Since Oct 25, 2009

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Conservative news junkie....need a daily fix with considerable injections through out the day....FreeRepublic is my speed dial fixer. Was a long time lurker, now registered.

Sixty Five years Old/Young Boca Raton Florida
Married Forty Five Years...same woman...and still loving it
Retired Army 1SG (1970thru93)..Float and Fixed Bridge Engineer...
Vietnam Era and Desert Storm Vet...Assignments by the numbers, 1st Inf Div, 2d Inf Div, 3rd Inf Div, 4th Inf Div, 5th Corp, 7th Inf Div, 8th Inf Div, 12th Engr, 13th Engr, 23rd Engr, other varied assignments/attachments...
BA degree..Columbia College (88)
Currently Not Working...Very Bad Back...Grrrrrrr
Armed and Ready
I am...SAVED... as per ICor 15:1-4...Paul is our Apostle in this Dispensation of the Grace of God...and the only Apostle appointed by our Ascended Lord Jesus Christ for anyone who professes to be a gospel believer today. Paul Said about himself as the only Apostle to the gentiles: 2Tim2:7 Consider what I say,and the Lord give thee understanding in all things. KJB Only 1611/1769... All other so-called versions are absolute perversions. The following is the gospel you must believe to be saved:

1 Corinthians 15:3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 15:4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: