Since Dec 22, 2004

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Proudly voted for George W. Bush (twice -- darned right, I did!)
Atlanta area
Married, no kids (unless you count my husband! ;-D )
Two cats: Skeeter (girl, 9) and Rocky (boy, 6 months), both members of the Viking Kitty Brigade
Love to sing
ITO Consultant
Working on multiple certifications

I post under the name of our first cat, Purrcival, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/7/07 at the age of 13.

Purrcival: May 17,1994 - September 7, 2007. Goodbye, little friend. You are gone, but never, ever forgotten.

Rocky joined our family on 9/14/07. We adopted him from Paws Atlanta because there was a huge hole in our hearts when Purrcival died. Check them out. They have a lot of lovable critters who need homes: http://www.pawsatlanta.com/

God bless you, President and Mrs. Bush!