Since Jun 20, 1998

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This is my simple life:

I am a happily married Christian with three kids and one grandchild.

I live in Marietta, Georgia but drive ninety one miles every Sunday to the church I pastor in Thomsaston, GA

I have three dogs that I'm crazy about, fish for bass on a regular basis, play the guitar and have some interest in foreign languages. I am only fluent in English.

I voted for one democrat candidate in the mid 1990s - It was Sam Nunn, and my military supervisor encouraged me to to it.

I vote for a candidate only if I know they are pro-life and for traditional marriage. Every candidate that is has always also been strong on the 2nd amendment too, I think. People that are moderates on the pro-life issue are always wobbly on the other conservative issues most of us care about on this site.

We may disagree on issue, but don't play the name calling game. If we disagree, I'll speak my mind in a decent manner and move on.

I grew up watching the Braves and the Falcons, but have completely dropped the NFL, and the occasional Hawks games.

I purchased a 2020 Honda Insight. It's a hybrid. I am not an environmentalist wacko. I'm simply greedy about keeping my money and we usually get 48-52 MPG in the car. My wife drives the Insight and I drive a 2013 Ford F-150 and it looks almost brand new.

I just met my dad and sisters a few years ago and am thoroughly enjoying it all. I always knew his name and just took my time meeting them. My sisters never knew I existed, and I only knew about one of them. I am the oldest of the four of us siblings.