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2008: Republicans vs. Conservatives

"But the difference between conservative and Republican is this. Conservatives are married to their principles, the ideals and values that they believe make America worth defending, protecting and preserving. They bought into the Declaration that promises an unalienable right to LIFE, Liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness. They believe in the First Amendment that says nobody can silence their religious expression or right to dissent. They hold dear the Second Amendment that guarantees every free law abiding citizen the right to bear arms in the protection of his family and property. And they insist upon leaders who support these same principles and ideals, which they don’t consider to be conservative notions, but wholly American ideals.

"Republicans have bought into the Party power principle and they are increasingly willing to toss their core conservative principles overboard in exchange for making certain that their party wins the election."

"Republicans are willing to accept less than conservative candidates as mandated by the Party powers, who tell them with the help of a liberal press, that only liberal Republicans can win today. They are almost sold on the notion that Life, Liberty and Individual happiness can no longer be successfully defended by conservative values, against a rising tide of voters consistently seeking favor from the treasury. They are becoming convinced that to defeat the left, they must join the left, only at some lesser degree."
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Plane Crash: World Trade Center
Plane Crashes Into World Trade Center
Second Plane Flies Into Other Tower
World Trade Center
Third Plane? Also Pentagon Hit!
Hijacked Plane Crashed
Passengers Attacked Hijackers on 4th Plane
In his 1982 presidential memoir, Carter cited as his biggest mistake "allowing Ronald Reagan to become President of the United States." --------------------------------------------------------------------
To: Ragin1
Libertarians are not belittled, castagated, bashed, grouped, and labled anymore than any other political species on this forum. We're all belittled, castagated, bashed, grouped, and labled more or less equally. By the way, since when did libertarians take up the liberal victimhood status?

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Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

Why Jobs Are Going to China (taken from some poster):

No trial lawyers.
No onerous workmen’s compensation laws.
No environmentalism/green mythology.
No entitlement mentality among workers that your healthcare is somehow intrinsically tied to your job.
No bureaucratic commissars/inspectors/regulators inspecting every facet of your business (Red China better than the US-embarrassingly ridiculous!).
No federal administration that openly despises and punishes private sector productivity.