's religion follow the pattern of Jacob Weisenberg’s Slate article. “Romney has every right to believe in con men, but I want to know if he does, and if so, I don’t want him running our country… Perhaps Christianity and Judaism are merely more venerable and poetic versions of the same fraud.”

The MSM and liberals will oppose any religion that threatens them and will use the precedent allowed in this election to question the faith of any and all future conservative candidates (even more than they already do anyway). The Left wants to excise religion out of public square. What they do to Mormons, if it is stood for as OK, will be used by the Left against all of Christendom in the next election.

(Other resources that discuss the intersection of religion and politics in this election.)

“A Mormon in the White House?” by Hugh Hewitt extensively discusses the Religious litmus test in the last chapters.


Article6Blog – Lowell Brown, John Shroeder. Run by a Mormon and Evangelical who support Romney

Charles Colson is an Evangelical who has written about Romney at townhall.com

Charles Caput, Catholic ArchBishop of Denver, Discusses Mitt Romney in “A Mormon in the White House” Page 232

Mitch Davis deals with the religious question at runmittrun.org

JohnMarkReynolds.info is a blog by an Evangelical who has written at least three articles about Romney.

Martin Luther, “I would rather be governed by a wise Turk than by a foolish Christian."

Ann Romney was raised Episcopalian before converting to Mormonism.

Presidential Religious Diversity

George Washington our first and best President was a Free Mason who swore the oath of office on a Masonic Bible and was buried according to Masonic rites. Many of our Presidents have been Masons. Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock were also Free Masons.

Many of the Founding Fathers were Deists including Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin who described himself as “a thorough deist”.

Thomas Paine, whose Father was a Quaker and Mother was an Anglican, was an atheist. He corresponded extensively with Benjamin Franklin and discussed Freedom and Religion. Our Nation is founded on some of his ideals. His book Common Sense was the best selling and most read pamphlet in 1776 here in America and helped spark the Revolution.

Pres. Nixon was a Quaker.

Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower was raised as a Jehovah Witness. He became a Presbyterian after he was inaugurated in office as President. Pres. Eisenhower was instrumental in the addition of the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954, and the 1956 adoption of "In God We Trust" as the motto of the US, and its 1957 introduction on paper currency.

Conservative Mormon Politicians

Ezra Taft Benson served as Sec. of Agriculture while an Apostle for the Church. (From Wikipedia) In 1953, Benson was appointed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture by President Eisenhower. Benson accepted this position with the permission of Church President David O. McKay and therefore served simultaneously in the United States Cabinet and in the LDS Church's Quorum of the Twelve. Known for initiating Eisenhower's habit of beginning cabinet meetings with a prayer, Benson cut a controversial figure in politics. Ideologically, he was far to the right of Eisenhower, and he was prone to red-baiting in speeches. Benson opposed the system of government price supports and aid to farmers which he was entrusted by Eisenhower to administer, arguing that it amounted to unacceptable socialism .

Angela “Bay” Buchanan, Pat Buchanan’s sister is president of The American Cause and her brother is chairman.

“Ronald Reagan truly admired the Latter-day Saints. His administration included more members of the Church than any other American president, ever. Three of us, David Fischer, Gregory Newell and I, served on his personal White House staff. Richard Wirthlin was his chief strategist. Ted Bell served as Secretary of Education, Angela Buchanan was Treasurer, Rex Lee was Solicitor General. His White House included Roger Porter, Brent Scowcroft, Richard Beal, Blake Parish, Jon Huntsman Jr., Dodie Borup and Rocky Kuonen, and there were many other Latter-day Saints throughout his Administration. President Thomas S. Monson served on a Presidential Commission on Volunteerism. Others were ambassadors. LDS senators and representatives were held in special regard, and the Tabernacle Choir was his special inaugural guest.” -Stephen M. Studdert, Special Assistant to President Reagan

Pres. Ronald Reagan called the Mormon Tabernacle Choir America’s Choir and invited them to sing at his inauguration. They also performed at Bush I and Bush II’s inaugurations.

Joseph Smith and Politics

Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Reform party which was the first national political party to advocate for abolition. A month after he declared his candidacy for President he was murdered. (May 17, 1844- At a Nauvoo political rally Joseph is nominated as U.S. presidential candidate. June 27, 1844- Shot dead by his "political" opponents.)

Joseph petitioned President Martin Van Buren (DEM) personally in the White House for redress of the murders, rape and pillaging experienced by Mormons from the Missouri mobs. Van Buren agreed their constitutional Rights had been trampled on but said he could do nothing. “What can I do? I can do nothing for you! If I do anything I will come into contact with the whole State of Missouri.” Joseph also visited members of Congress with his petition and came away with this nugget of a quote from his experience.

“There is such an itching disposition to display their oratory on the most trivial occasions, and so much etiquette, bowing and scraping, twisting and turning, to make a display of their witticism, that it seems to us rather a display of folly and show, more than substance and gravity, such as becomes a great Nation like ours.”

Governor Lilburn W. Boggs (DEM) issued an illegal extermination order against the Mormons. This order was rescinded after nearly 138 years by Missouri Governor Christopher Bond (REP), who declared that the original order violated legal rights established by the U.S. Constitution. In rescinding the order, Bond offered his regrets on behalf of the state.

Governor Thomas Ford (DEM) attended the Democratic Presidential Convention in Baltimore right before the murder of Presidential Candidate Joseph Smith. Ford denies involvement in the assasination of Joseph Smith but two sworn affadavits show that he knew of the plan before the assasination. Ford later wrote a History of Illinois where he compares himself to Pontius Pilate.

How Wide the Divide

This book helped me, as a Mormon, get rid of some of my ignorance and bettter understand Evangelical theology. I assume it will do the same for those interested in learning more about Mormonism specifically from an evangelical perspective.

How Wide the Divide?: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation (Paperback) by Craig L. Blomberg (Author), Stephen E. Robinson

Book Description -Voted one of Christianity Today's 1998 Books of the Year! Mormons and evangelicals don't often get along very well, at least not once they begin to discuss their religious beliefs. They often set about trying to convert one another, considering the faith the other holds as defective in some critical way. Unfortunately, much of what they say about one another simply isn't true. False stereotypes abound on both sides, preventing genuine and helpful communication.Having discovered this sad state of affairs, Craig Blomberg, a committed evangelical scholar, and Stephen Robinson, a committed Mormon scholar, set out to listen to one another and to ferret out the real agreements and disagreements between them. In the conversation that develops, you will read what each believes about key theological issues--the nature and bounds of Scripture, the nature of God and deification, the person of Christ and the Trinity, and the essentials of salvation--and see how they interact with one another. What they agree on may surprise you. Though this book does not sweep differences under the rug, it is meant to help Mormons and evangelicals know and tell the truth about one another. It does not expect to end evangelistic efforts from either side. In fact, it may help to promote more effective communication because it can help to get rid of misrepresentations from both sides. In the end, however, you will be able to judge for yourself just how wide the divide between them is.

Under the Banner of Heaven

This book occassionaly rears its head here on FR as some sort of authority on Mormonism.

In her book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” Pages 16-17 Ann Coulter writes “In the book Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith, Jon Krakauer wrotes of the Bush administration, “This, after all, is a country led by aborn-again Christian.... who characterizes international relations as a biblical clash between forces of good and evil. The highest officer in the land, Attorney General John Ashcroft, is a dyed-in-the-wool follower of a fundamentalist Christian sect- The Pentecostal Assemblies of God of America... and subscribes to a vividly apocalyptic worldview that has much in common with key millenarian beliefs held by the Lafferty brothers and the residents of Colorado City”.

Here are more of Krakauer the agnostics own words bashing religion.

“I don’t know what God is, or what God had in mind when the universe was set in motion. In fact I don’t know if God even exists, although I confess that I sometimes find myself praying in times of great fear, or despair, or astonishment at a display of unexpected beauty.”

“Faith is the very antithesis of reason...,”

“There is a dark side to religious devotion that is too often ignored or denied,” he posits in the prologue. “As a means of motivating people to be cruel and inhumane—as a means of motivating people to be evil, to borrow the vocabulary of the devout—there may in fact be nothing more effective than religion.” Referring to the “Islamic fundamentalism” that resulted in the killings of 11 September 2001, he goes on to say that “men have been committing heinous acts in the name of God ever since mankind began believing in deities, and extremists exist within all religions.” He finds that “history has not lacked” for Muslims, “Christians, Jews, Sikhs, and even Buddhists who have been motivated by scripture to butcher innocents. Faith-based violence was present long before Osama bin Laden, and it will be with us long after his demise”

Soon after 9/11 liberals started blaming fundamentalist religion (except the Muslim variety) and then bit by bit mainstream Christians for 9/11 type terrorism. The message the MSM promoted was a hit on Christians. This book fits into that larger political context of what is going on post 9/11. it ries to take the actions of two murderers and paint an entire faith with terrorism. Here is the official response from the LDS Church to the book. Church Response to Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven


Mitt has received more hits from the DNC than any other Candidate. A dinstinct honor. His sons keep a score card on their five brothers blog. On Dec. 7, 2005 Shauna Daly deputy Research Director for the Democratic National Committee requested “Any and all records of communication involving Mitt Romney since the year of his birth.”

The DNC is the source for many of the derogatory “nicknames” that are widely used (even here on FR unfortunately).

The DNC had Brian Carrmenker’s article on Mitt Romney front and center on their homepage for months.

Brian Camenker

“I voted for John Anderson for president and Michael Dukakis for governor." Brian Camenker

Camenker is guilty of the very thing he (falsely) claims Mitt has done. “Methinks thou doth protest too much.” aptly applies. Camenker can't pass his own test. His slander of Romney says more about him than it does Romney.

Unmarked Package’s homepage addresses him more extensively.

Jay Sekulow discusses Camenker’s pattern of lying about Romney. SEKULOW ADDRESSES FALSE BOY SCOUT ALLEGATION

Brian Camenker’s claim in “The Mitt Romney Deception” that “Romney Barred Boy Scouts from public participation in the 2002 Olympics” is entirely false. There are several articles that directly contradict Camenker’s conclusion. NewsMax.com, Camenker’s source, did not even claim that Romney made the decision to bar the Scouts. In fact, Romney, at least at that time, sat on the Boy Scout’s executive board. The Boy Scouts said that the NewsMax article was false. Even NewsMax admitted that the Olympic Committee said that there was an age restriction of 18 years old and up to be a volunteer. There are also inconsistencies in the two NewsMax articles, only one of which is cited by Camenker. There is also some negative treatment of the accuracy of NewsMax.com, but mostly by liberal critics. Since no major media source ran anything about this story, and the local media directly contradicted it, it appears that Camenker’s claim is false….

Thanks for Reading - GO MITT!!!!