Since Jun 30, 2007

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I am a Conservative American who values our Republic and our National identity.

I believe in the following:

1.) National Sovereignty - National Identity as an American citizen is something that I am extremely proud of, and I am not keen to turning this place into a third world toilet. I am not a fan of ILLEGAL ALIENS and their ANCHOR BABIES, and I am not a fan of the emotional warfare being waged to keep the diseased and dangerous dreck here. You are not angry about this issue until you see them crash into a car and drive off (FELONY) because they do not have a license, insurance or registration on their vehicles.

2.) The Second Amendment - Darn right I believe in the right to own firearms. The founding fathers knew that firearms would always be necessary to protect ourselves from the element of danger, and we should always be armed against threatening governments. During World War II, the Imperial Japanese leaders were willing to forego a full invasion of our soil because they knew we all had firearms, then that is darn good reason enough to keep it that way. President T. Roosevelt had it right: Walk softly, and always carry a big stick!

3.) The preservation of innocent life - No beating heart or brain activity should be terminated by an abortionist. While there are always certain exceptions to the rule such as the mother’s life being in danger or even in cases of rape/incest, I am not willing to quickly follow the abomination of abortion.

4.) The pursuit of energy supplies - Yes, we need to drill Alaska. Yes, we need to construct multiple Nuclear Power Plants and other efficient energy production facilities throughout the Nation. Build more refineries and hydro-electric plants. If the Communists of China and Cuba are drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, then why haven’t we expanded exploration in that area? Are we so willing to allow our enemies to take energy sources before we can? If we don’t provide additional sources of energy to our fellow Americans, then we are going to see a massive devaluation of the dollar and subsequent price spike that will yield ridiculous limitations for the American people. Folks who are already struggling to pay their bills will be overwhelmed with debt and potential starvation before they are able to keep up with the cost of living. The idiot democrats are the obstacles to expanded oil exploration and nuclear energy production.

5.) Investigation, arrest, trial and conviction of several dangerous operatives in the democrat party - Nancy Pelosi and Jimmy Carter have been photographed consulting state sponsors of international terrorism with their visits to Syrian officials and Hamas terrorists. Back in the day, they probably would have faced a firing squad for endangering the lives of countless American and Israeli people during our time of war against terrorists.

6.) Better and more powerful weapon systems for our military on the ground - For those of you who have read “Black Hawk Down,” you know that one of the chief issues in the Ranger AAR was the lack of intense firepower on the ground. Our Soldiers and Marines should ALL be trained and armed with rifles that fire .308 rounds (7.62 NATO) that kill and destroy the enemy with 1-2 shots. All pistols in the US Armed Forces should be of .357 SIG or .40 S&W caliber to ensure total destruction of the enemy. All pistol rounds should be of Remington Golden Sabre JHP quality to ensure maximum effectiveness whenever facing down scumbags. The 5.56 Ball and 9MM rounds are a dinosaur’s anachronism. These rounds were designed to wound a conventional Soviet trooper on the battlefield so as to occupy two of his buddies in the subsequent MEDEVAC. Because our enemies do not engage in conventional attacks, nor do they give a rat’s ear about their pals, why are we still using these useless POS weapons when we can arm our troops with something so much more effective? Bring back the flamethrowers and bring back NAPALM. Our enemies murdered over 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001, and their buddies around the world celebrate this fact. It is high time that our enemies truly fear us.

7.) The end of political correctness - PC folks are dangerous to those of us who utilize common sense, logic and reason. If a black man murders a white man, then he should receive the same punishment as a white man who murders a black man. There needs to be a universal series of laws for murderers.

Please pray for the families of Chris and Channon that they will know peace while they grieve over the loss of their children.