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Basic Things About Me

I live in Marietta, GA, where I was born and raised. I have been here on FR a long time and surf almost every day. At least two times I have had a computer crash on me and I had not written down my password. That accounts for long periods between posts. I pastor a church in Thomaston, GA at this time.; have a wonderful wife and three very good kids, one of which is married.

How I vote

I am a pro-life Christian conservative. I have as little use for libertarianism as I do for the policies of the Democratic Party. While I am at it, I absolutely will not vote for one single politician of any stripe who is pro-choice. Did you ever notice that “moderate republicans” are almost always pro-abortion and big spenders? It seems to me also that sealing the border is the right thing to do. In Georgia, the judges are non-affiliated with a political party. Because of that, I have no idea what their general stances are, which means I never vote for a judge. Even though I never vote for anyone but a republican, the R next to your name does not ensure my vote. You must be a fiscal and social conservative.

I am a huge fan of Donald Trump's policies and his lack fear concerning the liberals worldwide.

I would love to see Mitt Romney finally retire from presidential bids, and completely stop appearing on my television set.

How I Choose to Disagree

I used to have very little wisdom as a young Christian and was very abrasive and self-righteous about my opinions. While I disagree with many politicians, I have long held to the notion that there is a right way to disagree. Among many options, we can vote, call our politicians and tell others what is going on. However, I know that one that calls himself a Christian is unjustified when he chooses to be hateful to our politicians. Sometimes we have to get somewhat angry and speak out, but resorting to name calling is pretty childish, and does not show Christian maturity.

Some Basic Things About My Faith.

I am not affiliated with the organization, but I am a strong supporter of Ray Comfort's and Kirk Cameron's evangelism product called, ""The Way of the Master". I taught it in my church. True repentance is what leads to salvation. No church has ever saved anyone.

I disagree thoroughly with Mormonism (or LDS... I am not sure which is most appropriate) and the Jehovah's Witnesses. I will labeled by some as a hater for that. It is in fact, one part of the reason that I did not vote for Mitt Romney. However, he was disqualified from my list for his Massachusetts healthcare law alone.

I will disagree with many in regard to faith doctrinal issues, but I aim to make no enemies. I just simply believe the Bible is the Word of God, that sinners are saved by grace alone and the Bible sets the standard for understanding God's will. Yes, God can speak to us in other ways. I certainly believe He speaks to us in prayer. It is in fact, one of the reasons we pray. I also believe God speaks to us in the wisdom of others. I am not entirely against church tradition. There are many things we do today that are traditional, and in fact are very useful (For example, having a baptismal pool in the church, when going to the lake works well too). However, when we take a tradition and make it a hard rule, of equal value to the Bible, we are in error.

I also do not buy the idea that something is right, just because we have been doing it for many years in our church, or even because there is a very old non-biblical document that states something as a fact. Even in Paul's day some were teaching that the resurrection had already taken place. Jesus Himself was tempted with the Word of God in the wilderness, as Satan tried to twist it and make it say what he wanted it to say. People have certainly used the Word of God for years to each incorrectly. Some do it out of error, either by misunderstanding the Word, trying to stay under the law or allowing its understanding to be adversely affected by church tradition.

I am not using this page as a source to bash anyone outside of my church. I simply know that occasionally I will get into a disagreement with someone, and they'll want to read about me. This page is about ME, so I use it to tell about my views. Very seriously, I have no goal to fight with you at all. I can have a logical disagreement with you, but I am not at all interested in getting into a childish fight with you. You and I will either agree, or we won't. There is a right way to do that, and I simply will not allow myself to participate in a name calling fight, and that is the same standard most of you hold as well.

My Hobbies

I am from the Atlanta area, so I am a die-hard Braves and Falcons fan, regardless of how they play. I never have been any good at basketball, so it turned out to not be a sport I like to watch. Of course, I have had a number of disappointing seasons of watching the Braves and Falcons.

I used a Pimsleur CD course to halfway learn the German language. I do it for the challenge alone, but will one day be able to afford a trip there with my wife and kids. I am not fluent, but sure have fun racking my brain with millions of rules. I would accept any help with the language. To me, the toughest parts of the German language are the uses of the prepositions and the modification of the "ein" words.

I play guitar, but am by no means an expert. My guitar collection is very basic: I own a Dean Hardtail (Korea) and a Taylor 214e (my favorite).

Places I have Been

I have visited about 40 US states. Mostly through my military experiences I have also visited a few foreign countries: Germany (2 years in the USAF at Spangdahlem AB), Luxembourg, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia (77 days in Riyadh), Panama, Honduras, Columbia, England, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and Canada.

Some Movies I like

Here are some of my all-time favorite movies (this list will grow as I think of things, but I am updating this whole page on the fly):

All three of Peter King's Lord of the Rings Movies
Hitchcock films - notably, North by Northwest, Dial M for Murder, Rope
The recent Chronicles of Narnia Movies
The Maltese Falcon
The Importance of Being Earnest
My Man Godfrey
The Chronicles of Riddick
Hugo (from the Invention of Hugo Cabret)
The Passion of the Christ
Shutter Island
The Longest Day
Saving Private Ryan

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